Daily Horoscopes: 01/12/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 01/12/2019


An unreliable friend is driving you to distraction. You’re tired of having plans cancelled at the last minute. If you’ve ever made the mistake of buying a ticket for them, only to be told they won’t be attending the event, you should be extra wary. Don’t compromise your principles, even if it is tempting. Pretending to agree with a bad plan will cause people to question your judgement. Be willing to challenge this proposal, even if it means creating conflict with a powerful person.


An abrupt departure creates chaos at work. You’ll be asked to cover for a colleague who has impulsively quit. Be wary about assuming their responsibilities without a raise. You don’t want to lull your employer into the belief that you’ll do extra work for free. A manipulative person is trying to get into your good graces. Don’t be fooled by their lavish compliments and extravagant gifts. Joining forces with this trickster will be a big mistake. Maintain your independence.


People find your ideas bizarre. They often tease you about being unrealistic or misguided. That’s why it’s best to keep your beliefs to yourself when in mixed company. The last thing you want is to defend a cherished philosophy to a bunch of cynics. Compulsive work habits are taking a toll on your health. It’s time to scale back your responsibilities, even if it means upsetting your boss. Your first loyalty is to yourself, full stop. Never forget it.


Beware of entering a business venture with an unstable genius. Although their ideas are brilliant, they can’t be trusted with your hard-earned cash. The last thing you want is to be forced to pay their debts after they leave town in the cover of night. A casual flirtation could turn into a serious obsession if you’re not careful. Do you already have a partner? Channel your energy towards your amour. You’re too kind to hurt someone who has been good to you.


It’s important to give your business or romantic partner the respect they deserve. Making a few sacrifices on their behalf will go a long way towards strengthening your bond. It simply isn’t fair to always take and never give. Deep down inside, you know this. Stop looking for other people’s approval. When you desire something strongly, move towards your goal without consulting anyone else. Let criticism roll off like water from a duck’s back. The sooner you gather the courage of your convictions, the happier you will be.


Nervous energy is creating health problems. It’s imperative to practice relaxation techniques. At first, these methods will seem strange and counter-intuitive. Push past your resistance and breathe deep. After a few attempts, they’ll be successful. It will be such a relief to feel better. Be honest in your business dealings. If a product or service isn’t appropriate for a customer’s needs, say so. You might lose a sale today, but your truthful practices will cultivate more business very soon.


Beware of getting romantically involved with a demanding person. No matter what you do or say, it never will be enough for this egotist. There’s nothing wrong with admiring a confident person, but you shouldn’t confuse self-assurance with narcissism. There’s a big difference. This isn’t the best time to splash out on luxuries. Use your hard-earned cash to pay off debts and build up your savings. Don’t worry; you’ll have an opportunity to indulge in retail therapy later. Right now, you should be saving instead of spending.


It’s understandable you don’t want to rock the boat. However, you must create conflict if someone is making you feel bad. Make it clear you will not tolerate rude or disrespectful behaviour. Moving into your own place and supporting yourself is critical. The ends do not justify the means. Just because someone betrayed you does not give you permission to commit an equally vicious act. Let go of your resentment. The sooner you release this memory’s hold on you, the faster you will find happiness.


You can be erratic about keeping in touch. This sometimes creates resentment. Take this opportunity to return phone calls, emails and texts. Show your nearest and dearest the consideration they deserve. You’ll get several excited responses to these messages; you’ve been missed. Beware of pursuing a goal at the expense of others. It’s better to aim for the right job than a position that will create inconvenience for your nearest and dearest. Keep your eye on the big picture at all times.


Difficulties with financial matters have been nerve wracking. That’s because you’re focused on what you lack, rather than what you want. The fastest way to attract prosperity is to cultivate feelings of appreciation and security. Make a gratitude list. Imagine yourself leading your best life. A friend will ask you to cover up for their misdeeds. Don’t agree to this plan. Providing a smokescreen for their bad behaviour will cause pain for innocent victims. It’s best to be honest, even if it means putting an end to this friendship.


You’re tired of being misunderstood. Relatives and colleagues think you are too idealistic. Instead of getting pulled down in the muck with them, you should maintain your upbeat outlook. When you radiate optimism, you attract love, luck and money at every turn. When it comes to issuing orders, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. People don’t like being pushed around, even if they are subordinate to you. By talking to them respectfully, they’ll fall in line.


Using vices to escape from harsh realities will make a bad situation worse. If you’re in a toxic work environment, it’s time to look for a new job. Do some research into companies that have good reputations among their employees. Alternatively, start your own business. Looking down on someone for their inferior education will reflect badly on you. We all have something to contribute. By welcoming a newcomer into the fold, you’ll gain a reputation for being a team player instead of an egotist.

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