Daily Horoscopes: 11/01/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 11/01/2018


A public presentation will go extremely well. People are receptive to your ideas. When planning a talk, it’s better to leave your audience wanting more than addressing every tiny point. Don’t be afraid to make a few jokes. An overly serious attitude will put up an unnecessary barrier. After you finish your remarks, several people will invite you to speak at their companies, clubs and organisations. These speaking engagements could become a great source of income. Becoming a minor celebrity is a distinct possibility.


Sharing your expert knowledge will be gratifying. People are eager to learn from you. That’s because you take a gentle approach to teaching. Instead of giving up on students who are struggling, you’ll try a variety of approaches until the light bulb goes off. There’s a good chance you’ll be offered a regular position at a university. This plum assignment will be a great way to make money while being immersed in a stimulating environment. You’ll benefit from work that isn’t completely predictable.


A passionate relationship has its roots in mutual interests. Although you admire good looks, you can’t be with someone who lacks curiosity and intelligence. If you’re searching for a partner, stop paying so much attention to appearances. Be open to dating someone who excites your imagination and makes you laugh. You’ll quickly develop a crush on someone with an unconventional look. Are you already in a relationship? Take a course with your amour. It will bring you closer together.


Forming a business alliance will work in your favour. You work well with someone who likes to focus on the financial aspects of things. This leaves you free to deal with the human element of work. Working with clients and making sales pitches comes naturally to you. You have a talent for connecting with people from all walks of life. While you’re dealing with your public, your other half will be counting the money and allocating resources. This is a match made in heaven.


You’re more productive than anyone else in your division. Your contributions merit a pay raise. If you can’t get the additional money you deserve, look elsewhere for a vacancy. Don’t hesitate to apply for positions that seem out of reach. You may be selling yourself short. Just because you lack experience does not mean you can’t handle a demanding job. After a short period of adjustment, you’ll adapt to your new duties like a duck to water.


Beginning a creative project will be a welcome change. Recently, you’ve been bogged down with family responsibilities. Now these obligations are starting to dwindle, giving you a chance to do what you love. Taking a course will be a great way to increase your productivity. You’re more likely to work hard when your teacher gives you assignments with deadlines. If you’ve been looking for love, you could find it with one of your fellow students. You admire their accomplishments, while they appreciate your raw talent.


Think for yourself. Relatives are trying to impose their will on you. Striking out on your own requires courage. Don’t be afraid to stand up to a bully. You don’t owe anyone explanations for personal choices. Whether you want to relocate, change jobs or adopt a new lifestyle is immaterial. The important thing is to follow your heart. Some people will always question your decisions. Keep these critics at arm’s length. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


This is a wonderful time to abandon pretence and speak your mind. The sooner you get troubling thoughts off your chest, the better. Someone will take offense at your straightforward remarks. That’s because they feel guilty. Don’t back down. You don’t have to be vicious; just be truthful. Once the true story circulates, you’ll be able to correct an injustice. You’ll be free to meet an elusive goal, whether it’s landing a job, finding a relationship or making a deposit on a home.


Take this opportunity to increase your fees or ask for a pay raise. You’ve been working hard and deserve to be paid what you are worth. Customers who complain about this rate hike don’t need to be kept on the books. You’ll easily attract appreciative clients who are willing to do business with you. Are you dealing with an employer who won’t meet your demands? Launch a job search. It will take time to land a worthwhile position, so stay positive and patient.


Your personal magnetism is very strong. Use your influence to get a loan, land a job or charm the object of your affection. Setting lofty goals is critical. Continuing to accept the status quo will result in missed opportunities. If you feel intimidated, swallow your fear and forge ahead anyway. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even an effort that falls flat will pave the way for other successes. You never know what will happen unless you roll the dice.


Your vivid imagination should be channelled into a creative project. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a book, composing songs or painting a self-portrait. The important thing is to find an outlet for your creative impulses. Some people will complain that you aren’t as readily available as you were in the past. That’s not an accident. If you’re going to fulfil your potential, you must change your priorities. Never be afraid to put your needs first. This is your life; nobody else can lead it for you.


You’ll have a wonderful time at a party. Push yourself to attend, even if you feel tired and anxious. All your reservations will vanish the moment you walk through the door. You’ll especially enjoy talking to a person who shares your interest in spiritual matters. You feel inhibited when expected to engage in casual chitchat. You come alive when you’re discussing matters with deep personal meeting. Don’t be surprised when you’re invited to join an exclusive club or organisation.

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