Gemini Sun Sign


Around 21 May – around 21 June

Symbol: The Twins Quality: Mutable Element: Air Ruler: Mercury

The constellation of Gemini is dominated by two stars of seemingly similar sizes. In mythology these were representative of Castor and Pollux, the inseparable twin sons of Zeus. While Pollux was immortal, Castor was not. When his brother died, Pollux insisted on being placed in the heavens alongside him. Together, Zeus decreed they should spend half their time in heaven and half in the underworld.

This notion of the divine twins repeats itself throughout mythology, from the Indian Ashvins, a pair of healers born to the Sun god, Surya, to Nissyen and Evnissyen, the very different siblings in the Cymraeg (Welsh) epic, the Mabinogion. While Nissyen is a peacemaker, Evnissyen provokes war. So it is no surprise that duality, ‘two sides’, is the element most commonly associated with the sign of Gemini. Gemini is symbolic of the struggle between the positive and the negative aspect of a personality, between the light and the dark, perhaps the ying and the yang. The intellectual side of Gemini is drawn from Mercury, its ruling planet.

Planets in Gemini tend to reflect the duality of the sign. For instance, the Sun in Gemini can reflect itself in a need for adventure and travel that betrays a restlessness to find the real self.

KEY WORDS: Clever, cerebral, versatile, volatile, mercurial.

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