Daily Horoscopes: 10/06/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 10/06/2019


Someone is making a big deal out of a very small problem. Don’t be fooled by their dramatic account of events. It’s much easier to solve problems when you keep them in perspective. When a troublemaker tries to upset you, tune them out with a smile. Pretending to know more about a subject than you will cause embarrassment. Instead of nodding as if you understand what an expert is saying, ask questions. They’ll be gratified to fill the gaps of your knowledge.


Don’t leave important matters to chance. Trusting a friend to fulfil a responsibility will cause a rift in your relationship. It’s better to attend to this task yourself, even if it takes a lot of time. You’ll be assured of a good result. An emergency expense will drain your bank account. It will be necessary to live on a shoestring budget until you build up your cash reserves. Be patient and optimistic. Money is like the ocean tide; it flows in and out.


You’re susceptible to flattery. Beware of letting someone sweet talk you into doing them a favour. The sooner you get this manipulator out of your orbit, the happier you will be. If you haven’t been happy with yourself, do some activities that boost your self-esteem. Crafting a few emails, reading for pleasure or learning a task will remind you of your sharp intellect. With a brain like yours, you can accomplish anything. That includes forgiving yourself for silly mistakes.


A slick sales pitch will tempt you to buy something you don’t really need. Keep your money safe in the bank. After waiting a full day, you’ll come to your senses and realise you have everything you need to be happy. Overindulging in food and drink will make you miserable. Practice moderation in all things. There will be better opportunities to indulge your sensual side later. Right now, you should follow a Spartan routine. You’ll wake up tomorrow feeling filled with energy.


Stop promising what you cannot deliver. You’re capable of tremendous hard work, but committing to tight deadlines creates panic. If you want to do something special for a loved one, do it in secret. That way, they won’t be disappointed if the project is derailed. Friends think they know what is best for you. You’re tired of hearing their advice. Make it clear you are steering your own ship. When you want their input, you will ask for it.


Be realistic about your schedule. Even a highly productive person like you has only one pair of hands. It’s time to delegate responsibilities to others. Relatives, colleagues, roommates and neighbours can finally assume the work you’ve been doing for years. Being able to devote more time to restful activities will make you feel much better. You’ll be able to drift off to sleep with no trouble because you won’t be obsessing over everything you must do in the morning.


Brutal honesty will get you nowhere. While it’s true you’re dealing with someone delusional, it is not your job to burst their bubble. Offer gentle encouragement when they ask to be affirmed. When giving feedback, focus on what they’ve done well. Someone in a position of authority will deliver a devastating verdict to your friend. Be ready to pick up the pieces when this happens. You’re much better at giving comfort than issuing painful truths. That’s why you’re so popular.


Trying to drown your guilt with lavish gestures will not work. Let a loved one fix their own problems instead of buying them expensive gifts. If you want to offer something truly valuable, let it be a sympathetic ear. You’ve always been a good listener. A close relationship will become much healthier when you stop trying to control each other. Embrace your partner’s decision to become more assertive and independent. The more self-reliant you are as individuals, the happier you’ll be together.


Being generous to a potential rival will improve your dynamic. Your competitor will be so surprised by your kind gesture that they’ll let down their defences with you. At that point, you will become allies. You can balance each other nicely. Do you feel lonely? Don’t bend over backwards to accommodate a stranger. Be kind to yourself instead. When you treat yourself like royalty, you’ll attract people who are kind, considerate and giving. It also helps to cut out all self-criticism.


You feel pressured to give more than is healthy. Stop playing the martyr and set some boundaries. Someone who has become overly reliant on you will be surprised when you turn down their request for help. Stand your ground to establish a new dynamic. Colleagues will pressure you to pick up the pace at work. Instead of caving into pressure, continue doing things at a comfortable rate. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. Your value is evident to anyone who has seen your work.


People mistake your confidence as arrogance. Instead of drawing attention to your accomplishments, let them speak for themselves. Anyone who appreciates your brand of genius will recognise it immediately. Those who are indifferent to it will gravitate towards the things they prefer. When someone expresses an opinion that offends you, remain silent. You can’t possibly convert them. Embrace a world that is varied and multi-layered. You’d be incredibly bored if you were forced to deal with the same attitudes each day.


People have come to expect you to do thankless jobs. The next time someone asks you to volunteer, give a polite refusal. After your friend recovers from shock, they’ll look elsewhere for assistance. Learning to say ‘no’ will transform your life. Suddenly, you’ll have time for the activities you love. You’ll even be able to rest and relax. There’s nothing about having a full schedule that makes you a worthy human being. Take control of your destiny and do what makes you happy.

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