Daily Horoscopes: 09/02/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 09/02/2019


You’re growing and developing on your own terms. If your family doesn’t agree with the direction you have taken, that’s too bad. You’re still going to march to the beat of your own drummer. Listening to your heart is a recipe for success. Romance is your priority. If you’re single, you’ll find it at a sporting event or trivia contest. Do you have a partner? Arrange a special outing geared to their interests. You’ll both have a wonderful time.


Don’t dwell on the limits society has placed on you. By giving yourself praise and encouragement, you’ll vault over external obstacles. People will lose power over you when you stop caring about their opinions. Their approval should have no impact on your self-esteem. Organising a family reunion will be enjoyable. You love finding the perfect place to gather and celebrate. When you meet in a spirit of joy, your collective happiness grows. It’s especially pleasing to connect with a relative who has always supported your dreams.


You’re fully focused on your goals. If that means neglecting mundane chores, so be it. You can always catch up on errands later. Right now, you should use inspiration as a springboard. Start a creative project or launch a business. Sharing your ideas fills you with excitement. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who are equally committed to make the world a happier place. If you’re looking for work, apply to charitable and humanitarian organisations that are doing work you admire.


Obey an impulse to showcase your abilities. Going on an audition or job interview will be stimulating. You’ll enjoy sharing your ideas with a company representative that is seeking to fill an important position. Instead of trying to blend in, emphasise your unique qualities. Finding another source of income will make you excited about the future. Plan a luxurious trip. Buy some new clothes. Indulge in some luxuries you haven’t enjoyed in quite some time. Investing in your happiness will pay off in surprising ways.


Don’t be discouraged by a demanding educational programme. If you’re invested in your studies, you will be motivated to read, do research and write papers. The key is to pursue a subject that fills you with excitement. Improving your qualifications will give you more freedom. You’re brimming with love for someone special. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Buy them a special gift, perform an act of service on their behalf, send them a love letter or all three.


A lack of inhibition makes others uncomfortable. You’re tired of suppressing your feelings. Rather than remaining silent when troubling issues are discussed, you’ll speak up. This assertive attitude helps to break down barriers in an intimate relationship. Prepare to get closer to someone you love. Spending quiet moments of reflection will be therapeutic. Take some time out to commune with nature, cuddle a pet or catch up on your reading. Slowly but surely, your equilibrium will be restored.


You gravitate towards people who lead exciting lives. Instead of following a conventional path, you want to try something new. Turn to your friends for support. They’ll encourage you to break away from the crowd and follow a heartfelt desire. It’s important for you to investigate the possible potential of a new life emphasis or direction. Take the time to think through your various options. Even if you eventually decide that the status quo is your best option it will be good to go through the exercise.


You can earn a good living through your imagination. Whether you sell your handiwork or offer unique skills and talents for discerning customers, you will boost your bank balance. Holding down a steady job will impede your ability to make lots of money. Walk on the wild side. Making a public presentation will be successful. People are open to your passionate approach. They want to explore ideas that obviously uplift and inspire you. Prepare to convert several individuals to your favourite cause, writer or filmmaker.


An unusual romance fills you with excitement. It feels wonderful to wake up feeling refreshed, enthusiastic and joyous. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at a sporting event, contest or game. Be ready to introduce yourself with a joke or teasing remark. Learning more about an interesting subject gives you an attractive glow. You’re never happier than when you are exercising your intellect. Taking an advanced course will trigger friendships with some warm, generous people. It’s fun to study and socialise with these optimists.


You’re willing to make sacrifices for the sake of family. If this means moving to an unusual part of the world, so be it. Living nearby a hospital, university or government agency can make life easier for everyone involved. Take the plunge. An intimate relationship is a hidden source of strength. If you’re contemplating a big change, turn to your best friend or romantic partner for support. They’ll urge you to take the plunge, holding your hand whenever you feel nervous.


You’re not afraid to speak your mind, even when everyone else is against you. Arguments are stimulating, allowing you to develop ideas that have been bubbling beneath the surface. Think about how you can spread the word about your thoughts. Your dynamic voice will catch the interest of many people. The chance to sign a contract will fall in your lap. Working with someone who is generous and creative will lift your spirits. It will also improve your work. It’s easy to do your best when you feel appreciated and admired.


Finding new ways to meet your needs is fun. Rather than struggling and sacrificing to make money, find a fun way to generate income. The more joyous you are, the easier it is to attract prosperity. Open yourself to the Universe’s endless bounty. This is a great time to run errands. Tackle those little jobs that have escaped your attention. By the end of the day, you’ll be gratified by everything you have accomplished. Give yourself a lovely reward, like dinner from your favourite takeaway.

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