Psychic Art

Psychic Art – Spiritual Inspiration

psychic artPsychic art comes to us naturally; perhaps one could say “all artwork is spiritual!” To claim that Michelangelo, Leonardo di Vinci, Renoir or Gauguin were not spiritually inspired would be short sighted. Their creative depictions of the human condition, plus their sublime renditions of the sacred and divine, send shivers up and down our spines. Their awesome creations speak to our souls as we gaze at their work! Artwork perceives life on this planet as something dazzling, even if tragic, and challenging. But there is another aspect to metaphysical expression; some empaths draw the faces of the spirits and angels they channel. For example, Jane walked into the down town crystal shop, and saw a kind looking man. He put his hand in his jacket pocket and drew out a picture he had just drawn. He said to the owner “Honey, do you know anyone who looks like this?” Jane asked to see the picture as the owner shook her head. The face he had drawn was an exact depiction of her husband, curly black hair and all, who had died in the sea ten years earlier! She realised that a miracle had happened, and never was the same again!

Psychic Chat Rooms

But can we find artists in psychic chat rooms? Certainly, we can! There are a myriad of gifted and illumined folk who express their souls through sooth saying, or describe in accurate detail their visions of angels and illumined spirits. Of course psychic chat rooms are also places to find people like ourselves and discuss our doubts and fears about the spiritual journey. For a spiritual journey can be challenging if we are truly sincere. As we meditate and even pray, we start to realise how unkind we have been to others in the past, or see our own faults more clearly. The truth is the greatest friends we will ever find in this world will be our spiritual friends, or twin souls. They will tend to judge us less, tend to want to help us along our way, and tend to send their prayers when we feel lost and alone. A spiritual friend is a light in our darkness, and it is unlikely that we will ever lose them. They will return, sometimes after great difficulties of their own, to stand by our side. As we grow in our understanding, we become dedicated to our life purpose, and our highest soul mission!

Psychic Information

Psychic information can come through in so many different ways. A total stranger can say exactly the right words to us, when we are in trouble, and we know not why! We open a book on a particular page, and read a line that applies to our exact same situation. We contact an online clairvoyant and she makes so much sense of our past and present. We read metaphysical books like “The Secret”, or even “The Bible”, to encourage our spiritual path. We can join a workshop, or take part in a meditation group. Some of us might even recognise our metaphysical skills and want to develop them by attending an esteemed college. We begin to learn how complementary systems such as homeopathy, can improve our health, and how Reiki can open new doors for us. Our perceptions on life change as we learn, we assimilate the new, and transform, sometimes feeling unique and beautiful as we gain more faith in our path. We make our lives magical, and realise that we have chosen the very best approach. The sincere spiritual path turns us away from our narrowed minded thinking and prejudiced perceptions of existence.

Psychic Phone Readings

Psychic phone readings can be inspirational, yes, indeed! Why? Because when an empath connects to our hearts, sees our confusion, describes it in detail, sends out her vibes and explains why we feel the way we do, suddenly we are no longer alone. We realise that something magical exists beyond our perceptions. Even if psychic phone readings are not always super exact, we can still receive a picture of our lives that serves us, even points out solutions that we never thought possible. The clairvoyant will ask us to connect to her heart. She tunes into our lives through our heart chakra, an opening that covers our human heart, where we unite with divine universal forces. By accessing that energy centre, she sees our aura, perhaps symbolic pictures appear, or the colours of our chakras, which she will interpret as she tunes into our voice vibrations. Phone readings can open a doorway to the infinite, and if we dare lift our gaze up to the heavens, we realise something magical really speaks through our empath! Something that logic cannot define, or non believers and sceptic’s access. That something is called “Faith” in an eternal Spirit far beyond normal sight!

Psychic Divine Plan

In fact, as we open our hearts to spiritual healing, we might feel a pressure in our chests, at first, and then a weird and wonderful happiness that occurs whether things work out for us or not. The balancing of our chakras can help this process. As a spiritual empath works to harmonize out astral and etheric chakra points we rise above the troubles of life. We connect to our unique Divine Plan, in other words, and what was not apparent starts to reveal itself. We begin to see why our relationships don’t work, why we always find life a struggle; why we tend to worry about everything, and we learn to discover true inner balance. We also begin to sense beyond our own illusions. Sometimes the spiritual journey will bring up what we don’t want to see. Compare that process to a lake, calm on the surface, but agitated under the currents. Human beings find forgiveness difficult, and tend to hide their own faults from themselves. But spiritual awareness shows where we are going wrong, and that knowledge changes us for the better. And as we change ourselves we automatically begin to help others, and improve their lives too!

Psychic vs. Angels

Some say when there is peaceful silence in a room; an angel is flying over us. Angels are everywhere; we see their stone effigies in grave yards, on Christmas cards! They are sometimes chubby cherubs; sometimes noble figures who guide men into battle or stand in emergency wards watching over the sick and dying. Angels guide us into life, and guide us from it. Some spiritual healers teach how to contact your guardian angel. But is it really possible to learn how to contact your guardian angel? As we meditate on the beauty of life, we might sense a warmth rise in our hearts; we might intuit a sudden happiness. Perhaps at times like these, we are touched by an angel! The healer will teach us to read the signs. For example we have noticed white feathers falling from the sky and a week later we meet our soul mate. Perhaps we prayed for protection, and just as we were about to experience a frontal car crash, our vehicle veered miraculously out of the way. The more we love others, have faith and believe in our guardian angels, the more joy we experience in everyday life, and true psychic miracles begin!

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