Daily Horoscopes: 10/09/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 10/09/2019


You’ve pushed yourself to the brink of exhaustion. It’s time to scale back your responsibilities and rest. This doesn’t come easily to a dynamo like you. Force yourself to spend the entire day doing something relaxing. Watching a movie marathon can be therapeutic. If you’re not satisfied with a medical diagnosis, get a second opinion. Find a doctor who listens carefully to you. They’ll be able to pinpoint the source of a nagging pain or reoccurring condition.


A seductive group will try to influence your thinking. It’s best to consult your own feelings and instincts about a romantic matter. If you’ve chosen a partner who doesn’t meet with your friends’ approval, that’s too bad for them. You must listen to your heart. A struggling youngster needs a little extra help. Your colleagues or relatives think you are spoiling them. Nothing could be further from the truth. A display of compassion will put them on the path to healing.


An unrealistic attitude about work is causing problems. Although your contributions are valued, they won’t allow you to take off time whenever you want. You must follow the rules like everyone else. Stop asking your boss for special favours; it’s making them angry. It’s possible a relative needs special care. If that’s the case, you should take extended leave from your job. This will give you a chance to fully focus on your loved one’s care, taking them to doctor’s appointments.


Someone you have always admired will be involved in a scandal. This is a powerful reminder we are all human. Even the most evolved individuals are flawed. Rather than looking to others for spiritual guidance, listen carefully to your own instincts. Be wary about discounting a person’s expertise. Just because a teacher is unconventional doesn’t mean they are stupid. Put your assumptions aside and listen carefully. You will be pleasantly surprised. Their offbeat approach to a subject will uplift and inspire you.


A deceptive deal fills you with anger. Give the company a chance to rectify the matter within a week. If they don’t change the situation for the better, take your case to social media. After writing a series of negative reviews, this organisation will change its tune. You and your partner are not on the same page regarding money. Instead of constantly arguing over finances, have three bank accounts: Yours, mine and ours. This will help you put aside differences and come together again.


You’re not giving your business or romantic partner enough credit. Instead of focusing on their shortcomings, celebrate their strengths. Spend a few minutes each day making a list of all their positive aspects. By changing your thoughts from negative to positive, your relationship will thrive. This is not a good time to sign a contract. There will be hidden clauses to this agreement that work against you. The harder someone pushes you to sign this deal, the stronger you should resist it.


Although you usually enjoy working with a partner, it’s best to go solo now. You don’t want a persuasive person talking you out of a brilliant idea. Give yourself a chance to develop a creative project without anyone’s interference. Trust your instincts. Ideas are flowing like a mighty river. Instead of refining these concepts, write them down as fast as they occur. There will be plenty of time to revise them later. You don’t want to censor some of the best brainstorms you’ve ever had.


It’s difficult not to resent something your amour said. Rather than fixate on this rude comment, let it go. It’s never been easy for you to forgive. The sooner you master this delicate art, the happier you will be. Give it a try. Pattern your behaviour after a gracious friend you have always admired. Although they experienced some terrible betrayals, they have managed to put these disappointments behind them. Ask for their advice. Their suggestions will surprise you.


It’s been difficult to carry out career plans. Family matters have commanded your attention. While this is frustrating, you shouldn’t fight this trend. Your emotions are urging you to make a change. Taking time off work may be necessary; be open to the idea. You don’t have to abandon a professional dream. Just postpone it. You may find yourself working closely with those who need your brand of help and support. You also might be recovering from a serious addiction. Stop sweeping a problem under the rug.


You must make an important decision about a spiritual matter. Be open to different perspectives. Someone who is always calm, happy and grounded has information that can help you. Turn your focus from money to contentment. This change will be incredibly empowering. You’ve always been good at earning money, regardless of the economy. Because of this ability to be financially secure in any situation, you should be finding ways to enjoy your prosperity. It isn’t enough to own lots of marvellous things. You should appreciate them, too.


This is not a good time to buy anything expensive or accept a job. Financial matters are murky. If you purchase a car, appliance or computer, it won’t meet your needs. Negotiating a salary now will be cause for regret later. A romantic partnership is another source of strain. Your amour wants your time and attention. You’d rather spend time with friends. Stop ignoring the needs of your loved ones. Your dismissive attitude will lead to a breakup, which you do not want.


Your best friend or romantic partner is selling you short. Instead of looking to them for validation, seek to satisfy yourself. Carry out a bold creative plan. Finishing a book, film or painting will fill you with joy. Some won’t understand it, but many will. This work will get a cult following that is the envy of your peers. People will admire your ability to detect trends and attitudes that have been hidden from mainstream culture. They’ll look at you with newfound admiration.

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