Daily Horoscopes: 25/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 25/04/2017 Aries Neglecting your best friend or romantic partner will cause a great deal of resentment. Although there is a lot of pressure on you to perform at work, you must take time away from your job. Until you do, the atmosphere between you and your loved one will become increasingly intense. One [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 24/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 24/04/2017 Aries You have a bold idea, but you want to test it before taking action. Talking to experts in the field will be helpful. They’ll warn you about potential pitfalls. You’ll also get some wonderful advice about whom to approach and avoid. After you’ve conducted this research, your chances for success will [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 23/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 23/04/2017 Aries If you’re not sure which direction to take with your career, talk to a professional. A counsellor can help pinpoint what job is best for you. You might have to take a few knocks to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Some of the suggestions will surprise you. That’s a good thing. [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 22/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 22/04/2017 Aries Trust an intuitive friend’s advice. You have a tendency to only look at surface considerations. By digging deeper, you’ll uncover some powerful truths. Someone who has been irritating you could become a flirtatious partner. Stranger things have happened. Similarly, an assumption you’ve held for years may be proven wrong, forcing you [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 21/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 21/04/2017 Aries Taking a short trip will be more fun than you expect. It’s a great time to visit a glittering metropolis. You’ll enjoy shopping, eating and sightseeing in a stimulating place known for its cutting-edge sensibilities. Make sure you bring a notebook to record all your impressions. These entries could become the [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 20/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 20/04/2017 Aries It’s time to clear up any misunderstandings with your best friend, romantic partner or business associate. Lately, it feels like you’ve been at cross purposes. Now you have an opportunity to apologise for anything you may have done or said. Instead of being defensive, open your heart. When your friend realises [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 19/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 19/04/2017 Aries A moneymaking opportunity is coming your way. Although this job won’t be terribly exciting, it will create a financial cushion. Having money in the bank will give you more freedom in every area of life. Not only will you able to take a long holiday, but you could also obtain a [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 18/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 18/04/2017 Aries You’re intimidated by a competitor’s qualifications. Instead of being consumed by fear, make an attempt to improve your own standing. This could include anything from taking a management course, acting as an intern to an executive or getting more practice. Your hard work will impress both your peers and superiors. Don’t [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 17/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 17/04/2017 Aries You’ll have a lovely opportunity to mix business with pleasure. If you’re sent on a trip by your employer, make sure to enjoy some private time doing what you love best. Dine at a fine restaurant, tour a beautiful garden or visit an historic museum. If you have a chance to [...]

Daily Horoscopes: 16/04/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 16/04/2017 Aries You’re facing a crisis of conscience. Following your heart could lead to a job dismissal. This makes you nervous. It’s incredibly unfair that you must suffer from someone else’s bad behaviour. Instead of dwelling on this injustice, focus on moving to higher ground. You have lots of valuable experience and knowledge. [...]

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