Psychic Development Circles


Psychic development circles start the moment an individual becomes aware that they have special “seeing” gifts. As they join a group of others like themselves, their perceptions of the “invisible” increase and they become aware of various electro magnetic force fields around people, (the human aura) and realize it contains multidimensional thought resonances. The surprise will come when they realize they actually connect to others’ vibrations, and even past and future events.  The aura can be perceived as a vibrant energy map and it is the quality of our thoughts that emanate into this field, creating colors and vibrations that attract or repel.  Usually a sensitive has powerful energized perceptions; therefore their own negative thoughts can be just as strong as their positive ones.   This can be problematic when they are in a bad mood, just think the film “Carrie the look of Satan” and you get the picture.  Even if things do not move around a room when you are around (and angry), the atmosphere will be loaded with negativity.  These feelings last for short periods of time, as the empath learns to control her thoughts.  Psychic gifts develop with training and self awareness. Sometimes healing energies also emerge.

A free online psychic will have developed their gifts to a high level, probably for this reason they offer occasional gifted readings as a personal service to humanity.  Afree online psychic will tell you that “seeing” has nothing to do with the occult, it is more a case of tuning into spiritual evolution and discarding manipulation techniques. If you are training to be a reader you will learn to go inwards and focus on your breath to remain calm.  You could train  yourself to hone in by picking up a piece of jewellery and recounting, for example, that it was worn years ago by the mother of four children, happily married with an easy, luxurious life. Every energy source has a morphic field vibrating around it, and that field has a magical language to convey. The sensitive learns to use diverse methods of connecting to objects, situations and people.  But the biggest hurdle any apprentice reader has to overcome is to trust their powers and insights. One might say only through experience will she or he truly accept their perceptions and allows themselves to come through to others. Acknowledging the healing power of the mind can be a challenge.
A live online psychic reading will encapsulate the empath’s need to help others as a service. Such a magical reading contains metaphysical prediction systems like tarot, crystal or rune readings on occasions, it will define a soul path for sure. If there are issues blocking you, you can hone into them and heal them. If you want to cultivate truer vision however, spiritual development is a must. You can study at psychic colleges and learn techniques; you can work alone or in groups.  You will face and clear up personal conflicts in that process, anything that stop your gifts from emerging. In short you will become aware of the power of the mind and the healing energies of the heart, and how they differ. It starts to become exciting when you pick up the same images as another, or your heart chakras link and you feel another’s energy field expanding out towards yours.  One of the hardest ways to resolve problems is that at times, when we get angry, we have to learn to turn the other cheek, to accept that we made a mistake and be humble enough to admit it.  A difficult yet exciting path to take indeed!

Television psychics know the spiritual mind works through archetypal images, sensations, visions, feelings and “pictures”.  They will see into your aura with such images, waving their metaphysical antenna at you, as they talk to you through the TV screen. They will expand vibes so as to connect to your problem as clearly as possible.  Imagine them receiving energy “waves” that describe your life across the ethers. And then downloading them like a computer programme.   Some television psychics have possessed their amazing gift from childhood. One could say they came into this world with a different soul construct to most people.  They probably have been severely tested in their personal lives and have had to struggle with illness or bad luck, which only served to open their hearts more, and come through with their extra gift for humanity.  Perhaps they inherited their skills. Sylvia Brown amd John Edwards a“knew” about metaphysical energies, probably from childhood.  They were not afraid of using their powers. Other healers and empaths have learnt a great deal from them. whether you were born with these gifts or not, if you have a latent psychic capacity our advice is use it, develop it,  you could be surprised.

Love Horoscopes work on a different premise using the “astro” to describe someone’s tendencies, but if the astrologer is a psychic, the reading will be more intense and very insightful.   So what makes a person lucky in love then?  Is it the way they look, communicate or is it an undefined quality to their personality and spirit? Some might say that luck in love is something we create ourselves, perhaps if we are full of hope our inner light expands outwards as a pure loving force field; people are attracted to us in a special way.  If you like we “magnetize” a loving relationship to us.  Take the Aries bouncy demeanour;  their flirtations as far as love is concerned are lucky. But a sensitive empath will cotton on that there is some other aspect that they are hiding, it could be that they do not tolerate losing, especially themselves, and this might mean it becomes difficult to get close to them.  The psychic might suggest they calm down with a rose quartz if they want to find love, and quit pushing for results but rather surrender to the emotion itself, learning that is the one feeling that cannot be planned!

A live psychic will have knowledge of the stars to guide you along your way.  A live psychic will have one theme song playing through their existence also, and it is “All you need is Love”.  Empaths put love as number one on their list of things to do. Whether you dig horoscopes or whether you are into your own system of psychic growth or not, the available reader will draw your attention to what is not working and divert your attention back to what is.   They will go beyond spotting you are a stubborn Taurus; they will see you are stubborn because of a sad childhood that taught you to dig your heels in, otherwise you would not get that far! An empath will see whether your attitude serves you well or not, and whether it really is a good idea collecting piggy banks and saving all your money in them, rather than the bank.  The caring instincts of an empath will support your life path. Their vision goes beyond your “characteristics” and takes account of your personal light! If you are charismatic or introverted, sad or joyful, the empath leads you towards a fulfilling path, a magical way!

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