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We have all come to planet earth for a purpose. David Bowie’s purpose could be to wield the Wizard’s creativity, and thrill with his unusual persona. A tarot card psychic reading assesses what path we have chosen too. The cards depict our major personality archetypes within, in both the good and bad. Alistair Crowley, the infamous Black Magician, created a mind-blowing set of Tarot called the Golden Dawn that fascinated Bowie.

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There is no question Bowie was interested in the tarot, he certainly was drawn to enlightenment. Between 1967 and 1969, he slept in a wooden box, seeking to enter utter silence. Bowie was also fascinated by the Cabbala and the Gnostics. He once said, “I’m closer to the Golden Dawn! Immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery!” Of course it is not difficult to imagine Bowie’s magnetic stage personality might have had a little off world assistance to manifest. The mysterious cards could be viewed as the unified field of consciousness breaking into multidimensional “fragments” that express through the archetypal force fields. Bowie is still convinced he channels something mysterious anyway, “I’ve always felt like a vehicle for something else but then I’ve never really sorted out what that was”

But would David have ever used a psychic directory? We doubt it; he would probably consider a psychic directory for seekers at the very beginning of their metaphysical journey! Folks who were not yet aware how staggering the significance of the “other worldly” is to the sensitive human being. The fact is, we are usually “guided” to the correct reader. Readers who never doubt the divine and seek to inspire and stimulate our lives for the better. Packs like the insightful Shapeshifter Tarot, illustrated by Lisa Hunt, define energy as “one” and that nothing ever dies, but simply changes form. If we meditate before we read the cards and shapeshift into a diverse archetype, perhaps morphing into Merlin, one of the more beautiful enchantresses, or old wise women depicted in the pack itself, we then emanate the energy of the card we have chosen, and transform our individual consciousness, until our life experience becomes attuned to the magical. Once we have blessed our cards, and learnt them well, we can use them to astral travel or for distant healing. A deeply felt prayer said with an arcane card held to the heart, often results in astonishing healing results!

Telephone psychics will enhance our lives magically even guide us through the multiple choices existence faces us with. Interestingly, mass consciousness is evolving worldwide, influenced by recent global events. The Mayan predictions leading up to 2012 influence and fascinate us. The more “sensitive” amongst us are experiencing metaphysics in an innovative way and hence accessing the deeper meaning of the universe. Like the Shapeshifter tarot pack we have started “using the eyes of a hawk for insights that transcend time and space!” Humanity has always longed to know the future, asking the shaman to use their magic skills to encourage good crops, control bad weather and avoid famine. In ancient days, humanity also used stones to read the future. They consulted oracles, enlightened magical folk who lived in caves or temples, and spoke with Spirit’s voice. In fact, we could consider our channelers as the “sooth sayers” of today. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the wonders of eternal life, and perceived the stars, the heavens and the soul as containing deep spirit magic. To the Pharaohs life had no meaning without the mysteries of Spirit guiding them to the everlasting. But without compassion our own spiritual path is devoid of significance.

The best psychics read with compassion when we are in a life crisis, connecting to the grace of the metaphysical eases our hearts. When love affairs go wrong, best psychics suggest we learn to walk away from emotional suffering. Eros has let us down. The lover we set our heart bolted with our best friend, we are crushed. How can we ever fall in love again? How can we ever avoid destructive relationships? The reader tells us that our unconscious emotions are affecting our choices, and to change them we must access our hidden belief systems. Only when we become more aware can we save the day. If one prays for a long period of time, she tells us, the neural pathways in our brain start to change direction, and our mind gets used to analyzing reality in a more enlightened and healing manner. Regular prayer and meditation were created to expand our minds and hearts, and the results can be “mind boggling”. If we add counseling to the equation, it is unlikely we will continue with the same self defeatist emotional patterns. Enlightened knowledge is the true key to astounding changes for the better! In other words, we heal!

“How can I tell if he likes me” might be your 65 thousand dollar question? So next time you go out with him, note his body language. If he leans forwards in his seat, gesticulates towards you, pointing, lifting your hair from your cheek, he likes you. If he laughs and nods in agreement with much of what you say he likes you. If he pays you a compliment, whilst his knee is touching yours, he likes you. If he leans back in his chair and scans the room, he does not like you. If he touches his nose, he doubts you. If he crosses his legs, and folds his arms over his chest he is getting defensive. If he raises his eyebrows after you told, what you thought, was a hilarious joke, he is irritated. If he rolls his eyes he might even wish you were not there. You will sense an open aura when someone likes you. You will not ask “how can I tell if he likes me?” when he turns his body towards yours, and smiles. You will know! Finally, if he picks dust of his jacket and frowns at you, you don’t stand a chance!

Karma and free tarot readings link us up. Karma and free tarot readings demonstrate life beyond “perceptions”; or a material emanation of the invisible – atoms and protons beyond our ordinary awareness, that hold the universe together. Good manifests solutions to life crises, heightens experience and learns compassion for other’s suffering. The definition is cause and effect, what we do, think or believe manifesting in our lives. If we continually think negatively about others, we will probably get a lot of negativity thrown back at us. Bullying, making others feel less than they are, and trying to push our opinions on them tends to have dire come backs. We might experience ten seconds of glory, but the results of our destructive words and actions could be forever! It is said that when we pass over to the other side, we face a life review, and both the positive and negatives of our existence are played back to us, with the results of good and bad actions. We feel the pain we caused; we become the one hurt by our actions. If we have hurt many, the hell we experience as we walk in another’s shoes, is of our own making!

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