Daily Horoscopes: 02/11/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 02/11/2019


Resist jumping into a business or romantic partnership. By looking before you leap, you will realise you are unsuited to someone who is indecisive and cautious. Hold out for someone who shares your sense of adventure. You could meet at a sporting event or competition. If you feel isolated, try being your own best friend. Treat yourself to an enjoyable outing. Visit your favourite store. Go on a picnic. Spending quality time by yourself will boost your confidence and make you more magnetic to friendship.


Control your temper at work. If you have problems with a lazy colleague, talk to your employer about it. Your manager may not have a problem with this lacklustre performance. This is a sign you should find a more stimulating job. The only way a youngster will learn is through hands on experience. Instead of lecturing them on the right way to do things, let them make their own mistakes. This will give them a greater sense of confidence and responsibility.


Losing a competition makes you angry. Resist the temptation to lash out at the judges. Their decision may seem unfair, but you must live with it. Being a bad sport will make it even more difficult to achieve the fame and acclaim you desire. Hypersensitivity is causing problems for you. Stop worrying what others think. Nobody else is responsible for making you happy; that’s your job. Do whatever you can to lift your spirits and feel good about yourself.


Arguments with relatives are draining. They are also unnecessary. Trying to convert people to your point of view is an exercise in futility. If you find their ideas offensive, keep a healthy distance from each other. Don’t discuss politics, religion or culture. Denying yourself creature comforts is a mistake. You work hard and should enjoy the fruits of your labour. Splash out on a fashionable outfit, piece of jewellery or bottle of scent. If it’s time to replace your mattress, buy a quality model.


Are you irritated by a neighbour or relative? Stop dwelling on their negative points. Make a list of their positive aspects. Recognising their good qualities will improve this frayed relationship. Nobody is perfect. A little compassion will ease the tension between you. Your financial situation requires you to change the way you spend and save money. You don’t have to deprive yourself of luxury, but you should make more mindful purchases. Avoid splashing out on things that don’t thrill you to the core.


You’re spending money as fast as it comes in. That’s not a problem if you are financially independent. If you split the bills with a romantic or business partner, you should be more frugal. Set aside a discretionary fund for personal purchases. Don’t pretend to know more about a subject than you really do. Ask an expert to fill in the gaps to your knowledge. Your teacher will be flattered by your interest and do everything in their power to give you a better understanding of this topic.


Your extreme confidence makes relatives jealous. Older people who failed to reach their goals think you are too ambitious. When you realise your dreams, they become angry. Try not to take this frustration personally. Give yourself credit for staying true to your desires. A strong desire for recognition requires that you take some risks. Show your creative work to experts. Go on an audition or make a bold proposal. Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, where you belong.


After a period of internal conflict, you’ll realise you’ve been harbouring angry feelings. Find a healthy outlet for these frustrations. Exercise can release tension that has been stored in your body. After a brisk workout, you’ll put a failed relationship in proper perspective. Stop being so harsh with yourself. If you have fallen short of a standard, give yourself credit for having come this far. A little gentle encouragement will yield better results than unrelenting criticism. Take a break and replenish your spirits before returning to work.


Breaking away from the group will do more harm than good. Although you think the rules are stupid, they have been implemented for a good reason. Control your rebellious impulses and toe the line. You’ll reap the rewards of being a good team player. Someone will urge you to make an investment. Thank your friend for their concern but keep your money safe in the bank. An opportunity that sounds too good to be true should be avoided.


Someone who doesn’t respect your authority will create trouble. Be ready to publicly confront this naysayer. By making an example of them, you’ll keep others from rebelling. Letting everyone do what they want isn’t possible; there must be a strict chain of command. If you’re in a bad mood, stop subjecting yourself to a gruelling work regime. Take some time off to enjoy your favourite hobbies. Don’t worry; the world won’t fall apart when you take a bike ride, bake a cake or dig in the garden.


It’s upsetting when people won’t listen to reason. Many individuals prefer to cling to irrational beliefs they have held since childhood. Trying to change their opinions will be a waste of valuable time and resources. Spend time with friends who are ruled by logic. Resist the temptation to blame your family for a persistent problem. By taking responsibility for your life, it will be easier to move to higher ground. Give yourself permission to pursue the life you’ve always wanted.


Conflicts over shared resources are causing stress. Stop discussing this matter with a former partner; let a lawyer handle these discussions. Develop a coping strategy for anxiety. By remaining calm in the face of drama, you’ll get the money you deserve. Are you nervous when you’re with strangers? Avoid nattering on. It’s perfectly fine to be silent when you have nothing to say. Your poise will make a good impression on a gracious person. There’s a good chance they’ll offer you a job.

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