Daily Horoscopes: 04/12/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 04/12/2017


If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, admit it. Tell anyone who will be affected by your inability to fulfil promises. Several people will be angered by the news. Instead of making excuses, offer only humble apologies. The only way to regain their trust is to change your ways. Stop committing yourself to every offer. By making more mindful choices, you’ll pave the way for happier and healthy relationships. Let your word be your bond.


You must be more resourceful. By curbing your love of luxury, you’ll be able to establish a secure foundation. At that point, you can go back to enjoying the occasional indulgence. If you’re dismissed from a job, don’t panic. It will be much easier to find another position if you project an air of calm assurance. Remember you are a hard worker with many practical skills. Any employer will be happy to welcome you aboard. Explore opportunities that give you a chance to work with people.


This is not a good time to issue an ultimatum. Your business or romantic partner feels like they’ve been backed against a wall. Forcing them into a decision will cause an irreparable break. If you feel like you’ve reached an impasse, be gentle. There is a way to put an end to the alliance without evoking angry recriminations. Stay calm and don’t get pulled into a manipulative conversation. When your other half realises you are serious, they’ll give in to the inevitable.


A charming colleague will try to get you to assume their responsibilities. Don’t agree. You’ll be expected to perform these tasks permanently, which is the last thing you need. Everyone knows you are one of the most efficient performers in the organisation. Instead of being punished for your productivity, you should be rewarded for it. Unless you get a raise, continue to work at the same rate. If you keep overcompensating, you’ll waste valuable energy that can be channelled into creative pursuits.


Working with a group will be frustrating. You are brimming with great ideas, but other members of the team aren’t impressed with them. Instead of throwing a tantrum, make a strategic retreat. There’s no point wasting energy on a group of naysayers. Later, you’ll have an opportunity to develop this concept with someone who appreciates your vision. When it comes to doing creative work, you will always fare better with fellow visionaries. Perpetual critics will always find reasons to shoot down proposals.


Your energy is low. Neglect a few of your responsibilities for the sake of your health. An attentive relative, roommate or colleague will be happy to cover your duties while you rest. If you discover you’ve been passed over for a promotion, don’t be upset. The last thing you want is to be given a job that makes even more demands of you. The Universe is nudging you to slow down. Obey its call. You’ll feel so much better when you cut back your schedule.


It’s hard to feel optimistic about the future. Despite all your efforts to create new opportunities, you continue to meet obstacles. Instead of doubling your efforts, take a break. Turn your attention to a more rewarding pursuit, whether it’s painting, playing sports or making handicrafts. The moment you stop obsessing over this problem, the sooner it will be resolved. Someone who sympathises with your situation will come forward to help. Accept this generous offer with an open and grateful heart.


You’re daunted by a financial shortage. If you’re drowning in debt, don’t give up hope. Instead, contact a charitable or other organisation dedicated to helping people in your situation. A consumer protection group could help you out. This will make it easier to satisfy your obligations. If you’re underemployed, think about acquiring advanced skills that will allow you to pick and choose lucrative assignments. Learning a trade or mastering computer coding will be financially empowering.


A negotiation will grind to a halt. No matter how many counterproposals you make, the other party will not budge. You have no other choice but to walk away. Giving in to these ridiculous demands will result in professional and personal losses. Not only will this arrangement deprive you of money, but it will also wear on your nerves. Don’t give up on this deal. After an extensive search, you’ll find a much better candidate for this collaboration.


Beware of giving outsiders access to your social circle. An eager salesperson is looking for new customers. They’ll try linking up with your friends on social media. Your nearest and dearest won’t appreciate being bombarded with adverts. Make it clear you didn’t approve this behaviour. You don’t want your good name ruined by an opportunist. As someone who takes pride in keeping your personal and professional lives separate, this really bothers you.


This isn’t a good time to wear your heart on your sleeve. Although you’re anxious to put your feelings into words, your confession will not get a good reception. It’s best to keep your own counsel. Find a healthy outlet for your emotions. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your diary, taking brisk exercise or acquiring cutting edge skills are good distractions. In a few weeks, a powerful crush or lingering resentment will vanish into thin air. At that point, you’ll be relieved you kept silent.


You’re having a difficult time balancing your personal and professional lives. Although you long to spend more time at home, the demands of your job make it impossible. Think carefully about what you want. It may be necessary for you to switch industries or start your own business. You’re not the type who wants to be consumed by your career. Loving relationships are your lifeblood. Be willing to walk away from an arrangement that no longer serves your needs.

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