Daily Horoscopes: 11/01/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 11/01/2019


Your star power is evident for all to see. This is good time to make a professional presentation or public appearance. Your leadership skills will be immediately obvious at a job interview resulting in an exciting job offer. It will feel as if you have hit the jackpot, professionally.


Ignore someone who is trying to persuade you to keep off sensitive subjects like religion and politics. You have strong feelings about some matters and you will keep discussions civil while getting your message across. Adding your voice to a social movement will feel empowering.


You’re tired of playing it safe and you feel ready to try a new direction. It doesn’t matter if there are obstacles ahead, you will welcome the challenge. People who are stuck in their ways can no longer hold you back as you make a choice to escape a stagnant environment.


An experienced colleague has valuable advice to offer. It might sound as if they are undermining your efforts but if you listen to people who know what they are talking about, you will appreciate their constructive criticism. It’s good to be able to laugh at your shortcomings and learn from them.


Take good care of your health by giving your body the rest and nutrition it needs. Aromatherapy, reiki or acupressure can bring relief from a nagging a pain. Friends may be surprised by you taking an unconventional route but when they see the difference, they may feel inspired to try it too.


Give a new relationship or friendship time to develop. You might wonder if you are compatible but you won’t find out if you give up too quickly. Once you get to know each other you could find out that you do have a lot in common. First impressions aren’t always correct.


A photograph you come across unexpectedly or a song you hear on the radio will evoke fond memories. You might decide to search through old photograph albums or read through old journals. Just be sure to put this all away at the end of the day and set your sights on the future.


A course or workshop will give you lots of intellectual stimulation. Take this opportunity to study with a respected teacher. You will be encouraged to question many of your past assumptions. Some may still be meaningful but through changing others, you will adopt a more philosophical view of life.


Someone you live with isn’t being responsible with money. Experience has taught you how to stretch your financial resources as much as possible. That’s why you will encourage a partner or loved one to think twice about purchasing a luxury item. If they do go ahead, this will be a costly mistake.


Arguments in the workplace will throw you off balance. An older colleague is urging you to bite your lips. It has taken a lot of courage and willpower to say what’s on your mind and you would rather speak out against an issue than pretend all is well.


Contribution to a pension scheme or opening a retirement fund will create long-term financial security. Taking out insurance policies that cover your property for theft and damage is also advised. You might also think about putting some money into a savings account for a rainy day.


Changing direction will put you on the path to luck and happiness. If you’ve grown bored with predictable routines, break out of these patterns and reclaim your zest for life. Make fun a bigger priority. Devoting more time to creative pastimes will make you feel energised and refreshed.

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