Cancer Sun Sign


Around 22 June – around 23 July

Symbol: The Crab Quality: Cardinal Element: Water Ruler: Moon

The Egyptians symbolized Cancer with a scarab beetle, while the Greeks denoted it with a turtle or tortoise. Later, however, it became the sign of the crab – like its predecessors, a creature with a hard exterior and a soft interior.

In the annual cycle of the Sun, Cancer marks the summer solstice (winter in the Southern Hemisphere), the time of the year when the longest day (and therefore the shortest night) occurs. It is, if you like, a moment of maturity, much like an adolescent reaching adulthood. Just as Aries marks the beginning of the journey away from collective humankind towards the individual, so Cancer represents the moment when the Sun turns back. The ego has essentially reached its high-point and is ready to be merged into society once more. For this reason, Cancer represents home and family, and their protection.

Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, which means it is also strongly feminine and in touch with its emotions, something that is underlined by its position as the first of the Water signs, of which we will see more later. The powerful, lunar influence also lends this sector of the zodiac a moodiness and insecurity. Planets placed in Cancer reflect themselves by nurturing relationships, and bringing out instinctive and intuitive aspects of the personality.

KEY WORDS: Habit-forming, tenacious, sensitive, moody, emotional.

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