Daily Horoscopes: 10/06/2013

Daily Horoscopes: 10/06/2013


Expressing your nurturing side comes as a relief. Even a go getter like you gets tired of doing battle with the authorities all the time. Take this opportunity to lavish attention on a child, pet, or lover. If you’re feeling lonely, why not spruce up your home with a few thriving plants? Taking care of something that is dependent on you will ease your anxieties. That’s because such relationships cultivate patience, attention and care. You do possess all of these qualities, but need a trigger to release them.


An intense series of talks will eat up most of your time. People are eager to get your opinion before making any big moves. While all this attention is flattering, it can be exhausting, too. You wish your friends and colleagues would be more self reliant. Influencing people’s decisions makes you uncomfortable. Someone who prides themselves on their expertise is threatened by your popularity. Stay out of this trouble maker’s way. You have no desire to usurp their authority.


A craving for security prompts you to put a little money into savings. You’re tired of living from paycheque to paycheque. Even if you make a good living, you feel like you could be doing more to protect your financial interests. Increase your contributions to a retirement fund. Find an additional source of income. Ask for a raise. Do whatever it takes to increase your income and then take steps to invest it. You don’t need a lot of expensive luxuries to be happy.


Your competitive side is coming out. This is a great time to enter a contest of skill. You’ll easily outshine the competition. A close friend or lover may discourage you from entering the fray, but that’s only because they’re afraid of how you will fare. You have a lot more confidence in your abilities and for good reason. Resist the urge to thumb your nose at the judges. Their backgrounds may not be impressive, but they do have the power to make or break you.


Reality doesn’t hold much charm for you. You’d far rather immerse yourself in fantasy. Whether it’s dressing like a celebrity, watching an old movie, or writing some fiction is immaterial. The important thing is to find an outlet for your imagination. Pay no attention to cynics who poke fun at your outlandish ways. They’re just jealous of your ability to have fun in virtually any situation. That’s a rare gift which should be cherished. If others don’t recognise its true value that’s just too bad.


Normally you enjoy working with others. That’s not the case now. This strong desire for freedom will cause you to do something unusual, like book a trip to the Alps or take a hotel room in a quiet part of town. Being able to get off on your own and think will be therapeutic. You’re always waiting on other people, which can cause you to subvert your own needs. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your spirit. You’ll be surprised by the emotions that emerge.


Building a solid financial foundation requires an element of self restraint. Temptation beckons from every shop window. You hate focusing on the practical side of things. Furthermore, you wonder if hard work will really pay off. The truth is, it will. You just need to pace yourself accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with going on an occasional splurge. Just make sure you have something to show for your labour at the end of the day. A home or car is within reach, provided you plan and save.


You’ll be given an extra measure of freedom, which makes your heart sing. Take advantage of this opportunity by taking a long lunch, going for a walk in the park, or grabbing a nap. Usually, you’re so focused on work that it’s difficult to tear yourself away. Don’t make that mistake now, when you have some wiggle room in your schedule. Going to see a funny movie with an upbeat friend will be icing on the cake. This day was made for laughter.


Keeping a secret under wraps isn’t easy for a forthright person like you. It’s best to keep the details of an intimate relationship under wraps. You’ve made an intense connection with someone special. Don’t do anything to jeopardise it. This isn’t like a casual friendship, where you can take things in your stride. It’s important to understand how your behaviour will affect those closest to you. Discussing the details of your private life could be a deal breaker. Don’t do it.


What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding? You’re not in the mood for a fight. You’d far rather let people go their way while you continue along your own path. Resist the urge to correct a loved one who always makes bad choices. The sooner you back off, the better your relationship will become. Very few people are as adept at making executive decisions as you. Instead of getting impatient with others, say a prayer of thanks for this superpower.


Creating order out of chaos helps any inner angst. If you feel overwhelmed by a stressful situation, clean out one drawer. The process of weeding junk from valuable items will be therapeutic. Pretty soon, you’ll feel compelled to organise your closet or tidy up the garage. Make three piles for the castoffs: Junk, donate and sell. You could make a tidy profit selling unwanted items. Put your profits towards a trip. You’re overdue for a break. Think about visiting a glittering metropolis.


You’re in a playful mood and will be inspired to throw a party. You don’t need a reason. Just getting together with friends, neighbours and relatives is justification enough for a big bash. You’ll have fun assembling a playlist and designing handmade invitations. If you’re not in the mood to cook a big feast, order takeaway or ask each guest to bring their favourite dish. Last but not least, buy yourself a festive outfit for the occasion. All eyes will be on you.

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