Psychic Ability

Psychic ability comes in various formats; an area where this gift is most relevant is prophesising the future, which sadly is not that positive. What are the potential happenings then? Do we need to take on board the inevitability of challenging times? Well Nostradamus predicted various catastrophes; certainly the human race is being warned that if it does not pick up the “loving giving” tab, the results could be dire. Various other prophecies include a multitude of earthquakes. Another is that Israel will be wiped out completely by a nuclear attack from Iran, and the Middle East would be crushed to dust. The infamous True Bible Code predicted that a nuclear bomb would eradicate Manhattan from the face of the planet, in 2009. This vision was indeed wrong, thank goodness! Obviously nothing happened. Other wacko prophecies included the Christ’s second coming manifesting sooner, rather than later. What empaths do tend to predict accurately are the continual financial disasters with future total global economic meltdown! It is very clear that we need to clean up our act, and start to evolve as human beings if we want to save this planet from more than the dire results of global warming!

Psychic experience can wobble us. Creaking floorboards and ghostly faces floating around the corridor are metaphysical elements we can do without, along with Nostradamus-style prophecies. Once those icy fingers touch the knee, and hair stands up at the bottom of the neck, we call in the ghost busters to get the critters out of the house fast and faster if we see an ET staring in the window. Mr Billy Meier is used to ETs, he talks to them on a regular basis. Sixty seven year old Billy lives in Switzerland, and says ugly ETs are not for him. He goes for the film star demeanour of the blonde Pleiades, humanoid look-alikes who have been teaching him the mysteries of life since he was a kid. To prove his point he tells us that the Pleidians predicted the Jones Town massacre in 1978, the Overthrow of the Shah of Iran in 1979, the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and more. He vouches for these visions that were written years before the events, and date stamped. Billy has also prophesized Atom bomb testing, damage to the earth’s rotation and ozone depletion. Frankly, we can do without that psychic experience!

So what psychic reading free question are we going to ask? When will it all end, the catastrophes, we mean? How long will this cloud hang over humanity? Is there anything we can do to make positive changes? The empath will tell us we need to get enlightened, wake up from our slumber, and realise not everything “the system” tells us is true. That we need to ask questions, and seek answers to realise that there is a wondrous energy waiting to be tapped. Some call it the mystical Matrix, others call it Christ energy. Everyone has their own belief, even though the energy is one and is pure love. We can tap into it if we have the faith that we are being guided. Nothing can stop us, not even frightening prophecies and “end of the world scenarios!” There is still the X factor, something that pulls us back from the brink at the last minute. No matter how cruel humanity is to their fellows, the” brightest light” will stop the rot. Someone said that angels have come to earth to hold it up, and stop it all “ending in tears”. Angels are on our side, we feel it!

A psychic reader is on our side too. They are aware and sensible; they tell us that it is very unlikely that this planet will disintegrate in a second. That there is much good in the world, and if we look hard enough we will see it. A psychic reader will confirm that humanity needs to pull up their socks, but advises a positive perspective. They believe that we can transform our own karma and humanity’s fate by thinking positive and enhancing our perceptions rather than shutting them down. The clairvoyant will pick up the positive probabilities for our own lives. But their mission, they say, is to stop us from making mistakes by warning us ahead of time. She says Billy and Nostradamus were simply advising humanity to change their tune to the positive. Billy and Nostradamus also tell us that there is a divine thread working through us holding us together, and no matter what happens we will all evolve into our evolution. The seekers amongst us will attain mystical knowledge! The empaths also tell us that walking the spiritual path is the most positive thing we can do for our lives. And in a way, we agree!

It is when we get into those supernatural experiences that we start to wobble, especially when they strike home. For example we give birth to a crystal child. A child so unusual that we knew from the start they were advanced, and would help humanity cope with that future global pole shift!! Every day is magical with such a child around us. They galvanise our attention, and everyone else’s too. Even if they detach and stare at nothing, or objects move on their own accord when they are around, we know it is no use worrying, so we just adore them. When we find out that they are a “crystal”, we finally realise why they see our dead grandma and angels. We need them close because they have such compassion, such wisdom, such awareness. They are natural leaders, and creatives. They write beautiful music, they dream for humanity. It’s no use trying to make them fit in; so we just get to enjoy their breathtaking beauty! We could push our child to undergo psychological tests, but deep down we know that they will sail thru them, the main issue is that we realise they have spiritual work to do!

“Crystals” are natural healers, so they can teach us how to become a medium. They talk to spirits and tell us that we can connect too, if we wanted to that is! How to become a medium seems a big deal to us! Does that mean we will be able to tune into scary future events? Well no, what it does mean is that we connect to those who have passed on, and that seems worse. We did not get on with granny, she was always despotic. We hope she is happy though, and we hope that one day we will understand all the weird things that seem to be going on these days. Not only did we give birth to a crystal child, but we saw a UFO the size of a football field down the back garden! If becoming an empath means seeing UFO lights down the geraniums, and ghosts in the bathroom, perhaps it is best to just let “sleeping dogs lie” We decide to go down the pub and forget the angst with some comfort food and drink. Unfortunately, the locals saw a space ship and they are all out buying telescopes. One just can’t win!

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