Daily Horoscopes: 08/08/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 08/08/2019


You’re feeling wonderfully romantic, whether you have a partner or not. Indulge your sentimental side. Wear something that makes you feel fabulous and splash on some cologne. Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers or a slab of rich chocolate. When you treat yourself like royalty, others will follow suit. One of the best ways to spoil yourself is to set aside time for creative pursuits. Writing, playing music, performing or designing are forms of play. They evoke your childlike enthusiasm for life.


Spending more time with your family will be therapeutic. It’s such a relief to be with people who love you unconditionally. Their company allows you to let down your defences and let your imagination run wild. If you’re estranged from your relative, build a community. Friends, neighbours and colleagues can give you the support you lack. Seek out people who appreciate your sense of humour, encourage your dreams and laugh at your shortcomings. Critics and nit-pickers have no place in your inner circle.


A promotional campaign is going very well. When people learn what you are offering, your business will skyrocket. It’s fine to spend a little more than usual on an advertisement. You’ll quickly recoup this expense. Use the extra money you earn to hire staff. An upsetting secret will come to light. This will be a valuable lesson about taking people at their word. When someone claims they have certain experience or education, check to see if this assertion is correct.


Review your finances. You have a fabulous opportunity to increase your income. Opportunities related to education, gambling and entertainment are especially profitable, but you can generate wealth in virtually any field. Don’t hesitate to use these earnings for luxury purchases. Some friends will be jealous of your newfound wealth. There’s no reason to be defensive about your success. Not only do you share your prosperity with others, but you devote a great deal of time to charitable causes. Stay on your path; it’s leading to great things.


It’s so important to acknowledge everything you have accomplished in the last few weeks. Now you’ve reached the mountaintop, you should give yourself a reward. Splash out on some new clothes, toiletries, accessories or gadgets. You’ve earned a treat. Your employer feels threatened by you. Things that are difficult for them come easily to you. There’s nothing wrong with owning your achievements, but you should be more congratulatory about theirs. There’s enough work for everyone. Everyone has a role to play.


Even a hard worker like you can hit a wall. Instead of pushing yourself past the brink of exhaustion, take a break. Enjoy a day off to visit a beautiful garden, take a hike or catch up on your reading. A business trip could be cancelled unexpectedly. This is good news. The last thing you need is to spend lots of time trying to sign a client who has no intention of doing business with you. Conserve your energy and look for a better match.


A creative collaboration is lots of fun. You love brainstorming with people who want to create something of lasting beauty. Your excellent taste will be welcomed by someone who is trying to launch a fashion line, create a brand or design a website. Be sensitive to a romantic partner’s needs. An occasional phone call or quick dinner simply isn’t enough to sustain their interest. They need to spend quality time with you. If you’re going to stay together, change your schedule.


You’ll make a wonderful impression at work. Giving a creative presentation will attract the attention of several powerful people. Don’t be surprised when they offer you a plum assignment. After seeing what you can do, they’re convinced you will excel at this important job. Your best friend or romantic partner has been behaving erratically. Until now, you’ve tolerated their antics. Now you’ve reached your limit. It’s time to issue some ultimatums. You can’t keep changing your plans to accommodate their whims.


Your charisma is very strong. Love will find you no matter where you are, so don’t bother hiding from it. Allow yourself to be charmed by someone whose warm personality and generous instincts melt your reserves. You’ll make a great couple. If you already have a partner, head for a special place with your amour. You’ll enjoy catching up with each other in an intimate setting. If there’s ever a time to hire a babysitter or book a relaxing holiday, it’s now.


It’s time to get your workspace in order. Take a few hours out of your busy schedule to sift through your belongings. Organise things you use regularly into files and containers that you can easily access. Stow everything else into clearly labelled storage boxes. If you’re unemployed, you will be offered a good job at a highly creative company. You’ll be asked to come on board because of your superior organisational skills. Being surrounded by artists will fuel your own creative impulses.


This is a wonderful time to address a stressful issue with your business or romantic partner. You’ll be surprised at how open your other half is to change the way you communicate. It’s so important to express appreciation for each other on a regular basis. If you’re single, you’ll have a great opportunity to find love at a sporting event, contest or glamorous party. Wear something that makes you feel fabulous. You’re a virtual love magnet, which boosts your confidence.


Divine inspiration will arrive, prompting you to launch a fitness regime. Learning how to dance, ice skate, swim or do yoga are good options. Any activity that involves an element of grace will greatly appeal to you. Such exercise feels more like play than work. Shocking news will reach your ears. Take a few deep breaths before you react. There’s a good chance this information is greatly exaggerated. Alternatively, a seeming disaster will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

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