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Psychic articles are written with one intent in mind, to awaken us to our true life purpose which is a vital component to our happiness. If we want to live with true meaning, we must inform ourselves, read up on the mysteries of existence, even understand that our subconscious mind is full of programmed beliefs, and that they often run our lives. Esoteric information is useful if we want to unwind our mind from mainstream conditioning, get in touch with the basic core beliefs that cause uninspired beliefs, and instead access the transformational power of love. In a way, reading up on alternative realities, and how they affect our lives, helps us to gain more in-depth compassion for the human condition. How different our lives would be if we could base it on optimistic belief systems, and upgrade chronic fear to joy. Reading up on how creative visualisation helps this process and how meditation can stimulate peaceful feelings, we sidestep mainstream thinking and go for an inner paradigm shift. Perhaps it is really time to become acquainted with “out of the box” thinking, shift our narrow perceptions, start to realise where we are going wrong and finally transform our lives.

Psychic readings help us to think “out the box”. Psychic readings also encourage us to look beyond the veil, and believe in the Akashic records. The Akashic records are viewed as an infinite library that exists on the astral plane of consciousness, and within them is registered every thought, every dream, and every life story experienced from the beginning of the time! Of course this perception is inconceivable to us. The only way we can understand it is to visualise an immense computer, storing trillions of thought bytes! The Akashic records are these bytes, they come in the form of our karma, past lives, and all the dreams we have ever conceived. Evolved empaths have access to these records. Years of spiritual training, meditation and metaphysical contemplation enhance their force field, and assist them as they “peer” into our soul histories. But the most mysterious element of the Akashic Records is that we can change our future, once we become conscious of the Higher Force within us, and how it affects our existence. As remarkable as this seems, it is possible if we believe it to be. Spirit is eternal and yet powerful! It is the Force blazing within us!

Psychic Mediums overcome a narrow minded “status quo”. They turn their backs on the sceptics, to access the ultimate realities with serenity. They want to truly serve humanity, contribute to the lives of others, help us realise that 3D reality can block true evolution They let go of mainstream educational thinking and religious beliefs, and seek the power of spirit within them. In this process they access their guides. As they contemplate on universal wisdom they perceive the presence of multidimensional beings, sometimes see them in the form of bright lights. These entities are recognisable by the deep beauty and peace they emanate. Some are channelled into reality by the spiritual healer, and they expand their heat and warmth through the healer to ease aches and pains. Frequently they come in the form of a vocal transmission divulging the secrets of the universe, on other occasions they appear as relatives who have passed on. When we sense their presence we realise that they are different to angels. Angels have never materialised on this earth, but spirit guides know the ways of human flesh, and their life experience gives them the wisdom to sustain a human being in deep spiritual crisis.

In order to connect to the metaphysical we might want to start off our experience with a free psychic reading. These types of readings are offered online by media outlets wanting to promote their empaths. A free psychic reading can be just as inspiring as a paid one, although a little shorter. For sure most empaths on line would point out that there is an ongoing global transformation which will begin to incorporate radical changes in humanity’s perceptions of reality. They inform us that there is also a huge increase in personal awakenings, and many folk are changing their life styles radically. Readings usually concentrate on the light side, and advise us how to protect ourselves from the darker forces. We can do this by taking salt baths, for example, or learn healing techniques like Reiki. The spiritual reader will want us to note life’s miraculous events, encourage our personal visions, and point out that throughout time humanity has sought to ignite their hearts and heal their pain with spiritual insights. The empaths will not attempt to explain the unexplainable, but will undergo tests to prove their powers, and often confuse the sceptics. They are usually unafraid of mainstream cynics!

Spiritualism upholds a belief in the invisible, and maintains a doorway to the infinite opens up to those loved ones who have passed on. The medium channels divine energies, and strives to keep her personal energy as pure as possible in that process. She could meditate or use homeopathic treatment to balance her aura; therefore more easily sense presences around her, even something akin to a “flash of love” running through her nervous system when a communicating soul is close. The medium feels a spirit’s sentiments, and tears will come to her eyes, as a departed one communicates their deep love for a relative. Tony Redhouse a Native American Spiritualist says, “I see people opening up more and more to the spiritual aspects of life and death!” Perhaps this intense interest indicates a yearning for inner freedom. Any spiritualist will tell us how important it is to respect the soul and define the personal God within. Spiritual readings touch our very essence, help our soul evolve, and even access spontaneous metaphysical knowledge. In so doing, we slowly eliminate negative life patterns, and ultimately learn to truly love our neighbour, an extraordinary and magical experience not be missed in this lifetime!

A failsafe way to connect to the divine is to forgive. If we cannot learn how to forgive we hold back our lives. Byron Katie, author of “Loving What Is, Four Questions That Can Change Your Life!” fell into deep depression at the age of 43. She was eaten up with such bitterness, she thought of killing herself. She said “The world does not understand my suffering, my pain I am worthless!” Overcome by rage, she reviled God, and turned her back on him. Then one morning, sprawled on the floor she saw a cockroach walk across her foot. She suddenly realised that whenever she believed in her horrible thoughts, the ones that denied her beauty and light, terrible suffering would be the ultimate result. She understood it was not so hard to learn how to forgive herself of her perceived shortcomings, to spiritualise her thinking and alter her “vision” of reality. So rather than focussing on all the world’s horrors, she started to innovate her way of perceiving life, and found true grace. Perhaps by noticing the beauty around us we shift our life vision. The fact is science has proved prayer actually changes the structure of the human brain!

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