Daily Horoscopes: 05/11/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 05/11/2018


Ignoring the rules will cause problems in both your personal and professional relationships. It doesn’t matter what position you hold in a household or office. By showing respect for the guidelines everyone else must follow, you’ll earn the respect you desire. If you’re looking for security in a relationship, you must be true to yourself. Being your own best friend will attract people who are worthy of your affection. If your current partner continually lets you down, focus on being good to yourself.


Don’t let a bad mood ruin your work day. If a colleague, customer, patient or employer is rude to you, make a list of things that you enjoy about your job. These items can be as simple as a regular income or good parking facilities. Nothing improves a situation like generating positive energy in difficult circumstances. Rather than looking outward for the help you seek, turn your attention within. You have much more control over your surroundings than you realise.


Instead of struggling to surmount a problem, practice self-acceptance. Learning to love yourself exactly the way you are will make it much easier to overcome an addiction, avoid negative patterns and break toxic tendencies. It’s much easier to change when you treat yourself well. Beware of becoming too dependent on a romantic partner, pet or child. Your happiness should not be dependent on anyone else. Make a list of solitary activities that you enjoy. Enjoy one of these pursuits when you are lonely or sad.


A close relationship is challenging. It feels like your other half is trying to control you. The more they try to influence your decisions, the more you resist their efforts. Instead of continuing this power struggle, sneak off to a private corner. After reflecting on what you need to be happy, it will be much easier to assert yourself. Stay focused on joyous plans. Approaching your best friend or romantic partner from a place of contentment will make negotiations much easier.


Being of service to others is admirable, but there should be a limit to what you will do. Rather than stopping what you are doing to accommodate friends, colleagues and relatives, put your needs first. Let the first thing you do each day involve self-pampering. Restless energy will prompt you to take a short trip. Don’t get frustrated if you encounter traffic or technical difficulties. Having some reading or listening material as a pleasant distraction will make such challenges less stressful.


If you would like to increase your income, start thinking of yourself as a prosperous person. Spend a few moments each day imagining you can afford anything you desire. This attitude of abundance will attract wealth in all forms, including money, time and love. A childish temper tantrum demands your attention. Instead of issuing ultimatums, threats and punishments, look at the troublemaker with love. Give them the time and attention they desperately crave, then wish them well and go back to what you were doing.


Beware of laying a guilt trip on someone. Although you want them to do your bidding, you shouldn’t do so by making them feel bad. The best thing you can do is ask for a favour and graciously accept the response. If your request for help is refused and you remain gracious, a solution will arrive when you least expect it. The key is to be positive and upbeat, regardless of how plans are unfolding. Difficulties will vanish into thin air when you show faith in the Universe.


Strong curiosity could tempt you to poke your nose where it doesn’t belong. Mind your own business. If someone leaves personal information in an insecure place, return it to them without inspecting it too closely. Your considerate behaviour will be greatly appreciated. If you feel isolated, reach out to a friend who makes you laugh. It may take several attempts to set a meeting time, but your persistence will pay off. Your tendency to withdraw has caused you to fall off people’s radar.


Material gain will not improve your self-worth. If you have been beating yourself up for not making enough money, stop. Make a list of activities that give life meaning. Get into the habit of pursuing these joyful pastimes as much as possible. Friends aren’t being very supportive. Don’t place too much importance on other people’s opinions. When you seek to satisfy yourself, you’ll reach heights you never dreamed possible. The guidance you seek lies within, which is why you should always trust your intuition.


You can’t force others to do what you want and prosper. Even if you have the authority to boss around people, it’s not the best way to get what you want. Treating relatives and employees like intelligent people will earn their respect. Resorting to threats will be unnecessary when people want to please you. When they disagree with your ideas, they’ll offer alternatives instead of ignoring or challenging you. Be open to negotiations, as they can make flawed systems much more efficient.


Doubting yourself is delaying your progress. Instead of imagining problematic outcomes, assume everything will work to your advantage. Your upbeat energy will attract helpful people, financial support and lucky breaks that will advance your interests. Anxiety is a waste of valuable resources. Don’t put too much faith in a leader who is disrespectful of others. You’ll fare much better with an official who treats everyone with courtesy and kindness. If you find it difficult to grasp a concept ask for help.


You’re putting too much emphasis on what other people are doing. If you think others have terrible values, turn your attention to the principles that make you happy. Since you can only control your own life, you might as well commit to feeling good. Avoid engaging in retail therapy to fill an emotional void. If you are sad, angry or resentful, sneak off to a tranquil hideaway. Listen to uplifting music or read a book that gives you joy. Your urge to spend will soon dissolve.

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