Aries Sun Sign


Around 21 March – around 20 April

Symbol: The Ram Quality: Cardinal Element: Fire Ruler: Mars

Since Greek times Aries has been linked with the vernal equinox or first day of spring (autumn down in the Southern Hemisphere), when the days and nights are of equal length once more, but the Sun is ready to dominate the sky again. So for thousands of years it has been associated with the emergence of the ego, and the individual’s breaking away from the collective human world where he has lived until now. (To understand the background to the signs better, think of the collective nature of humanity as the darkness and the individual nature as the light.) For this reason, Aries is associated with the assertiveness and initiative needed to establish itself on its own. Its association with Mars, its ruling planet, can lend this energy an aggressive and impetuous edge as well. As the sign of the emerging ego, Aries is also associated with immaturity and naivety.

As a result, planets placed in Aries show their qualities by leading rather than following. They show themselves as individuals first and foremost, remaining true to their emerging selves. However, the Ram can sometimes be a ewe or lamb and follow the flock that depends on the position of the other planets to the Aries placements.

KEY WORDS: Dynamic, energetic, impulsive, passionate, egotistical.

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