Daily Horoscopes: 06/07/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 06/07/2018


Your forceful attitude isn’t making any friends. If you’re going to make an impact, you must adopt a more diplomatic attitude. Showing respect for other people’s beliefs and concerns will build inroads to alliances. Don’t engage in black and white thinking; it’s limiting. Clashing with someone who doesn’t understand your thoughts or ideas has become exhausting. Instead of continuing this dynamic, look for an escape hatch. Find a better job or start your own business. You’ve been blessed with leadership ability; put it to work.


Working in isolation is difficult. It’s hard to know how well you’re doing when you’re alone. Joining a sports team, political movement or arts organisation can be helpful. When you experience doubt, you can always talk to other members of the group. An imposing expert is always criticising your work. Instead of taking these belittling remarks personally, see them for acts of jealousy. Your natural talent is impressive. Develop it with a teacher who isn’t threatened by it.


Going along with the group will be cause for regret. If you don’t agree with the majority opinion, speak up. List your concerns and propose alternatives. If you don’t want to be associated with these people any longer, leave. Don’t sacrifice your reputation for popularity. Achieving intimacy with someone is difficult. It’s hard to let down your guard with someone who acts superior. Instead of pursuing an unequal relationship, seek a partner who respects and admires you. That won’t be difficult.


Work is becoming a source of strain. It’s frustrating when people don’t seem to care about your intelligence and experience. Before leaving a good job, ask to talk to your employer in private. Cite examples of their hurtful behaviour and demand it to stop. Your best friend or romantic partner isn’t being very supportive. They’re worried what will happen if you achieve a greater level of success. As a result, they’ve been discouraging you from making an important move. Ignore their warnings and go for the gold.


You’re no longer willing to listen to someone who pretends to have all the answers. The next time this expert tries to give you advice, shut them down quickly but politely. When you want help, you’ll ask the appropriate person for it. Work is becoming oppressive. You’ve always been proud to be one of the most reliable people at the organisation. Now it’s time to pursue a more challenging position. Getting paid to exercise your creativity will be a welcome change.


An intimate relationship is showing signs of strain. You don’t appreciate your partner’s jealous behaviour. You’ve always had friends with people from all walks of life. You’re not willing to abandon your loved ones to make your other half more comfortable. A creative project isn’t going very well. It may be better to abandon this job than carry it through. You’ll feel immediately better once you turn to a medium that has always given you pleasure. Treat this whole situation as a course correction.


A quarrelsome partner is causing your affection to die. You’re no longer willing to humour someone who is always complaining. Tell your other half how their behaviour is affecting you. If they don’t change, you must move on to greener pastures. Conflicting emotions make it difficult to move forward. You’re not sure which direction to take, since all prospects seem grim. The best way to attract the fabulous opportunities you desire is to adopt an optimistic attitude. Watch a ‘feel good’ movie to get the positive energy flowing.


You’re tired of doing a predictable job. Resist the temptation to quit in a huff. It’s easier to find employment when you already have a position. Seek opportunities involving emergency services. You’ll enjoy the challenge of thinking on your feet. A negative outlook is stopping you from realising your full potential. Instead of assuming nothing will work in your favour, picture yourself achieving new levels of success. Do this at least ten minutes each day. If you can conceive it, you will achieve it.


Your love life feels lacklustre. If you want romance, you’ll have to try something new. Instead of sticking to a certain type, branch out. You may be delightfully surprised when going on a date with an accomplished person who is a little serious. Money is tight. If you’re going to make do with what you have, you must stick to a budget. Look for ways to stretch your resources as far as they will go. Soon, this exercise will seem more like a game than a necessity.


A pushy relative is wearing on your last nerve. It’s time to set some healthy boundaries. Instead of acting as though you’re on call to this family member, let messages go to voicemail. Review them when it’s convenient for you. Your imposing image is driving people from your door. If you’re going to get the support you need, you must adopt a gentler attitude. Stop issuing orders and start asking for feedback. Listening to other people’s input will earn respect.


You’ll get upsetting news about a family matter. Before going into panic mode, give yourself a chance to process this information. Go for a walk, commune with nature and spend time with your pets. Soothing activities will help put this problem in proper perspective. Your boss will ask you to assume a thankless task. Think twice before accepting this assignment. If you’re seen as being willing to get on with the worst jobs going, people will be happy to let you get on with them.


Going on a shopping spree won’t fill an emotional void. The next time you’re tempted to buy an expensive bauble, give yourself a full day before buying it. After a period of reflection, this item will have lost its hold on your imagination. Friends aren’t being very supportive of a dream. Instead of asking for their approval, seek to satisfy yourself. Living to impress others is always an exercise in disaster. You have good instincts. Let them be your guide.

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