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We generally ask for psychic advice when we are more than surprised by a ghost prowling around our front room! But is what we are seeing other worldly, or simply a bad hang over due to one too many down the pub? Perhaps we could get one of those weird clairvoyants in on the case, an individual who intuited other worldly phenomena from an early age. An individual so metaphysically gifted they conversed with dead people whilst toddling around the playground in nappies. Perhaps they could help us work it all out, send those ghouls away, and ease our perplexity and confusion. Not that we object to Aunt Gladys dropping in for a cup of tea, problem is she died ten years ago, and does not understand that it is time to move on to the “light up the sky”. Sadly, phantoms are not really our thing. So we “go the spiritual route”, via one of those online media companies with an esoteric reputation, an outlet backed up by a famous astrologer. They usually veto their online workers so that we will not find ourselves saddled with a hoaxer who tells us that our house is being haunted by Vlad the Impaler!

Just another Psychic Prediction?

psychicThe empath will give us far more than a mere psychic prediction. They will explain to us why that creepy ghost keeps going “bump in our night” and why indeed it is the soul of stroppy Aunt Gladys who has passed on! We remember that movie “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman, and do not need a psychic prediction to shiver in our shoes. The empath explains that Nicole Kidman was a ghost who didn’t know she was one! Frequently, the scary spirits who encourage us to reach for the crème de menthe are more frightened than we are, and project their wonky energies into our environment hoping we will disappear! In other words we see them as “presences” that persecute us, but they see us as a curse. Why are we living in “their” house? Why are we cooking up our breakfast in “their” kitchen? So rather than making a prediction, in such cases an empath will use her spiritual energies to detox an environment! She could send us healing vibes from a distance so that the ghost “cottons on” and finally moves on and out. In other words, the empath guides the ghost towards truth, and back to the light!

Psychic Lines

When we turn to a psychic line for urgent answers the empath will tell us that until only a short while ago people like ourselves, folks who actually saw ghosts, were classified as eccentrics, even total nut cases! But these days, due to the advent of mobile and surveillance cameras, ghosts have even been photographed. Sometimes they appear as large “orbs” of fast moving lights that tend to zig zag around us. Studies demonstrate that ghosts are “electro magnetic” entities existing outside our normal “perception” range. Many of us are aware sheep dogs can hear the sounds of a special, high pitched “training whistles” that the human ear is usually unequipped to decipher. So therefore it is obvious that the human eye cannot pick up on “invisible energies” that easily. When there is an unexpected energy glitch, and we do catch a glimpse of the “unseen” we remain disorientated, and might believe we need psychiatric treatment! We could do, but then the empath working on line will assure us that the ghost we see does exist, and we can heal the environment and send it packing. Solutions are possible; we just need to open our minds to the paranormal!

Psychic Readings On Line

Psychic readings on line are useful. Not only can psychic readings on line assess whether our house is haunted, psychics advise us how to self heal, even how to heighten our very own paranormal insights and spiritual gifts. Most clairvoyants are determined to keep their energy at an extremely high frequency, simply because they know the more refined it is the more they can help others work through their problems. Space clearing encourages peace, not only for the spirit worker but their clients. Healers will tell us that electromagnetic overload from televisions and computers can make us extremely depressed. The energy tends to stagnate, and we just feel stuck, or in a very bad mood. We can burn a pink candle for emotional peace, therefore, or a sky blue candle to clear our downbeat thoughts. When life gets financially challenging, burning a gold candle will re-establish a grounded mood. It may sometimes be suggested jasmine incense to clear our worries, or visualising a white light surrounding us wherever we go, for protection! She will advise meditating on an exquisite flower, or asking for angelic intervention; when we imagine awesome angels standing all around us we feel loved and peaceful!

Psychic advice in Spiritual Forums

We can enrol in spiritual forums and discuss the power of positive energies with others like ourselves. It is always interesting to hear other folk’s input and discuss why upbeat thoughts tend to ease our angst, and are often a constructive alternative to negative thinking. We could chat about why good results often occur after saying a prayer like “I claim a golden circle of protection around myself, and my family throughout this day and night. I ask the angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful physical actions or mental thoughts. I ask this in the name of the purest Light?” Someone on the forum might suggest that prayers safeguard us because the moment we say them our thoughts emanate encouraging vibrations into the environment, and our life then reflects back highly constructive results. Someone might even counsel us to play music and ring bells to clear up negative environments, or to pay attention to the healing power of jewels, and wear a crystal necklace or pendant, to create a more confident vibe when we have to face an emotional divorce, a longstanding overdraft, or a demanding job!

Psychic News – Keeping up to date

Spiritual forums keep us abreast of the latest news. They tell us that it is normal to experience the paranormal world as fascinating. Even if sceptics pan the “magical”, it can open our minds, and hearts. We understand that when we work in harmony with higher forces, we remain serene, maintain our internal balance and sense the metaphysical world enhances our lives and calms our fears. When we connect to our “Spiritual Heart” it becomes natural to want to learn how to become psychic. Seeing a ghost might just be the beginning of our remarkable journey! When we suddenly are able to pick up someone’s thoughts, are drawn to investigate our chakra system, join a spiritual forum or learn a metaphysical healing technique we reach out to a new life, and learning how to become psychic is a natural part of that life. We make friends who support our choices, and do not tease us if we want to spray our front room with Bach Flower Rescue remedy to keep the ghosties away. We laugh more, we understand others better, we are aware of a magnificent plan working through our universe, and it could be both transformational and divine – psychic advice is amazing!

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