Daily Horoscopes: 06/10/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 06/10/2019


Don’t take your best friend or romantic partner for granted. They’re always doing small kindnesses for you without drawing attention to them. Overlooking these gestures will create hurt feelings. A love letter, an elegant dinner or an exciting outing are good ways to give thanks. An embarrassing blunder makes it difficult to leave the house. Do it anyway. Everyone makes mistakes. The sooner you admit your humanity, the easier it will be to overcome these setbacks. People will find you more likable.


You’re not motivated to work. It’s tempting to stay in bed all day. Giving in to this impulse will cause problems at home. Relatives are counting on you to give a ride, pick up materials or provide childcare. Don’t destroy their faith in you. Most of the time, you are highly practical. That’s not the case now, when you’re tempted to follow a wild impulse. Stop travelling the predictable route. Venture into unknown territory. You’ll experience some delightful surprises.


You don’t need to be in love to be happy. If you’re not content, change your priorities. Make more time for reading, writing and research. Exercising your brain lifts your spirits. Your upbeat attitude will attract admirers at every turn. A financial loss is disappointing, but it shouldn’t be cause for panic. You’ll easily find another source of income. A job that pays on a commission basis is preferable to one that offers a flat salary. You’ll easily outperform the competition.


Overindulging in rich food will slow you down. It’s better to err on the side of fresh produce, lean proteins and whole grains. When you give your body premium fuel, it will perform like a well-oiled machine. You won’t collapse from exhaustion after dinner. A close relationship is showing signs of strain. Demonstrate gratitude for your partner. Take some work off their hands, buy them a thoughtful gift or give them some lavish compliments. The frost between you will begin to thaw.


When someone asks for your opinion, you’ll feel pressured to be insincere. Trying to soothe someone’s ego will damage your reputation. People will question your taste if you compliment an obviously flawed project. Be constructive but honest with your feedback. You’re reluctant to assume more responsibilities at work. If your boss wants to expand your role, ask for a raise. They’ll quickly change their tune. You’ll walk away with your leisure time intact, which is what you wanted in the first place.


Throwing money at a problem won’t make it disappear. Instead of splashing out on a new wardrobe, invest time in your happiness. Pour your energy into a creative project. Making pottery, planning a garden or building furniture will fill the emotional void inside. Being overprotective of a child or romantic partner will do more harm than good. Your loved one must take risks to grow. If they are disappointed, you could offer a comfortable place to recover.


Oversensitivity will cause problems in a relationship. Give your partner a break. Instead of taking offense to innocent jokes, let them slide. There’s nothing more attractive than somebody with a good sense of humour about themselves. Know that your amour is in your corner. It’s time to face reality. If your living space is too small, you must look for another. Instead of finding a wonderful place that meets your needs, you’ll see several properties which don’t measure up to your expectations. Be patient and hold out for perfection.


Secret indulgences will get you in trouble. If you feel compelled to hide an activity, ask yourself why. Are you worried about what people will think of your behaviour? Stop heaping yourself with shame. Either own your vice or get rid of it. Interfering in a loved one’s life is a mistake. Even if you think a relative is on the brink of experiencing a disaster, you should keep your mouth shut. You may be astonished by the resourceful way they handle problems.


This isn’t a good time to make a romantic move on an old friend. Although your loved one is undeniably attractive, it’s best to keep things platonic. They’re too fickle and you want a serious commitment. Don’t get your heart broken. This isn’t a good time to be extravagant. If you spot an expensive item that fills you with excitement, wait a week before buying it. After some time has passed, it will no longer have a hold on your heart.


Don’t use your professional status to get favours. Throwing your weight around will cause resentment. It’s better to wait in line like everybody else. A modest attitude will earn the respect of colleagues, neighbours and friends. It’s better to charm people than terrify them. Beware of scattering your energies. Instead of trying to juggle three projects at once, concentrate on one. Delegate minor tasks to other members of the team. They’ll be eager to take some work off your hands.


Just because you have different spiritual beliefs doesn’t mean you can’t have a relationship with someone. Having shared interests in art is enough to get the conversation flowing. It also helps you are both visionaries. You can create something new, vibrant and beautiful together. Trying to win your family’s approval is an exercise in futility. Although it would be nice to get some encouragement from your nearest and dearest, that shouldn’t affect your mood. Go out with friends who support your dreams and desires.


Getting involved in a strictly physical relationship will lead to disaster. Your chemistry with an artist is undeniably powerful. After satisfying each other’s sensual desires, you’ll have little to discuss. Hold out for someone who captivates your mind and body. Don’t get swept up in a big scandal. The rumours that are circulating are greatly exaggerated. Wait until you get some reliable information before rendering judgement on a friend. They’ll be so grateful you didn’t jump to conclusions.

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