Daily Horoscopes: 10/11/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 10/11/2019


You pursue your professional goals with focus and determination. Nobody can throw you off your path. If life circumstances threaten to disrupt your plans, you will stand firm. Outsiders will accuse you of being cold and calculating. Their opinions don’t matter. Reading a book or watching a movie about a passionate relationship excites your imagination. Obey an impulse to launch a creative project of your own. It feels good to abandon real life for a world of pure imagination.


Having an enriching spiritual life is a superpower. When things go wrong, you’re able to maintain a hopeful attitude. That’s because you know everything is always working out for you. When a blip occurs, it reminds you to give thanks for your blessings. Entering a partnership will be advantageous. You’re very good at handling practical matters, while your partner is better at finding new business and developing innovative products and services. You’re a good team that will make lots of money.


Does someone’s behaviour seem utterly incomprehensible? Stop wondering about their motives. You can’t ever understand a person until you’ve walked in their shoes. Your focus should be on feeling as good as you can. Immerse yourself in an exciting plan or dwell on happy memories. An intriguing job offer will fall into your lap. Working for a commission will be profitable. You’ll easily be the top performer in the organisation. It will be fun getting paid for your powers of persuasion.


A close partnership helps you to discover your own power. Rather than leaning on your best friend or amour for strength, you’ve learned to be resilient during times of trial. Knowing you can handle any problem improves all your relationships. You’re a comforting presence. Have you been longing to work on a creative project? Put responsibilities on the back burner while you put more of your time and attention into those things that bring you the most enduring pleasure and satisfaction. You’ve been blessed with tremendous artistic talent. Don’t neglect it.


Finding the answer to a work problem fills you with pride. You’re not willing to share your theories until you’ve put them to the test. Breaking a seemingly sensible rule will make productivity soar. Seek another way to ensure safety without inhibiting creativity. Hosting a party appeals to your organisational skills. You enjoy creating the menu, music selections and guest list as much as mingling with everyone. Go ahead and spend a little more money than usual on this festive gathering.


An intense attraction is worth pursuing. If you’re already in a relationship, summon passion for your partner. Spend more time together. Enquire after your amour’s hopes, dreams and fears. Behave the way you did when you were first drawn to each other. A short trip for pleasure is in the cards. It will be such a relief to escape the pressures of home and hit the open road. Visiting a beautiful seaside retreat will make you think more deeply about what you want from a romantic relationship.


Releasing feelings of anger, sorrow or despair will put you on a much more rewarding path. It’s much easier to realise your dreams when you are excited and hopeful. Bury the past and embrace the rewarding life you have envisioned for yourself. This is a good time to make longer term financial plans. Making out a will, setting up a savings account or taking out an insurance policy are among the possibilities. The more proactive you are, the more easily wealth will flow into your life.


You’ve always been very perceptive. Someone who says one thing and does another is trying to hide their motives. Don’t believe a relative or neighbour who insists they have a handle on an addiction. They’re still feeding this bad habit. Pouring your energy into a new creative project will be enjoyable. It’s such a relief to show what you really feel. You might even think about turning your memories and experiences into a novel. Changing the names, dates and places will keep you out of hot water.


Letting go of a flawed belief will improve your financial situation. If you’ve had difficulty forgiving someone who wielded power over you, stop focusing on the damage they did. Make it your mission to enjoy the present moment. Release this abuser’s hold over you. Retreating from public view will be therapeutic. While it brings you pleasure to uplift and inspire people, they can drain your energy. Take this opportunity to commune with nature, catch up on your reading and listen to beautiful music.


Your emotional intensity is very attractive. An admirer wants to know what drives you. Letting down your defences will be challenging. You’re not sure whether you can trust this friend with your innermost secrets. Take a risk; you won’t be sorry. Being invited to join an exclusive club or organisation will fill you with excitement. You’ll enjoy joining the ranks of accomplished people who know how to realise their dreams. You’ll fit in very well with this organisation.


Stop beating yourself up for being human. There’s nothing wrong with having powerful sensual desires. It’s natural to be selfish. The sooner you embrace what you want, the happier you will be. Splash out on creature comforts, take a solitary break and enjoy yourself. Getting advanced professional training is strongly advised. Sign up for a course, even if you must pay for it with your own money. After earning your certificate, you’ll have your choice of well-paid positions.


Do you expect someone else to make you happy? Then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Stop leaning so heavily on a loved one who makes you feel good about yourself. By cultivating your own self-worth, the pressure on your friendship will ease. Publishing an article, book or academic paper will bring fame and acclaim. Don’t be surprised when you become a resident expert after your ideas begin to circulate. People appreciate your passionate approach to the subject.

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