Daily Horoscopes: 08/10/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 08/10/2017


Devoting too much time to sensual pleasure will cause you to miss an important deadline. To avoid trouble, stick to a strict schedule. Arrange a reward at the end of the day instead of the beginning of it. If your amour invites you to linger in bed, will yourself to get up and dressed. Neglecting your duties will cause your reputation to suffer. It won’t be possible to regain an expert’s trust after you skip a meeting or fail to deliver what you promised.


Indulging a youngster or romantic partner will create an unfortunate precedent. Other people who have been working hard with no reward will resent all the gifts you bestow on this troublemaker. They’ll stop performing their duties because they know they won’t ever be recognised or appreciated. You can’t risk creating such upheaval. Put your foot down the next time your impulsive friend starts trouble. Cancel a pleasurable outing or go out by yourself. Don’t feel guilty about enforcing the rules. It’s long overdue.


Although spending time at home is comforting, it won’t cause a relationship problem to go away. It’s important to face a challenge, even if it fills you with anxiety. Talking to your best friend or romantic partner will be difficult. You’re dealing with someone who doesn’t want to hear the truth. By pretending everything is fine, you will make a bad situation worse. If you’re dealing with someone who is in the grips of an addiction, it’s time to issue an ultimatum. Your family will give their unconditional support.


Pretending to like something you find distasteful will create problems at work. Although you don’t want to offend a colleague, it’s better to be honest about your impressions. When asked for your opinion, be as tactful as possible. Make one or two pointed remarks designed to improve a bad performance. Even the mildest rebuke will be met with outrage, but it can’t be helped. Thin skinned people shouldn’t put themselves in a position of rejection. It’s not your job to stroke their egos.


You won’t be able to fill an emotional void with a shopping trip. Although you have a profound appreciation for luxury goods, they aren’t substitutes for meaningful relationships. If you’re looking for romance, turn your attention inward. Falling in love with yourself is the fastest way to attract admirers. Spend time on creative pursuits that fill you with happiness. Writing, painting and playing music will renew your zest for life. It will also cause your material cravings to subside.


Selfish behaviour is causing trouble at home. While you’re busy having fun, your nearest and dearest are working hard. They’re tired of carrying your burdens. Steel yourself to go back to work, even if you’re dreading it. If you’re unhappy with your circumstances, it’s up to you to find better ones. In the meantime, you should continue to do what is expected of you. Fulfilling your obligations, running errands and being gracious is the only way you can sustain the loving relationships essential to your health and happiness.


Harsh criticism will shake your confidence. When you get negative feedback, it’s important to breathe deep and treat yourself gently. Take a few moments before assessing these remarks. Whether they are accurate or false, you are still a worthy person. Nobody can ever take away your creative ability. After reflecting on what was said, you can either make changes to improve flaws or strengthen your resolve to finish a project of which you are proud. Either way, you’ll emerge victorious.


Lending money to a friend will be cause for regret. If you really want to help someone, give an anonymous gift of cash. That way, feelings of guilt and resentment won’t colour your relationship. Has a loved one failed to repay a loan? If your friendship will continue, it will be necessary to forgive this debt. Remember this situation the next time someone approaches you for money. Do you really want to complicate your bond this way? It’s perfectly reasonable to refuse these requests.


Caring too much what others think will make you very unhappy. You’ve always been independent. When you want to break away from the mainstream, conventional types become offended. Pretending to like what they enjoy is an exercise in misery. Being subjected to ideas and practices that bore you to tears is a waste of time. The next time someone asks you to attend a show or participate in a programme, say no. Fill your schedule will activities you do enjoy.


Surrounding yourself only with people who share your beliefs is limiting. It’s important to venture beyond familiar surroundings. Be open to talking to those whose ideas are diametrically opposed to yours. Once you witness their humanity, they’ll seem less threatening. The world will become a kinder, gentler place. You’ll begin attracting unusual opportunities that fill you with excitement. You’ve been blessed with unlimited potential. That’s why you should avoid putting up barriers. The more open you are, the happier you will be.


Neglecting your financial obligations will have a negative impact on your credit rating. That may not seem like a big deal now, but it will be a serious problem when you want to make an important purchase or land a good job. Take this opportunity to talk to a financial manager. With their help, you can consolidate your bills into one monthly payment. It might even be possible to eliminate the interest rate, particularly if you’re able to pay your creditor by a certain date.


Continually deferring to your other half is undermining your career success. It isn’t fair to put your needs aside to satisfy their emotional demands. Recently, you’ve been longing to make a career change. Pursuing a high-profile job will take time away from your relationship. This is making your best friend or romantic partner fearful. Instead of appeasing them by backing away from your plan, double down. You have a right to a dream job. Anyone who undermines this desire doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

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