Live Psychic Readings

Live Psychic Readings Have you ever thought of live psychic readings in terms of prophecies? Nostradamus the ‘seer’ assured us humanity would implode. That this planet would be unlikely to survive 2012? Can we hold back natural catastrophes? Will global warming continue? Will UFOs land on the Whitehouse lawn? Were the Mayan prophecies true? Wars, […]

Live Psychic Advice, Choosing a Psychic

You need more than live psychic advice you need mouth to mouth resuscitation. It all happened so suddenly. You met your soul mate at a party and that was it butterflies in your tummy, the thunderclap, the universe revolving around you at the speed of light. They were your soul twin, they were your heart throb, yet […]

Free Psychic Advice – Psychic Readings

In Italy the great Tuscan grandmothers gave free psychic advice To test out whether family members had the evil eye, they would drop oil in a bowl of water, if they could separate the drops of oil with a needle someone had a grievance for another and was sending ‘malocchio’ the evil eye. Elisa was a Tuscan […]

Free Online Psychic Readings

Free online psychic readings are given by an individual with a mission, someone who loves humanity and susses out extremes of despair. She will empathise with suffering, and help heal with her prayers, foreseeing our future is not as dark as we imagine, in fact if we access the truth about our lives, no matter how […]

Psychic, Psychic Readings and the Psychic Gift

The Psychic Gift Some say we become psychic when we are no longer afraid of the random nature of the universe, when we discover a faith in the infinite that we never thought we had. Perhaps our super sensitive psychic gift was born within a traumatic experience. Rhona Byrne, the director and creator of the […]

Call a Psychic and Rewrite your Soul Contract

How to rewrite your Soul Contract with the help of a psychic to bring positive change into your life and advance your soul’s journey. What is a Soul Contract?   Why would you want to rewrite your soul contract? Indeed is it possible to change the contract that has been with you since your birth? […]

Can a Psychic Help You Avoid Dating Pitfalls?

Can a Psychic Help You Avoid Dating Pitfalls?   In your quest to love and be loved or resolve relationship conflict, consulting a psychic can help you take that first step towards enhancing romance. Whether you are single, lonely and looking for love, wondering if you are with the right partner or have relationship issues that […]

Psychic Power; Personal Psychic Readings

The mystical Mayans predicted the end of time. Did they possess psychic power? The bible’s Book of Revelations announced humanity’s lack of spiritual belief would push humanity into disaster and mayhem; did they ‘see’ the future? Nostradamus the French soothsayer foretold December two thousand and twelve as the beginning of global annihilation. Famine, plague and confusion […]

Psychic Dictionary

If you are interested in paranormal phenomena, or have had a supernatural experience, you will probably want to know more, more terminology, more exclamations and more insights to help you understand the uncanny and very creepy. There could be no better solution therefore then consulting a psychic dictionary. As you survey the pages, some light is […]

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