Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Psychic AbilitiesPsychic abilities could be classified as “bona fide” miracles; empaths tune into a sixth sense. Perhaps they were born with it, or it came upon them spontaneously. Perhaps they underwent a trauma, or an “event” that touched the “extraordinary” within their soul. Perhaps their grandma had the “gift” and passed it on to them. Perhaps they were taught the “truths of life”, by a wise spiritual master. In whatever way they accessed a sacred, paranormal code, their process of awakening would have helped them contact a personal sense of “magic!” Waking up to our own metaphysical and paranormal channels is a moving experience. Sensing that our beloved ones on the other side still love us, or that an angel is standing guard over our children, is inspiring. Psychic Abilities encourages us to forge ahead, picking ourselves up from life’s challenges. Finally, psychic abilities we can believe in the mystery, the sanctity of life. Once that magical door opens, there is no turning back, challenge, and personal tests await us, but something extraordinary occurs too. Just as the ancient shamans would go into the wild to initiate their souls, we are ready to begin an astounding journey, and commit to a sacred life path!

Psychic Abilities – Hotlines

A psychic hotline enables the empath to use his or her Psychic Abilities and magical gifts to help others heal their lives. The clairvoyants’ belief systems include the mystery of reincarnation. For example, many spiritual advisers have studied the case of Ruth Simmons, born in Colorado, who in 1952 regressed into a previous existence as an 18th century Irish woman called Bridey Murphy! Ruth was aware of historical events that only someone living in Ireland at that time could have known. Many of us have remarkable Psychic Abilities and spiritual gifts too, that just need to come to the surface. Perhaps we feel events before they happen, or dream of future occurrences. The psychic hotline adviser will remind us that past life memories can be blocked, unless something is triggered, like a vivid experience during a hypnotic regression or recognition of a true soul mate! The empath will stimulate our voyage of self discovery, and teach us to look at ourselves in a very different way! If you are more sensitive than most, and your curiosity about life’s enigmas is passionate, a clairvoyant reading could not only change but enhance your life You could be stimulated to access your “knowing”, helping your life and others in the process! Do you have Psychic Abilities?

With Psychic abilities you might take full responsibility for your gifts, and train to do psychic medium readings, finally letting your “wizard” sub personality out of the bag. Eventually you could become the kind of empath you always dreamed of. You have always been interested in the paranormal. So you will be ready to work with unusual metaphysical concepts, like the Law of Attraction to enhance your reading potential. You will meditate, getting in touch with your spirit guides, finally clearing your life of situations that hold you back in order to start developing your Psychic Abilities. You will realize that deep unconscious beliefs stored in your unconscious mind have conditioned you, like viruses hiding within a computer! You will debug yourself, and start stimulating true “awareness”, so your captivating gifts can emerge. As a result you will extend a loving resonance all around you that attracts the right situations and people into your life. You will be aware that you are beginning to live in a state of great clarity, and emotional fulfillment. Greg Braden, the famous New Age pundit stated that belief is “expressed in the heart” and that “spiritual qualities of that heart are what make us who we are!”

Psychic Abilities by telephone readings

However, it could take a while to open your heart enough to learn to do psychic readings by phone. One of the first lessons is that you must protect yourself. Empaths dealing with the general public undergo daily cleansing rituals, like energizing a quartz crystal with a protective ray, or taking sea salt baths to clear their aura. A budding psychic abilities gift needs to be treated with respect and substantial training. Attending a course helps access natural paranormal powers in the sensitive person; certainly it ensures the correct reading material is made available. Contemplative, meditative and visualization techniques usually increase clairvoyance and healing sensibilities. Understanding that “human consciousness survives the death of the body” is a belief system that must be taken on board with faith and trust. Crystal reading, tarot astrology and numerology also help us access the insights needed to eventually do psychic readings by phone. Very powerful empaths like Doris Stokes, Helen Duncan and Jose d’Arrigo the psychic surgeon, never needed spiritual training, but this does not mean it is easy to access awareness of the Divine Plan without solid metaphysical expertise. Respect for the Spirit World is obligatory for the apprentice empath! Sincere commitment is an essential!

Psychic Abilities and Love Tarot

Love tarots are great fun, once you have gained enough experience to access the emotional elements emanating within the human aura. If you are enthusiastic about tarot cards you can use your clairvoyance to tune into the emotional facets of the cards. The Hermit tends to be about resolving conflict within relationships, or sustaining a healing period, like living alone, without stress. Assessing a client’s vibrational field, and perceiving whether they could tolerate a period of “hermitage” is very much to do with the power of clairvoyant “reading” skills. “Seeing” into the auric field helps this process. We learn the Empress Tarot card is great for romance, we also learn to tune into a client’s heart chakra, and emotional energy, to assess whether they are ready to incorporate a soul mate relationship into their lives. Again, this requires a significant sharpening of clairvoyant skills learned over time. Patience and love for humanity are gifts a card reader cannot do without. Non judgmental attitudes are also essential. If the Devil or Death cards come up in a reading, we can communicate a sense of consequence to an evolved client, and could change their lives for the better with exact advice.

We might want to direct our empathic skills in another direction. Perhaps we wish to learn about the significance of horoscopes. Personal horoscopes are of great meaning. Within them we find blessings and curses. The “Stars” could indicate whether we are hard headed or open hearted. The astrologer guides clients to self awareness. Through astro calculations she warns of planetary placements, and explains our zodiac sign in-depth. Learning “the astro art” takes years of study. Realising there is far more to an Aries than just loving a challenge, more to a Leo than being egocentric, and more to a Cancer than mere moodiness we help others comprehend the deeper meaning of the astro, and how it teaches, heals and transforms. We perceive a more “conscious” way of living, helping client’s karmic challenges to placate. However, as we access any one of the above skills, we understand the depths of the metaphysical. Spirit can challenge us, but if we are truly gifted, and yearn to nourish lives, we can help many, and be strong enough to carry their loads. We become others’ source of divine strength in their hours of need. Not an easy task, but clearly a profoundly fulfilling one! Psychic Abilities are second to none!

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