Daily Horoscopes: 09/08/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 09/08/2017


You’re very attached to family. When public life becomes stressful, you can always retreat to the tranquil haven that is home. Your nearest and dearest appreciate all you have sacrificed for them. Let them lavish you with love. Brushing away affectionate gestures will make them upset. It’s hard for you to show your vulnerable side. You’re afraid people will take advantage of you if they think you are weak. That fear shouldn’t apply to relatives, who only want the best for you.


Artistic and cultural pursuits bring you great pleasure. Don’t pour all your energy into work. Set aside time for writing, painting and handicrafts. It doesn’t matter when you enjoy your favourite hobby, as long as you perform it regularly. Career demands will become much less stressful when you take advantage of your creative outlet. Having a rewarding life outside of work also will make you a better colleague. It will be easier to delegate tasks when you’re not obsessed with professional advancement.


Money for luxuries is available. Go ahead and treat yourself. If you’ve set your heart on a fashionable outfit, eye catching piece of jewellery or handsome accessory, snap it up. This isn’t a good time to buy furniture and artwork, so hold off on any household purchases. When it comes to adorning yourself, the sky is the limit. Do you have an upcoming job interview? Dressing for the position you want will result in victory. Choose something stylish but tasteful.


Your grace, wit and friendly attitude make you a popular figure. Don’t be surprised when invitations flood your in-box. Everybody wants you at their party. Friends may pressure you to go out with them instead of devoting time to a romantic partner or creative project. Listen to your heart and obey its call. You won’t be able to please everyone in your social circle; it’s simply too big to accommodate. Going on holiday may alleviate the pressure. Head for a relaxing retreat with your favourite person.


Getting some peace and quiet will be therapeutic. If you feel drained, don’t try filling the void with material pleasures. It is better to sneak off to a tranquil hideaway where you can hear yourself think. Your inner self is urging you to undergo a transformation. Whether this means breaking a bad habit, moving to another part of the world or simply developing your artistic ability is unimportant. The key is to take the first step towards realising this dream.


Friends are highly supportive. They’re urging you to stop worrying and take a risk. Following their advice will pay off handsomely. You have a tendency to cling stubbornly to routines, even when they no longer serve you. The only way to fulfil your potential is to venture into unknown territory. Taking up a spiritual practice will be particularly rewarding. You’ll meet someone special who will help you destroy inner demons. Whenever your courage falters, get help from your cheering section.


You’ll make a great impression on the public. Take this opportunity to pitch an idea, interview for a job or showcase your talent. People will respond warmly to whatever you have to offer. Turn a deaf ear to your inner critic, which is urging you to keep a low profile. By stepping into the spotlight, you’ll cultivate tremendous success. Your professional prospects are especially good. Landing a plum assignment will make you excited to go to work each day.


Taking up a serious course of study is advised. You long for intellectual stimulation. Learning about a subject that has always fascinated you will make your eyes sparkle. Don’t be surprised when you become a love magnet as a result. Friends won’t understand why you’re pouring so much energy into this scholastic pursuit. Instead of defending your choice, maintain a stoic silence about it. Having your own secret pleasure garden will further enhance your desirability. If you’re single, you won’t be for long.


Financial gain will arrive through an alliance of some kind. If you have a romantic partner, they’ll get a bonus or raise that indirectly benefits you. An inheritance, legal settlement or royalty payment are also possibilities. Use this money to enhance your home in some way. It doesn’t matter if you repair the front steps, replace the refrigerator or buy some beautiful artwork for the bedroom. Any investment in your abode will bring happiness. This isn’t a good time to splash out on status symbols.


A close relationship is a tremendous source of happiness. No matter how bad you feel, you always manage to laugh when you’re in the company of your best friend or romantic partner. Use this alliance as a springboard to personal success. If you’ve been thinking of writing a book, launching a blog or recording a podcast, turn to your other half for encouragement. There may be gaps in your knowledge about how to perform certain jobs. Instead of pretending to know what you’re doing, ask an expert for help.


You love going into work, possibly because you’re involved in a project that draws upon your creativity. It feels wonderful to get paid to exercise your imagination. If you’re not happy with your salary, wait a few days before asking for a raise. You are more likely to get the money you desire after delivering an assignment on time and under budget. For now, enjoy developing innovative solutions to stubborn problems. Going out to dinner with colleagues after hours will be lots of fun.


Despite communication problems with your business or romantic partner, life is sweet. If you get your wires crossed with someone in your inner circle, don’t panic. You’ll be able to smooth out the confusion after a heart to heart talk. The important thing is to abandon yourself to pleasure. Take this opportunity to go to the park, visit a museum or take in a movie marathon. Setting aside a few hours for fun will lift your spirits and improve your problem-solving skills.

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