Daily Horoscopes: 05/12/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 05/12/2018


Getting into an argument about politics, religion or culture will make you miserable. Save your energy for more productive discussions. You don’t have to agree with someone to collaborate. Steer clear of divisive subjects and focus on finishing an important job. It will be necessary to process paperwork with a hospital, government agency or university. Make copies of every form you submit; you might have to send them multiple times. Be friendly to an official who can help you. It pays to know the right people.


A big expense will put a dent in your budget. Don’t panic. Instead of worrying about making ends meet, picture yourself living in the lap of luxury. Imagine an endless supply of cash. When you cultivate feelings of prosperity, you’ll attract money. Friends are urging you to follow their lead. You’re not interested in their professional ambitions. Stand firm and continue to devote your life to beauty, luxury and comfort. The rat race holds no charm for you.


It feels like you give everything to a partner without receiving anything in return. It’s time to reverse this dynamic. Start making more demands. When your needs aren’t met, you should throw a fuss. Being agreeable hasn’t worked, so now you must stir the pot. Your employer is bearing down hard. They want you to carry out orders instead of questioning them. If you’re unhappy in this job, resist the temptation to quit. It’s easier to find work when you already have a position.


Your energy is low. Instead of pushing yourself to finish a long list of chores, give yourself a break. Take this opportunity to catch up on your sleep. Eat some nourishing meals. When you get restless, take a walk. Avoid strenuous exercise. Don’t challenge an expert, even if you think their ideas are absurd. By trying their suggestions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You’re dealing with someone who has mastered the art of inner peace. Following their lead will result in a breakthrough.


The love you desire is elusive. Instead of yearning for a partner, focus on becoming your own best friend. Substitute criticism for praise. Give yourself frequent rewards. Stop beating yourself up. When you treat yourself well, others will follow your lead. Resist the temptation to fill an emotional void with retail therapy. Although you don’t have to deprive yourself of luxury, you shouldn’t make impulse purchases. Wait a full day before spending lots of money on an expensive bauble you don’t really need.


You’re not getting much support from your family. Relatives are worried that your plans are impractical. They don’t give you enough credit for being resourceful. Turn a deaf ear to your loved ones’ warnings. The more confident you are, the more successful you’ll be. A pushy business or romantic partner is wearing on your nerves. You need space to breathe. Taking a solitary holiday will be refreshing. It will feel wonderful to do what you want without having to confer with anyone else.


Be polite with everyone, even if they are rude to you. By taking the high road, you’ll make a difficult encounter much more pleasant. This pest will quickly leave your orbit, seeking another victim to make miserable. Summon your diplomatic skills. Pushing yourself beyond the brink of endurance can result in an injury. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to work and exercise. If you don’t complete everything you want by the end of the day, there is always tomorrow.


You’re not getting the respect you deserve. Instead of focusing on your resentment, picture yourself being treated well by your boss. Imagine the kind of exchanges that would make you feel valued and appreciated. Soon, this troubled relationship will become friendly. Stranger things have happened. A temper tantrum is a sign you must be more attentive. Take time out of your busy schedule to reconnect with a younger person or romantic partner. You may not realise it, but your attention means the world to them.


Don’t keep the spotlight on yourself. You rarely have trouble attracting publicity, but it doesn’t come easily to your best friend or romantic partner. By drawing attention to their accomplishments, you’ll pave the way for a happier relationship. Obey your generous impulses. Upsetting emotions can’t be brushed under the carpet. Find a healthy outlet for your feelings. Brisk exercise can release tension. Head for the gym, take a walk or go for a swim. You’ll feel energised and renewed.


You’re being pushed into the shadows by more ambitious colleagues. Rather than fighting this trend, lean into it. You can produce some admirable work when you’re not in a prominent position. Take this opportunity to put a creative spin on time honoured traditions. Someone will take out their anger on you. Don’t take it personally; their rage has its roots in self-hatred. Continue to give yourself encouragement for being innovative and daring. Eventually, someone will recognise your talent and offer you a plum position.


Working with a group is tiring. You’re not interested in getting the committee’s approval. Instead of taking out your resentment on colleagues, launch a personal project. Painting, writing or playing music in your spare time is advised. You’re much happier when you’re creatively fulfilled. A high-pressure salesman will ask you to buy the most expensive item on the market. Ignore their urgings and purchase something more practical. You don’t need a luxury item with lots of costly bells and whistles.


If you make a mistake, you should admit and correct it as soon as possible. Don’t make a weak apology that absolves you of responsibility. Instead, take ownership of your error and vow to correct it. Be willing to cover a costly bill. Pressuring people to do your bidding will backfire. If you’re going to get your way, it’s best to take the soft approach. An appealing invitation will work better than a direct order. If you don’t get your way, be gracious.

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