Daily Horoscopes: 03/09/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 03/09/2019


You’re ready to take control of your health. This could involve anything from hiring a personal trainer, making an appointment with a nutritionist or establishing a restful bedtime routine. Do whatever you can to feel energised and replenished; there’s lots of work to be done. Applying for a plum position will require great focus and attention to detail. Read the job description three times before responding. You may be asked to come up with some special information to demonstrate that you reviewed the advertisement thoroughly.


A flirtatious conversation makes you flush with excitement. It’s wonderful to trade teasing remarks with someone who is exactly your cup of tea. If you’re single, be prepared to get swept up in a passionate romance. If you have partner, visit a stimulating city together. A wonderful idea for a creative project will arrive while you’re doing some mundane chores. Stop what you’re doing and jot down this concept before it slips your mind. You’ll have a lovely time making something of lasting beauty.


It will be impossible to contain your emotions. You feel passionately about a subject and should not keep silent about it, even when you’re in mixed company. If a relative offends you with their ignorant remarks, challenge their statements with reliable facts and figures. You’ll be hailed as a hero. You may not realise it, but many other members of the family have grown sick and tired of these ugly diatribes. You’re the only one courageous enough to show your disdain and disgust.


Be direct with someone who is dragging their feet and slowing down production. Unless they can do a better job, they should find work elsewhere. You don’t have to make a big scene. Take the troublemaker aside and say what’s on your mind. Someone is pressuring you to sign a contract. You are more powerful than you realise in this situation. Stop to negotiate better terms. If this company really wants you to join its ranks, they will meet all your demands.


This is an excellent time for salary negotiations. You deserve to be paid what you are worth. Ask for a little more money than you think you can get. The other party is very impressed with your creative abilities and will pay what you want. You feel strongly about an ethical issue. Challenge a leader who continually abuses their power. If they laugh off your complaints, threaten to publicise their behaviour. Their smiles will soon vanish. You can make or break their professional reputation.


Your intellect is razor sharp. A brilliant idea will be celebrated as the solution to a practical dilemma. Don’t be surprised when you are put in charge of a group that will tackle this problem. Gather the most capable workers together. The team respects your no-nonsense approach. Instead of treating everyone like children, you give clear instructions and set reasonable deadlines. As a result, you’ll resolve this matter quickly, allowing everyone to resume their regular schedule. You’ll be rewarded with a big bonus.


Take yourself off to a private hideaway where you can hear yourself think. You have many friends who bring you joy. When it comes time to exercise your creativity, your loved ones can have an unwanted influence on your work. Keep your own counsel about art. It’s also helpful to take time out of your busy schedule for spiritual pursuits. Communing with nature, praying and listening to uplifting music are all good ways to forget your troubles and abandon yourself to inspiration.


There’s never been a better time to get out and network. Push yourself to attend a social gathering, even if you feel anti-social. The moment you walk through the door you will get a burst of energy. You’ll hit it off with an intelligent guest. Don’t be surprised when you discover a mutual love for an obscure artist. It’s such a relief to talk about your favourite subject with someone who shares your passion. Together, you will collaborate on a clever project.


Be ready to spring into action at work. If the leader is absent, assume control of an important project. Waiting for the boss to return will waste valuable time, money and resources. You have good instincts about what needs to be done. If you’re unemployed, apply for a desirable job. You might not think your prospects are strong, but you are wrong. Your excellent communication skills and razor-sharp intellect make you the perfect person for this position.


It’s time to speak as you find. Your willingness to challenge an unfair rule will cause others to rally to your side. People have great respect for your opinions. That’s because you always conduct yourself with grace and dignity. Your words carry moral authority. A legal matter will be decided in your favour, allowing you to move forward with a bold project. Taking an overseas trip or earning an advanced degree will advance your personal and professional prospects. Accept an offer to work in a foreign country.


Tell your amour what you really want from your physical encounters. They’ll be happy to oblige. You’re not especially communicative, expecting other people to read your mind. This is unfair. Get into the habit of articulating your desires. This will improve all your relationships. Someone will try to offer you a small portion of a joint fund. Laugh at the suggestion and demand what you deserve. If push comes to shove, you can always hire a solicitor. Why accept crumbs when you can have a big slice of cake?


Your partner wants more attention. Do not deny this request. It feels good to be wanted and desired. Taking a short trip together is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll both enjoy a relaxing trip to the countryside. Nature has a therapeutic effect on relationships. If you’re single, don’t hesitate to make the first move on someone who has taken your fancy. Ordinarily, you’re so shy that you wouldn’t dream of making a romantic overture. That’s starting to change. Slowly but surely, you’ve become more confident. Assert yourself.

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