Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives

psychic detectivesCould psychic detectives have really helped the hapless Betsy Bell? Certainly, an experienced empath might have sussed out the causes for the infamous Bell Witch haunting! The case was so notorious people are still trying to work out what the blazes occurred in Robertson County, Tennessee. The year was 1817, and in the surrounding countryside a horrible entity with a dog’s body and a head of a rabbit was seen by John Bell Senior. This was followed by some very odd noises in the Bellhouse, i.e. the sound of an invisible bird flapping, the noise of unseen dogs fighting and an entity pulling clothes of beds, and making horrible sounding noises like choking gulping and gasping. Rocks started being thrown and furniture turned upside down. Betsy Bell, the oldest girl, was the main focus. This is not an unusual phenomenon when it comes to poltergeists that tend to feed off the powerful dislocated energy of pubescent girls. Hauntings (and psychic happenings), are scary events that the clairvoyant is often asked about. She will try to define if the “thing” we see standing over us in the dark bedroom as the ghost of our Aunt Fanny, or a simple case of the flu?

Free Psychic Readings

Perhaps only a courageous soul can take on the responsibility of giving free psychic readings, perhaps only the spiritually strong guide lost souls and ghosts home. Perhaps only those who sense the suffering of others take on the spirits of this world and help them heal. Free psychic readings, whether done as an offering or for a media company, are usually undertaken by folk who know how to move on from their own victimhood. Every healer is aware of the darkness lurking within the human soul. Like the Jedi in Star Wars they still fight for the light. Like Superman, the Knights of the Round Table, and Shakamunbi Buddha they serve others and lead them back to self confidence. How many of us are potential Mother Teresa’s, Desmond Tutus, Nelson Mandela’s, and Oprah Winfreys? Perhaps more than one thinks. This does not mean we cannot be negative but we can stand up to the drug dealers, the bullies. We can demand freedom of the press, and de-mask the inutility of war. The brave, the inwardly balanced see where injustice lurks and transforms it. And strangely the greatest gift is helping a lost soul, or ghost move on to the light.

Telephone Psychic like Allison Dubios

If only you could call a telephone psychic like Allison Dubois, the psychic of all psychics who works with police and helps them track down criminals in the television series “Medium” Perhaps she could track down your boyfriend who has not put in an appearance for ten weeks. Or how about Jennifer Love Hewitt as the sensual psychic medium who has tea and biscuits with ghosts. Now she could spot whether you boyfriend had has walked out with a gorgeous blond. That would be useful. As would meeting that odd little boy who got himself so well known in the film “Sixth Sense”. But have you asked yourself what goes on in a clairvoyant’s head for example? Would it surprise you to know very little goes on before she tunes into your reading, simply because she is giving spirits a chance to hang out around her aura, and communicate with her? She has worked to detox her mind so that she can identify the voice of her ego, from a spirit’s message for you. She will have let go of emotional blockages and thoughts that could slow down her connection to the spirit coming through. So yes, often truth is indeed far stranger than fiction! It’s a testing career being a psychic.

Psychic Balls of Light

If you ask your empath during a phone psychic reading how she actually reads into the future, or “senses” the presence of spirits, she would tell you that one of her methods might be to breathe deeply, close her eyes, and imagine a bright ball of light above her head. She imagines this ball of light contains the message from your guide, and focusing on the colour and beauty, she might even see the first communications emerging in the form of written words, sounds or images. During the phone psychic reading she might advise how to connect to your Higher Self which contains the mystical magic of your light body, and have fun in the process. In fact, she would say that being joyful is a great way to manifest a good life, and make things happen. So if you really want your boyfriend back look at the funny side of the situation, and open a new door, a new way of looking at it. A new angle in other words, which could be about building up a bright aura that will magnetize positive events, and guess what your boyfriend might even show up again when you least expect it.

… and Online Psychic Tarot Readings

An online tarot card reading would be more about using tarot symbology to work out the impalpable elements in your life. You saw a ghost in the corridor, the intuitive might tell you as she gazes at the Hermit card, the spirit is probably an old man with a beard, or an entity who feels trapped in solitude and cannot escape from their sad physical world and fly to the light. If you are asking about a boyfriend and the Tower Tarot popped up, you would probably be told “call it a day” get on your bike and seek out new love, as this one ain’t going to work. If for example the Sun Tarot Card showed up, the empath would assure you that it will all come to a happy ending after all. He has not run off with a blonde, he has got stuck in an elevator at work for days, and needs food and water. When he sees you coming to the rescue he will love you forever and the sun will shine on your lives. We are being light hearted, but be sure the tarot card archetypes rarely fail to comment on a challenging life situation accurately.

Keen Psychics

Keen psychics is one of those organizations on line that helps us find our way through life’s confusions. But there are many other services, aside from Keen whereby qualified readers as well as psychic readers help with their wise insights. Perhaps one day, when you call up a paranormal worker she will ask whether you have ever wondered at the millions of electrical volts passing through you each day, whirling around, keeping you going, keeping your heart beating, making you like nobody else on this amazing planet. This is the wondrous “Chi” energy and it will stay with you when you leave your body for the other side. The Native Americans also call this energy Great Spirit. It has been deciphered by scientists as the Unified Field, holding us together like glue, making our existence the magical experience it truly is. This is the miracle so even if you do end up as the ghost of Aunty Dot wondering why when you picked up a box of your favorite choccies, and your hand goes straight through it, the fact remains the human race needs to step out of limiting thoughts to limitless thoughts and find new ways of living life, with a faith in the future! Psychics are here for us.

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