Daily Horoscopes: 07/06/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 07/06/2018


You’re getting contradictory information from a bureaucracy. Keep a file that lists everyone you talked to, as well as the date and time you spoke. Of course, you should keep receipts of any money you send. Protect yourself against unfair fees and penalties. Traffic and technical breakdowns will throw a spanner into your schedule. Instead of trying to push ahead to get things done, be willing to postpone tasks for another time. Working to beat the clock will only cause unwanted stress.


It’s critical for you to feel valued and respected. If that’s not happening at work, look for a new position. It will take time to land a job that is worthy of your talent, so be patient. Opportunities involving advertising and public relations are worth thinking about. Friends don’t understand your artistic impulses. They think it’s odd that you enjoy spending hours on creative ventures. Instead of defending your pastimes, stop discussing them. Only discuss your work with people who appreciate it.


An unrealistic manager or colleague is setting you up for failure. No matter how much you protest, your boss will insist on doing a job their way. When these efforts fall flat, you’ll be blamed. Becoming a free agent may be the best solution. You’re having difficulty connecting with colleagues, relatives and neighbours. It hurts when your friendly overtures are rejected. Rather than trying to win the approval of others, take pleasure in solitary pursuits. After taking a break from the social scene, people will start clamouring for your company.


Putting your faith in someone who claims to know all the answers is a mistake. Although some of this celebrity’s insights are valid, their primary motive is to gain fame and power. When it comes to spirituality, it’s better to develop your own beliefs. Lately, you’ve been feeling isolated. Part of the problem is you haven’t been keeping up with friends. It will take a few phone calls before getting back into their rotation. Stay positive and be persistent.


You’re not happy with your financial situation. It feels like your resources are being drained by friends and family. Instead of handing money to people whenever they ask for it. Put down your foot and tell them to earn their own cash. A group project could be stalled. Someone with a big ego insists on doing everything their way. This causes resentment. If you’re the one making all the demands, change your approach. Nothing will be accomplished if you act like a dictator.


Putting a loved one on a pedestal will result in a disaster. Your amour is human. Give them permission to make mistakes. If you’re single, it may be because you have unrealistic expectations of relationships. Be open to dating someone unlike anyone you’ve seen before. You’ll be forced to take the blame for a mistake at work. Resist the temptation to point fingers at other members of the team. Instead, acknowledge the problem and find ways to solve it.


A health problem can no longer be ignored. You’re so distracted by physical distress that you’re letting small jobs fall through the cracks. Be open to trying a holistic healing therapy. Work with a medical professional who seeks to treat the source of the problem. On the professional front, you’re not finding the opportunities you want. Although you have advanced skills and impressive experience, all that seems to be available is entry level positions. It may be necessary to take a part-time job to gain a foothold at a company.


You may be fooling yourself in a relationship. If someone says they care about you, but doesn’t return your calls or make time for you, there’s a problem. There’s no reason you should accept being treated like a second-class citizen. Money from an inheritance, refund or legal settlement will be delayed. You’ll have to find another source of income while awaiting this windfall. It’s much better to be paid regularly than to rack up credit card debt.


It’s important to face the painful truth of a family matter. You might have to find medical treatment for a relative who is struggling with a health matter. Many of your loved ones insist there is no problem, but they’re in denial. Your love life has seen better days. If you’re in a relationship, it may feel like you aren’t connecting with your partner in meaningful ways. Start spending more quality time together. Are you single? Stop looking for romance. It will come when you least expect it.


You have a lot to learn. Don’t be afraid to admit your ignorance. Pretending to have knowledge in a certain area will lead to embarrassment. It’s better to take a beginners’ class. Once you get a taste of this subject, you’ll want to learn more. Work is stressful. Arguing colleagues make it difficult to get anything accomplished. It may be up to you to bring the group together in a spirit of harmony. People respect your leadership ability and will listen to your advice.


Be honest about your financial situation. If you’re deep in debt, it’s time to solve the predicament. Find a more lucrative job, start selling some of your handiwork and devise a plan for paying off bills. Economic stability can be yours if you act now. A critic will have harsh words about a creative effort. These remarks cut you to the core. Before getting dragged into a shame spiral, take some deep breaths. Comfort yourself with the knowledge you are a work in progress. Keep going.


You don’t have an accurate assessment of yourself. Pay more attention to your inner dialogue. Be ready to replace criticisms with affirmations. Beating yourself up only wastes time, energy and growth. When you make mistakes, praise yourself for having tried. Home life is stressful. It’s important for you to maintain an orderly environment. Coming home to a messy place makes it difficult to rest, relax and unwind. If you’re too busy to tidy up, think about calling a cleaning service.

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