Daily Horoscopes: 08/09/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 08/09/2019


A judgemental attitude will undermine promising relationships. You don’t have to agree with someone’s beliefs to get along. Try to find ways to connect. It doesn’t matter if you share the same love of art or admire each other’s talent. Burning the candle at both ends is taking a toll on your health. It’s time to scale back your schedule. Getting more sleep and eating nutritious meals will build up your energy again. Let your colleagues and relatives take over some taxing responsibilities.


Legal difficulties could arise over financial affairs. Stay calm and go through the proper channels to get the money that is rightfully yours. The less emotional energy you give to this matter, the better. Fill out the necessary paperwork, show up to hearings and relax. Your love life isn’t doing as well as you’d like. The best way to improve your prospects is to treat yourself like a suitor. Give yourself lavish gifts. Treat yourself to gourmet meals. Romance will flow back into your life.


Don’t take your romantic or business partner for granted. Thanks to your other half, you’re able to pursue many of your interests. The next time you feel compelled to complain about their shortcomings, remember all the sacrifices they’ve made for you. Home is a source of annoyance. You’re tired of meddling relatives. The next time a family member comments on your personal choices, set some healthy boundaries. It may be necessary to issue some ultimatums. You’d rather slam the door than be a doormat.


It’s important to fulfil your work responsibilities. Slacking off could result in dismissal. The less you dread your duties, the easier it will be to dispatch them. Every time you dwell on things you dislike about your position, list the reasons how it serves you. It feels like people don’t respect your input. Part of the problem is you let others drown you out. Instead of getting quiet, raise the volume. Friends, colleagues and relatives will be so surprised that they’ll shut up and listen.


Staying in bed with your amour all day is tempting. Abandoning yourself to pleasure won’t sit well with friends. They’re depending on you to deliver your promises. Be on time to take a loved one to a doctor’s appointment or the airport. Your bank balance is not a reflection of your worth. No matter how much money you make, your value is immeasurable. Give yourself regular rewards for being fabulous. You deserve them. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it will be to attract prosperity.


You’re tired of attending to the demands of your family. Failing to help your loved ones will be cause for regret. Overcome your resentment and do what is necessary for their benefit. Your relatives will demonstrate their gratitude sooner than you think. Just because you aren’t receiving the recognition you desire does not mean you are failing. You will achieve the success you desire after flying beneath the radar for several months. After a series of accomplishments, you will be plucked from obscurity. Stay strong.


This isn’t a good time to splash out on creature comforts. You should be conserving your resources for an upcoming expense. Replacing an appliance, car or computer will require a big outlay of cash. Being able to pay this bill in cash will relieve stress. Instead of asking for pity, do your best to overcome a stubborn problem. This could involve anything from getting counselling to beginning an exercise programme to overcoming a stubborn fear. You are stronger than you realise.


There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your academic accomplishments. Just don’t lord these achievements over others. Someone who doesn’t have official training has a lot to offer. Give this newcomer a chance to prove themselves. Training them will be surprisingly fun. A group association is getting under your skin. The mission of this organisation has changed since you joined. Now you’re embarrassed by its actions. The sooner you leave its ranks, the better you will feel.


You’re not as important as you believe. This is liberating. Rather than feeling pressured to participate in an activity that isn’t appealing, you can move on to greener pastures. Try not to be upset when the group thrives without you. You have another mission. A clash with someone in a position of power seems inevitable. You’re eager to take chances while your employer is playing it safe. Challenging their methods could get you in lots of trouble. It’s better to remain silent.


Just because you have experienced some setbacks does not mean you are doomed. The worst thing you could do is feel sorry for yourself. Treat these disappointments as opportunities to make course corrections. You will reach your goals if you remain hopeful and observant. Although you want to further your education, there isn’t much opportunity to do so. Be patient. You could gain entry to a university after several tries. Persistence pays off. In the meantime, read as much as possible about your area of interest.


Although you have an extensive social network, you shouldn’t depend on it to get ahead. You are talented and clever enough to land a job on the sheer merit of your abilities. Keep your employment search a secret until you get the offer you want. If you want more physical affection from your partner, spend more quality time together. Enquire after your partner’s hopes, dreams and fears. By demonstrating concern for their feelings, you’ll pave the way to intimacy.


Don’t abuse your power for selfish motives. Use it to help the group. One of your nicest qualities is your ability to recognise other people’s strengths. Be willing to write a reference for a colleague who wants a scholarship, grant or loan. A partnership is showing signs of strain. It feels like you make all the sacrifices in this union. Assert your needs. If you continue to follow your other half’s lead without complaint, you’ll never be satisfied. Stand up for yourself.

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