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Psychic artists are not that well known. You will not see many of their pictures hanging in the National Gallery; you could however see them in a private collection where the artistic rendition of a beloved one passed on was accurately depicted by a medium with such gifts. The appearance of beautiful faces, the face of one we love on the other side, can appear accurate on canvas or paper. These drawings are done after a medium’s connection with the spirit dimensions, and then precise renditions of the departed are depicted with amazing detail on occasions. Coral Polge is one of the most famous mediums able to interpret the impressions she receives from the sprit worlds so accurately, sometimes with surprising dexterity which can overwhelm her clients. A lady received a spirit drawing from Coral, and was unhappy she did not recognise who it was. She likes the look of the portrait so much she hung it on her hall wall. A few months later, a woman came to visit, and said, “where on earth did you get that picture of my father, he died a year ago!” Obviously miracles can happen when mediums give accurate proof of the afterlife.

Sometimes we are so impatient to seek proof of life after death, we turn to free psychic readings now. But can free psychic readings now put us in touch with the departed? Well, they can tell us what the future holds for our relationships, or sustain us in emotional issues or financial problems, but they are not prone to communicating with the dead. The Spirit Medium is an expert in that area alone, and only through her gifts can we find proof that everlasting life does exist. A Spirit Medium will tell us that sometimes loved ones do not know they are dead, therefore it is always best to pray for them for at least three weeks after they have passed on, to help them on their way. Often those who did not believe in everlasting life remain stuck in the ethers. They did not expect to see their life continue, and believe they still exist on the earth plane. An experienced medium will be able to see if that is the case, and will advise us how to help them move on. Most mediums believe that life on the other side is a continuum of thinking modes in this life.

However, when we do want to discuss metaphysical or spiritual problems, live psychics are a good font of information. They assure us situations that worry us do have a solution even though we cannot see it. Perhaps we are trying to recover after the passing of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship and we want to know how things are going to work out for us. Janet was grief stricken when her boyfriend left her. She rang up an astro line just to find out if things would get better and to talk to someone. She was very lonely. She talked to an astrologer who told her that she would meet someone within three days. Janet laughed about it, and thought it ridiculous. When her boiler leaked 48 hours later, the guy who came around to fix it turned out to be a hunk, and it was literally love at first sight. They married a year later. Okay, cases like this do not happen every day, but certainly they occur far more than we know. Most clairvoyants nurture compassion for the suffering of human beings, and therefore they are always ready to listen to our deepest fears.

The accuracy of some telephone psychic readings demonstrate the clairvoyant is not conditioned by material views of existence. Her capacity to read destiny is due to a gift, which goes far beyond conventional 3D perceptions. We feel life through our five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. However, empaths undertaking telephone psychic readings use their sixth sense to decipher other worlds, and penetrate the invisible realms. If a quantum scientist were to speak for a clairvoyant they would say that the sensitive perceives reality as a multitude of electrical signals, emanating photons. In other words, our reality is made of high definition indicators that resonate at very high energy levels. These indicators then connect to the pineal gland in the cerebrum, and are subsequently read by the sensitive’s third eye chakra, located in the middle of her forehead. More subtle energies like emotions, and thoughts are usually seen in the auric field of a client, and then interpreted. The empath could tell us that the soul uses our material body to experience the world and learn from it. A true sensitive can therefore pick up our profound yearnings and tell us which of our thoughts serve our highest evolution.

Spirits have a strong effect on the medium’s auric field. She could feel confused and shaky on spirit contact. She could wake up at odd hours with someone tapping on her shoulder, only to find nobody is there! She could suffer a headache, or a faint feeling. She could tend to want sweet things or overeat. She could find television’s electromagnetic waves damaging to her mental state. She could weep with emotion when an angel is near! A medium is a sensitive human being, she has to be to tune into the paranormal dimensions. Gary Schwartz PhD Professor of Psychology at Yale University states: “All the findings of contemporary neuroscience are consistent with the hypothesis that the brain serves as an antenna-receiver for consciousness rather than being the “creator” of consciousness.” Could a medium contacting a soul from the other side be like that aforementioned antenna? Anyone who has experienced an accurate reading knows that there are enigmatic aspects to consciousness that we know very little about. These sorts of mystical realities certainly clash with the more mainstream perceptions of material reality! But certainly even mainstream science has come a long way in explaining elements of “other worldly” events.

Before evolving metaphysical matters, you must learn how to protect your space. Just as there are evil folks, there are nasty entities around. It would be naïve to be unaware of negative entities! A spiritual teacher will inform that the magical arts are not only about learning how to protect your space but a dedication to “awareness techniques! The Judy Hall Protection Technique is described as the “Make Me Dim” method! Hall tells the seeker to “pay attention out to the edge of your aura. Pull the aura in towards you. Wrap a cloak of dark light around you so that your inner light is protected and cannot be seen by those around you and remember to take the cloak off when things are safe again” This technique is used when we are going about our day in difficult circumstances. The professional medium always cleanses, disentangles, ties and performs grounding techniques before a sitting. Dissolving her own darker thoughts is a must for the medium. The more positive she is, the more she can channel through angelic and sacred energies. Therefore, she will always note the warning signs of evil presences and deal with them to protect her client’s safety!

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