Daily Horoscopes: 09/10/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 09/10/2018


It will be more difficult to form an alliance than you expected. There is a certain rivalry between you and a newcomer that can’t be denied. Friendly overtures could be rebuffed; the chill is obvious to everyone. Instead of forcing this relationship, ease off. Someone in a powerful position may prefer your competitor’s diplomatic approach to your direct one. There’s no need to feel threatened. You’ll soon be needed to handle an emergency quickly and efficiently. Nobody is more effective than you.


A job offer isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. You will lack the knowledge and experience to make a success of this role. Don’t fall for a charming recruiter’s claim that you’ll quickly adapt. Wait for something that’s appropriate for your background. A legal matter isn’t going your way. Instead of getting drawn into a court case, it will serve you better to settle out of court. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses than stand on principle.


Someone who is charming and attractive is hiding a dark side. If you see this charmer be abusive towards service workers, it’s a red flag. You’re better off holding out for someone who is really special and is as kind as they are alluring. If you have a partner, it’s time to address their anger management problem. Encourage your amour to find a healthy outlet for their frustrations. Taking exercise, creating artwork and communing with nature can be therapeutic for this hothead.


It’s no longer an option to ignore a family problem. A relative who has a serious illness or addiction must be confronted. If they’re not willing to undergo treatment, it’s time to part ways. Pretending their behaviour is acceptable will harm innocent people. An overbearing business or romantic partner wants you to go against your conscience. Stand firm in your beliefs. Doing something unethical will cause shame and resentment. Sacrificing your principles for a temporary peace isn’t worthwhile.


A neighbour or relative’s backhanded compliments are wearing on your nerves. You’re tired of this passive/aggressive behaviour. Maintaining a diplomatic silence clearly hasn’t worked with this pest. The sooner you address the elephant in the room, the happier you will be. A stubborn health problem has reared its ugly head again. Instead of taking a stopgap approach, you should adopt a more holistic approach. Changing your diet, sleep and fitness habits will be effective. Slowly but surely, distress will be replaced by relief.


A luxury item is for sale for more than it is worth. Rather than dip into savings to purchase it, wait for a sale. Once you can buy this discounted bauble, you will no longer want it. Make good use of your hard-earned cash with mindful spending. You’re not happy with the outcome of a creative project. Beware of throwing in the towel. It will take a few more attempts to get things exactly the way you want them. Be guided by your stubborn, perfectionist tendencies.


No matter what you do, you’ll never earn the approval of a stuffy relative. Instead of trying to satisfy their expectations, listen to your heart. Adopt a look that appeals to you. Pursue work that fills you with excitement. Above all, date whomever you please. Becoming independent will be a scary prospect. If there’s anything you hate, it’s confrontation. Unless you assert your desires now, you’ll always be held prisoner by other people’s expectations. When people challenge your plans, give them a polite smile and continue along your path.


It will be difficult to cut through red tape. Whether you’re dealing with a hospital, government agency or university, it’s important to be patient and methodical. Keep a copy of all the paperwork you submit. When speaking to officials, keep a record of their names. Dealing with a snobbish person wears on your last nerve. You’re tired of trying to convince them that their ideas are outmoded. Limit your time with this stuffy individual. Work on a daring creative project during your leisure time.


Working with a group will be more difficult than expected. Your teammates lack the experience necessary to do justice to a complicated job. In addition, the budget will be so tight that the results will be less than impressive. Keep your expectations low. If you’re not getting paid what you are worth, it’s time to move on. Landing a more lucrative position will take time, so be patient. Explore opportunities involving publishing, travel and education. Your communications skills are worth a mint.


You will be asked to assume a thankless role. Be wary about accepting this offer, even if there is a lot of pressure to do so. The last thing you want is to assume responsibility for a terrible situation someone else created. Ordering others around will cause resentment. If certain members of the team don’t fall in line, simply dismiss them. Be clear about why they’re being told to leave. Don’t make a big emotional scene. The group will fare better without this dead weight.


It’s hard to find opportunities for advancement. You’ve grown tired of being in the same place for too long. Instead of going headlong down this cul-de-sac try changing direction. Venturing into another field will be stimulating and rewarding, especially since you’re a fast learner. Upsetting secrets will come to light. It will be difficult to maintain respect for someone you used to admire. This just shows that everyone has human failings. Have more realistic expectations of people, particularly in the humanitarian arena.


An intimate relationship is undergoing a power struggle. Although there is plenty of chemistry between you, there’s not much mutual respect. You disapprove of their moral code and they think you’re hopelessly indecisive. A long-term union isn’t likely; beware of getting emotionally invested. It’s possible you’ll turn your back on a lifelong dream. So much time has passed since you first hatched this idea that it’s lost its appeal. Don’t be afraid to set new goals that fill you with excitement.

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