Daily Horoscopes: 09/10/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 09/10/2017


Family disputes over money are getting you down. It’s discouraging to see people you love and respect quarrelling over scraps. Instead of pressing this issue, it will be better to walk away. You’re capable of earning your own money. By exercising financial independence, you’ll escape a great deal of stress. Once the sharks realise you have tapped into a wonderful income source, they’ll swirl around you. Be ready to deflect their demands for loans and gifts. Keep relationships separate from finance.


If a deal sounds too good to be true, it is. Stay away from a smooth operator who wants you to invest in their business. It’s better to keep your hard-earned cash in the bank, where it belongs. Beware of accepting a job offer before doing research into the company in question. After a quick online review, you’ll hear troubling stories from former employees. The last thing you want is to leave a secure company for a troubled institution. If you’re unemployed, think about starting up a business from your home.


Someone has been dishonest with you. As a result, you will experience a financial loss. The sooner you face the unpleasant reality of this situation, the faster you will be able to recover. If you’ve been the victim of a scam, notify the authorities immediately. Don’t let shame interfere with the pursuit of justice. Speaking up will keep others from being hurt. It will also be empowering. There’s nothing more satisfying than facing down someone who has taken advantage of you.


Anxiety over finances is putting strain on a close relationship. Instead of trying to hide the situation from your other half, discuss it openly. At first, angry accusations will fly. After each of you has a chance to vent your frustration, you’ll be able to form a united front. Finding a way to satisfy your debts will strengthen your bond. It will also allow you to make exciting plans for the future. You have the power to forge a happier path, as long as you trust each other.


Debts are dragging you down. It’s time to take a step towards financial independence. Talk to a caring or charitable organisation designed to help people in your situation. With the help of a money expert, you’ll be able to consolidate some bills and eliminate others. There are so many people in your situation. That’s why creditors are eager to cut good deals. If you demonstrate a willingness to satisfy some obligations, you will be released of others. Take a deep breath, admit your problem and ask for help.


A loss is only temporary. Don’t take this as a sign of future disaster. A generous romantic or business partner will offer financial help. Accept this gesture with a grateful heart. When you are receptive to grace, you’ll attract more abundance. A job involving public relations, advertising or the law will be offered to you. Take this position, even if it involves inconvenient hours. Your social life will suffer, but that’s only temporary. You’ll get a better shift once you establish your value to the company.


You’re so worried about losing money that you risk missing a rare opportunity. Take this opportunity to interview for an intriguing job. Although you may lack experience in certain areas, that won’t be a problem. Your future employer will be impressed by your charm and intelligence. Moving into another field will be an exciting challenge. You’ll be able to develop products and services that are tremendously popular. When you’re in a rut, don’t cling more tightly to your circumstances. Change direction instead.


A lack of practical skills is undermining your earning ability. It’s time to take a course critical to a rapidly growing field. Once you have this knowledge under your belt, you’ll have your choice of lucrative jobs. Resist the temptation to contradict a demanding instructor. Challenging their directives will waste valuable time. Set your ego aside and learn everything you can from this teacher. At first, your grades will be indifferent. The more you persist, the greater your academic success will be.


Reckless spending is getting you into trouble. It’s time to stop going to expensive restaurants. Lavish outings and luxurious vacations are also out of the question. Your friends will wonder why you’re no longer willing to accompany them. Be honest about your situation. Someone who is adept at money management can help you create a sensible budget. They might also be able to help you find a job that allows you to pay your bills and start a savings account.


Money will not bring the happiness you seek. Stop pouring all your energy into a job that is undermining your personal life. Spending time with your nearest and dearest is critical to your emotional health. If your career won’t allow you to sustain meaningful relationships, it’s time to find another line of work. Your impressive leadership abilities will be welcomed at another company that doesn’t expect to consume your life. Are you unemployed? Stop insisting on meeting a particular salary level.


When things aren’t going well, it’s tempting to do nothing. Staying stuck in an oppressive situation isn’t pleasant, but it doesn’t require much energy. Stop telling yourself things will never get better. You have an opportunity to move in a more rewarding direction. It’s simply a matter of taking a few risks. It doesn’t matter if this means quitting a dead-end job, leaving a toxic relationship or transforming your lifestyle. The important thing is to take control of your destiny.


A rebellious attitude is undermining your financial success. If you are going to earn a good living, it will be necessary to buckle down and work hard. You’ll have to obey rules that are inconvenient or silly. The sooner you accept this inconvenient truth, the faster you will progress. Everybody has to do things they don’t enjoy. That’s part of being an adult. The payoff is having the resources to travel, make art and establish a comfortable home. Emphasise the positive and eliminate the negative.

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