Daily Horoscopes: 08/01/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 08/01/2019


It is important to deal with a disappointment in a constructive way. You can’t possibly achieve everything you desire if you haven’t the support, resources or time available. Be proud of the progress you have made so far and remind yourself that eventually you will achieve your goal.


If you lack the skills to execute a work assignment you have two choices. You can either join forces with someone who has experience in this field or you can get the training you need. Either way you are doing something positive in order to bring about the outcome you desire.


You might acquire some impressive skills through your involvement with a charitable organisation. Working for vulnerable members of society will make you realise there are more important things in life than money and status. Donating time and skills to a worthy cause will satisfy your humanitarian impulses.


Stop comparing yourself to experts in your field. If you are new to your job or limited in experience, you aren’t likely to render a perfect performance on the first try. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, should you need it. A seasoned professional will give you a few useful tips.


Getting a greater sense of control over your destiny will feel empowering. Instead of going along with what other people are asking of you, take control of your future. Make a list of priorities and this will encourage you to focus on what’s important for you and not others.


Money from an investment or inheritance will be delayed. Conflict over this issue is draining your energy. Seek professional advice if you feel you are getting nowhere. You will benefit through the guidance of a financial advisor. It’s important to protect your own interests, especially when you are feeling stressed or overburdened.


Don’t trust someone who offers to look after your money. You need to take a logical approach to a financial problem. If you can’t come to an agreement with a partner over an investment matter, keep separate accounts. You don’t want to risk your financial security because of their careless ways.


Pouring all your energy into your work and other commitments is causing burnout. Refuse to take on any more commitments and make some space in your schedule for relaxation. You need to slow down and smell the flowers. Take a walk in nature or a relaxing soak in the bathtub.


A colleague will make fun of your creative ideas. This is because they are jealous of your success so ignore their snide remarks. No matter what you do, this person is going to try to intimidate you. Once you realise what they are up to, keep them at arm’s length.


If your work or another important project is going all wrong, find an outlet for your frustration. Exercise can be a great release from inner tension. Go to the gym or take a brisk walk before you go to work or during your lunch hour and stop being such a perfectionist.


Someone you see regularly expects you to be there for them every time they need a helping hand. Constantly coming to their rescue prevents you from getting on with your own life. Next time they ask for help, politely decline. It’s time they stood on their own two feet.


Venturing into new territory will be more fun if you relax and enjoy the journey. Trying something new may mean entering a period of uncertainty but you need something different. This is your chance to break out of a rut. If are bored with any aspect of your life, be honest about it.

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