Daily Horoscopes: 08/09/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 08/09/2018


Being overly dependent on a loved one will put too much pressure on the relationship. Instead of insisting on doing everything together, spend most of the day apart and reunite in the evening hours. You’ll enjoy catching up on each other’s adventures. Stop looking for trouble where it doesn’t exist. A pessimistic outlook will drive opportunity from your door. If you don’t get a job, don’t despair. Assume that a better position is right around the corner. Your upbeat attitude will turn the tide in your favour.


Resist the temptation to criticise a loved one. Whenever you’re tempted to correct their behaviour, offer encouragement instead. Slowly but surely, the tension between you will vanish into thin air. Everybody wants to feel appreciated. Give the affection you crave. Trying to do too many things at one time will cause mistakes. It’s better to focus on one job. If you have too much on your plate, delegate tasks to responsible members of the team. They’ll be happy to help.


Stop pursuing someone who is indifferent. You’re an intelligent, multi-talented person who can find love easily. The trick is to seek a partner who shares your love of facts and figures. Joining a study group or taking a course can improve your romantic prospects. Manipulating someone to do your bidding will create resentment. If you want something, be direct. You might be rejected, but that’s better than resorting to trickery. Your prospects are better than you think; have courage.


Having a steady romantic partner isn’t the solution to all your troubles. Even when you do find love, you must attend to it like a delicate plant. If a relationship has lost its lustre, arrange some romantic outings tailored to your amour’s taste. A show of aggression makes you upset. You’re not interested in vanquishing an enemy; you simply want everyone to get along. This isn’t an option. Stand up to someone who continually ignores the feelings of others.


You’re growing bored with a predictable relationship. Resist the temptation to venture into greener pastures. The last thing you want is to hurt someone who has always been good to you. If you want to break up, be honest. It’s the least you owe. Beware of overdoing it with an exercise routine. Your system is more delicate than usual. Pushing your body past the brink of endurance could result in an injury. A little gentle stretching is preferable to a strenuous workout.


Resist the temptation to buy someone’s affection. You deserve to be loved for who you are, not what you can afford. If your partner gives you a lavish gift that you don’t like, be honest and ask to exchange it for something you’ll truly enjoy. Don’t let pride get in the way of admitting a mistake. Instead of blaming someone else for a setback, take ownership of this error. Do everything in your power to avoid such missteps in the future.


Trying to lure someone away from their partner is a terrible mistake. A relationship started on such a note is doomed to failure. It’s better to find romance with a person who is free and clear. When in doubt, obey your conscience. Beware of taking teasing remarks too seriously. Someone who pokes gentle fun at you is being affectionate. They wouldn’t hurt you for the world. Give them the benefit of the doubt and laugh off their remarks.


Although your talent is admirable, you must develop it. Resting on your laurels will result in missed opportunities. The best way to build a body of work is to take a course. Having weekly assignments will keep you focused, productive and accountable. Beware of burnout. Lately, you’ve been moving at lightning speed. If you don’t stop to catch your breath, you’ll make an embarrassing mistake. Take the day off work or enjoy an afternoon nap. You’ll feel so much better after slowing down.


Your desire to go against the grain can drive love from your door. Stop trying to bait people into being angry with you. Instead, try finding common ground with people, even if they seem conventional. There’s nothing as attractive as an open mind. Stubborn behaviour will drive opportunity from your door. If you want a job, you must be a team player. Be willing to listen and collaborate, even when you have strong ideas about how work should be done.


Fear of rejection undermines your romantic prospects. If you’re going to find love, you must take some chances. Anything worthwhile requires sacrifice. By making yourself vulnerable, you’ll find the sort of love you’ve been dreaming about for years. Be bold. When someone isn’t responsive to your overtures, calmly accept their decision. Acting rude or dismissive will only reflect badly on you. It will drive away any potential admirers. Pattern your behaviour after a gracious person you’ve always respected.


Looking for a fairy tale ideal will make you miserable. It’s better to be forgiving about people’s weaknesses. Someone who is terribly flawed can bring great joy to your life. If you already have a partner, stop holding them to an impossible standard. Asserting yourself will be a challenge. You’re surrounded by attractive people who are brimming with confidence. Rather than worrying about the competition, concentrate on putting your best foot forward. Be yourself, even at the risk of seeming like an odd duck.


An intense relationship is challenging your values. You worry what will happen if your partner asks you to do something unethical. When in doubt, you should stay true to your principles. Your amour won’t respect you for continually deferring to them. Someone who seems like a wild rebel isn’t suited to you. While you admire their courage to challenge authority, you don’t like their destructive behaviour. Hold out for someone who wants to build a happy life together.

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