Aries Sun Sign

Aries Around 21 March – around 20 April Symbol: The Ram Quality: Cardinal Element: Fire Ruler: Mars Since Greek times Aries has been linked with the vernal equinox or first day of spring (autumn down in the Southern Hemisphere), when the days and nights are of equal length once more, but the Sun is ready […]

Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus Around 21 April – around 20 May Symbol: The Bull Quality: Fixed Element: Earth Ruler: Venus Taurus once represented the beginning of the zodiac. In Egypt it was during the period of Taurus that the cattle and oxen ploughed the fields. As a result, it has always been associated with earthiness and practicality. It […]

Gemini Sun Sign

Gemini Around 21 May – around 21 June Symbol: The Twins Quality: Mutable Element: Air Ruler: Mercury The constellation of Gemini is dominated by two stars of seemingly similar sizes. In mythology these were representative of Castor and Pollux, the inseparable twin sons of Zeus. While Pollux was immortal, Castor was not. When his brother […]

Cancer Sun Sign

Cancer Around 22 June – around 23 July Symbol: The Crab Quality: Cardinal Element: Water Ruler: Moon The Egyptians symbolized Cancer with a scarab beetle, while the Greeks denoted it with a turtle or tortoise. Later, however, it became the sign of the crab – like its predecessors, a creature with a hard exterior and […]

Leo Sun Sign

Leo Around 24 July – around 23 August Symbol: The Lion Quality: Fixed Element: Fire Ruler: Sun Leo’s lion symbol was probably derived from an Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet, a lion-headed deity who represented the Sun at its height in the sky at mid-day. This time of the year also coincided with the Sun at its […]

Virgo Sun Sign

Virgo Around 24 August – around 23 September Symbol: The Virgin Quality: Mutable Element: Earth Ruler: Mercury Virgo is associated with the harvest season. Indeed, the allegory or symbol for the sign represents the harvest goddess holding grain. It is during this season that summer gives way to mellow autumn. In a personal sense, this […]

Libra Sun Sign

Libra Around 24 September – around 23 October Symbol: The Scales Quality: Cardinal Element: Air Ruler: Venus Libra represents the period of the autumn equinox (spring in the Southern Hemisphere), another important transitional moment in the year. Once more, the days and nights are of the same length. Unlike Aries – when the forces of […]

Scorpio Sun Sign

Scorpio Around 24 October – around 22 November Symbol: The Scorpion Quality: Fixed Element: Water Ruler: Mars & Pluto It is during this period that autumn takes hold and Earth begins to close down for the winter once more. So it is no surprise that to the ancients, this was a period when the gods […]

Sagittarius Sun Sign

Sagittarius Around 23 November – around 21 December Symbol: The Centaur Quality: Mutable Element: Fire Ruler: Jupiter With the darkest days of the year, the period of Sagittarius has long been associated with reflection and an interest in philosophy and higher-minded subject matter. With the Sun’s presence at a minimum, the interest of the collective […]

Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorn Around 22 December – around 20 January Symbol: The Goat Quality: Cardinal Element: Earth Ruler: Saturn The winter solstice (summer in the Southern Hemisphere), which falls during this phase, marks the final phase in the Sun’s journey away from the light. As the days slowly begin to lengthen once more, the Sun turns back […]

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