Daily Horoscopes: 08/01/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 08/01/2018


Don’t be afraid to call in favours, especially regarding your career. Someone who has connections at an impressive company could set up a job interview. A prominent member of the community may write you a recommendation. A former employer who has moved onto another job might ask you to work for them again. The possibilities are endless. There’s no harm in asking for a good turn. After all, you’ve always been quick to assist others. This is your turn to receive the generosity you’ve given.


Your willingness to listen makes you a popular figure. Someone who feels safe confiding their innermost secrets will develop a crush on you. If you’re single, this could be the beginning of a passionate romance. You give your amour a sense of stability while they infuse you with a zest for life. Because you share many of the same values, it will be easy to form a lasting bond. Neither one of you will be tempted to jump ship when things get tough.


Being of service to others gives you a sense of purpose. If your best friend or romantic partner is overwhelmed, offer to take some chores off their hands. Buying groceries, doing laundry or filling out paperwork will give your other half a welcome change to relax. It takes you half the time to carry out tasks than it does for most people. That’s because you’re always thinking ahead, anticipating what you will need to finish time consuming chores as quickly as possible.


Being with a partner who is always willing to grow and change is important. Although you long for a secure relationship, it isn’t realistic to set the terms of a romance in stone. You’re a highly talented person who is bound to have many different interests throughout your life. If your amour resents your desire to strike in a new direction, have a heartfelt conversation. Just because you want to explore unfamiliar territory does not mean you want to leave the relationship.


Making others comfortable gives you great happiness. You know just what to say and do to put people at ease. If you’re bored with your current job, think about starting a business from your home. Caring for plants, pets or children will be especially rewarding. Your warm personality and reliability will pave the way to success. Do you already have a job you enjoy? Use some of your hard-earned cash to create a comfortable hideaway. A room where you can read, paint or play music will deepen your appreciation of home.


Teaching loved ones to become more self-reliant will strengthen these relationships. You’re a highly capable person who is often tempted to do all the work yourself. It simply saves time and eliminates the chance for errors. Instead of doing the work of three people, start divesting tasks to other members of the family. Even small children can be shown how to perform simple tasks. Showing faith in their abilities will fill them with pride. When you work as a team, you’ll appreciate each other even more.


There is an opportunity to make money doing work that you love. Making a living doesn’t require suffering. You’ve been blessed with tremendous creative potential and diplomatic skills. Both these gifts will be greatly prized by a respected company. After landing a position at this prestigious organisation, it may be possible to work from home. You can be trusted to fulfil your duties without having a manager monitor your every move. Interview for a plum position as soon as it is advertised.


Taking an advanced course will bring you tremendous pleasure. You’ll enjoy studying with an accomplished teacher. Try as you might, you won’t win praise during the first sessions. The only way to win this instructor’s approval is through hard work. Just because you’re one of the smartest students does not mean you will be the prize pupil. Push yourself harder than usual to master the material and develop theories and techniques of your own. Simply parroting the teacher won’t be enough to gain respect.


Get into the habit of putting a certain percentage of your earnings into a savings account. Slowly but surely, you’ll accumulate a nest egg. This fund will allow you to travel widely. You might even save enough money to attend university. Although you’re not a fan of creature comforts, you do enjoy the freedom money can buy. Putting funds away for a rainy day will make work more enjoyable. Your job will become a way to finance your favourite pursuits: Travelling and learning.


Spending time with friends is good for your self-esteem. It’s wonderful being surrounded by people who love you unconditionally. You don’t have to worry about being misunderstood. Best of all, your nearest and dearest delight in your dry sense of humour and understand when you are joking. If you’ve been yearning to pursue a childhood dream, confide in a fellow visionary. They’ll give you the encouragement necessary to get this project off the ground. It’s time to think big.


Taking on a prominent role at work will be rewarding but draining. At the end of the day, it can help to sneak off to a quiet retreat. Being able to recharge your batteries in a tranquil place will stop burnout from occurring. Even a highly social person like you can benefit from introspection. Take this opportunity to listen closely to your intuition. It will prompt you to make decisions that defy logic. Sometimes the strangest impulses are the most fulfilling.


Sharing expert knowledge with enthusiastic students will be enjoyable. It’s fun to remember how excited you were when you started on this path. Don’t be surprised when you’re inspired to begin a project resulting from this teaching stint. Are you looking for a job? A position involving education, travel or publishing is worth pursuing. You need work involving lots of intellectual stimulation. Performing the same duties day after day will dull your creative edge. Try for something more challenging, even if the duties seem a bit much.

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