Scorpio Sun Sign


Around 24 October – around 22 November

Symbol: The Scorpion Quality: Fixed Element: Water Ruler: Mars & Pluto

It is during this period that autumn takes hold and Earth begins to close down for the winter once more. So it is no surprise that to the ancients, this was a period when the gods were assumed to return to the underworld until the winter solstice summoned them back in readiness for the regeneration of the spring. It was during this period that the Celts celebrated Samhain, the night when it was said the worlds of the living and the dead were open to each other. (The forerunner of the modern Halloween.) In Latin America, this is known as the Day of the Dead.

Scorpio is therefore heavily associated with a journey to the deepest, most private and intimate aspects of our inner personalities. It is a place where we face up to the demons that lie within us. Naturally, it is ruled by Pluto, the planet of secrets and the hidden.

The planets reflect these qualities in their own ways. Venus in Scorpio can show itself as a sexual explorer, and Mercury may turn its intellectual powers to studying the psychological aspects of its personality. But the planets also reflect the resurrection that occurs at the end of this period of self-examination. For the Moon, for instance, this period of self-reflection can revitalize and reinvigorate its personality.

KEY WORDS: Intense, secretive, resolute, jealous, obsessive.

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