Daily Horoscopes: 01/12/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 01/12/2018


Insisting on personal freedom for yourself while others play by the rules creates resentment. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Do what is expected and resist the impulse to complain. Your popularity will soar if you don’t throw a tantrum. Juggling your budget will keep you out of debt. If you have a large bill, transfer it to a credit card that offers no interest for a year. By paying this off in monthly increments, you’ll achieve financial freedom.


Don’t fall victim to nervous energy. Practicing relaxation techniques will help you meet challenges quickly and easily. Breathe deep, think positive and stop entertaining scary scenarios. Things aren’t as bad as you imagine. If you lose your job, you’ll find a much better one. A former colleague will contact you, alerting you to an open position. Apply as soon as possible; you’ll be quickly welcomed aboard. Your previous experience is a definite asset. It will be possible to hit the ground running.


Although you’ve been a loyal member, you won’t get the support of a group. This betrayal is dismaying, but it can’t be helped. Resign yourself to go solo. Use quick wit to talk yourself into a high-tech course. Expanding your skills attracts more job prospects. An old health problem will rear its ugly head. Take this opportunity to improve your diet, exercise and sleep habits. Treating your body with the respect it reserves will restore your natural vitality. Stop burning the candle at both ends.


This isn’t a good time to challenge authority. It’s better to go with the flow, even if you’re not happy with the new direction. Nobody will blame you for doing what was asked. A changing of the guard is coming. Taking up a hobby you enjoyed as a child will give you an attractive glow. Don’t be surprised when your love life takes off as a result. You’re never more attractive than when you’re exercising your creative muscles.


Your radical beliefs won’t be popular with a group of stuffy traditionalists. Instead of trying to promote your philosophy, keep quiet about it. Anyone who is interested in your ideas will ask about them. Until then, it’s best to keep a low profile. You have an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of a home loan or lease. Be prepared to drive a hard bargain. The more confident you are, the better deal you will get. Keep reminding yourself that you are in the power position.


A financial reversal makes you nervous. When it comes to money, it’s important to remember there is an ebb and flow to it. Picture your bank account like an ocean tide. When resources flow out, they will quickly be replenished by a subsequent wave. Rearranging your surroundings will give you a new lease on life. You tend to get caught in stuffy routines. By organising your work materials and household supplies, you’ll develop smarter ways to perform your duties.


Breaking a promise will tarnish your reputation. It’s important to honour an agreement, even if it costs you more money than expected. Treat any losses as a learning experience. You’ll know to charge more money the next time you perform such a service. Renegotiating your salary is a distinct possibility. You’re tired of taking low pay in exchange for being liked. Nobody else is going to promote your financial interests. It’s time to get tough with your employer. If you work for yourself, raise your rates.


Your work routine will be disrupted. Instead of fighting this trend, go with the flow. Being open to change will earn the respect of both your colleagues and employer. Don’t be surprised when you’re given a sudden promotion. A positive attitude pays off. You have a chance to make amends with a rival or enemy. Having the courage to extend an olive branch makes a good impression. Instead of focusing on a person’s weak points, concentrate on their strengths. This will pave the way to a better relationship.


You yearn for companionship, but haven’t met anyone who excites your imagination. Instead of looking for a partner, embrace your freedom. Book a solitary holiday or take up an unusual hobby. When you treat yourself well, others will follow your example. It’s taking longer than expected to see the fruits of your labour. Take deep breaths and remain patient. Staying busy with routine tasks will distract you from your fears. Before you know it, the seeds you planted will burst into flower.


Your home life is being disrupted by an irrational relative. Don’t feel compelled to be at someone’s beck and call. If they need help, they can enter a rehabilitation program or undergo counselling. You’re not responsible for their problems. Put some distance between you. Recently, you’ve been pouring lots of energy into friendships. Now it’s time to concentrate on your own needs and desires. Take up a goal you abandoned because you were busy. This time, your chances for success are high. You’re tired of settling for second best.


It’s hard to stay focused. You’re brimming with energy and excitement. Exercise can take off the edge. Head for the gym, play a sport, take a walk or do some gentle stretching. Your anxiety will be replaced by a profound sense of calm. Making repairs to your professional image is important. If you’ve been fighting with a colleague, take this opportunity to improve your relationship. Invite your fellow worker out for lunch. You can discuss your differences amicably over a good meal.


Be practical about money. This isn’t a good time to splash out on expensive luxuries. By conserving your resources, you’ll build a nest egg. Soon, you’ll have enough to put down a deposit on a car or home. Stay focused on your savings goals. You’re starting to realise that some of the values that were taught to you as a child don’t work for you. Developing your own philosophy will be empowering. Think carefully about what you truly believe and value.

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