What are psychic predictions?

So what are Psychic Predictions?

What are psychic predictions? It is a “miracle” when an “empath “sees” our aura, our past and present, what is to come and our souls? We are astounded, somewhat stunned by a spot-on prediction. We try to understand it, we grapple with logical explanations, yet we are still at a loss to explain the “inexplicable!” After all mainstream scientific proof is not that forthcoming. Psychic predictions including clairvoyance, ESP experiences, life after death, ghosts and spontaneous healing seem to happen to other people, never to us, until something occurs that redefines our perceptions and we ask for whys and wherefores? We lose someone we love, we get ill, or see a UFO! We look for answers that vindicate our immediate reaction. Perhaps we want to block out emotional pain with metaphysical “explanations”, or surrender to the fact there is a mysterious “X factor” defining our lives, expressing through us, teaching us hard-hitting lessons, encouraging us to think “outside the box” even go beyond sensible “points of view!” Suddenly psychic predictions given by the mediums who connect to those on the “other side”, do not seem quite so “wacko” after all, they might even seem magical, insightful. They show compassion, they perceive our angst, they really understand us.

Psychic Predictions and Challenging belief systems

psychic predictionsThe psychic medium challenges belief systems. When she beams out her senses to receive thoughts, emotions, and ideas from other “frequencies”, she infers that we are not separated from the universal. The psychic medium is the ultimate proof that we live in a unified field of photons and sub atomic particles that entangle with us, that in reality accessing a spiritual perception means realizing that our thoughts do indeed create reality. The University of Chicago discovered that atoms communicate between each other and organize themselves, that our intelligence, our communication systems, entangle everywhere with everything, creating our life as we see it! In other words, we are living within an electromagnetic e field, a giant information matrix that passes insights back and forth from the ethers, like a tennis ball. The empath connects to that metaphysical field of information, refines and defines it, connecting with other dimensions, guided to relay the relevant information back to us. The clairvoyant tells us that yes; there are other worlds beyond ours, other energies proving that life is everlasting. She accesses this through her soul core, she describes the truth of who we are, and we start to discern the miracles all around us.

Psychic Predictions and Psychic Reading Services

Psychic reading services handpick their empaths with care, making sure clairvoyants are capable of noting variant energy waves, and can pick up multiple frequencies with the utmost clarity. Those who use their unique visioning gifts to define the details of our personal lives, connect to our electromagnetic “heart beat” showing us that everything “material” pulsates in synchrony, manifesting biochemical processes into a unique physical form. Therefore, the higher the vibration of the atom within an individual’s energy field the higher their spiritual awareness. The clairvoyant reader gives psychic predictions and is aware the mind’s malfunction creates a distorted energy pattern, and deviates harmonious life flows, we become sick, confused, our life does not work for us. Most caring empaths advise us to heal ourselves, starting with the way we think. We begin to transform our negative thoughts to positive. As we become adept at meditating the brain connects to calming alpha waves that relax our bodies and minds; if we manage to hold those alpha waves strong, no matter the difficulties we face, somehow we find solutions. In fact, the reader will tell us that the way our brain waves flow, connects us to diverse realities, ever more harmonious ones, perhaps a better lifestyle!

Psychic Love Reading Predictions

So how does a metaphysical perception of reality affect psychic predictions in free psychic love readings for example? We usually go for free psychic love readings because we are facing a heartbreaking romance. The boyfriend has left us, a true love has turned to dust, we feel like freaks when Valentine’s day comes around; we are afraid that we are “destined” to experience bad luck in love forever. The problem is the moment we start thinking “Pocahontas and John Smith”, we become poster children for “star-crossed” love. In other words, our mind set congeals into an “unlucky in love module”. We find it hard to move on and as we think how cruel our destiny is, strangely it continues to be so; we have gotten stuck in a glitch we cannot get out of. However, the empath has a firm grasp on the challenges of the human condition, she knows we need to step out of our emotional drama, plus all those tragic love stories, and transform our vibe. She will tell us that we can indeed find true love and that we are not destined for “forever after” failure; that positive thoughts will do the job, yes we really can begin again!

Transform your life with Psychic Predictions

So how can we really transform our love lives? After all, we do not want to see those proverbial “grave yards of love” cropping up everywhere we look? We decide to go for radical healing. We “”spiritualize” ourselves; we seek out metaphysical information, and healing. We attempt to raise our energy levels. Perhaps we delve into the past to understand what first set the “lovelorn ball” rolling. We determine never to allow a beautiful relationship to break up just because of our intimacy issues. As we search within our hearts, we might have to face some daunting facts, for example; that we always felt unloved as a child, that our parent’s divorce left a deep scar within our psyche, that we felt terribly abandoned at boarding school. We begin to realize that our pain has to do with that old thing called Karma, just like the online clairvoyant said! Karma is a spiritual law based on the consequences of thoughts and actions. We begin to realize we are a soul evolving through eternity, and there are consequences to everything we do and think. We become aware Divine Love is indeed working through us. We refine our perceptions, we uplift them!

Psychic Predictions vs. Daily Horoscopes

Just to lighten things up, we might read our Horoscope Daily just to understand what our sun sign says regarding our love agenda. Horoscope Daily is just a joyful exercise really, a fun sign post along our way. We laugh when we read that Gemini is so hyper, love can only be a challenge! If we are Gemini we realize how cerebral we can get about emotions, and how we can talk love to dust! If we are a “larger than life” Leo we just might tend to stamp our foot if we are not the centre of our lover’s attention. Our stars, can in part justify our faults, and we can giggle about them with a loving partner, and tell them to blame our stars if we are being all difficult and peevish today. But we know that the answer lies deep within us really, it lies within our yearning hearts. So if we are desperately seeking out the perfect love match, our beloved soul mate, the one who understands us whatever sign we are, we must choose to grow! Choose to become more than we are. No matter how imperfect, we will be unafraid to learn love’s lessons, thats where psychic predictions can give you the edge!

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