Daily Horoscopes: 11/01/2020

Daily Horoscopes: 11/01/2020


An unexpected financial gain allows you to buy a new computer, car or smartphone. You’ve always enjoyed having the latest equipment. Give yourself time to read up on how to use all the cutting-edge features of this purchase. You’re a quick learner so it shouldn’t be a problem. Earning money in an unconventional way will put a wedge between you and a friend. They resent your ability to spin straw into gold. Be sensitive to their situation; it’s frustrating to work hard for such scanty economic returns.


You can move forward with exciting changes you planned last year. Undergoing a makeover or lifestyle transformation will be empowering. You’re no longer interested in fitting in with the crowd. Attracting attention will be lost more fun. You’ll become a love magnet. Your pioneer spirit gives you tremendous energy. While others are dropping from exhaustion, you’ll be keeping busy. Give yourself a reward for being so productive. A new outfit, piece of jewellery or status symbol will bring lots of pleasure.


A brainstorm will occur while performing some boring chores. Stop what you’re doing to write down this idea before forgetting it. This concept could earn a fortune. Trust your instincts about providing for the public’s practical needs. This product or service will become a phenomenon. Respond to a volunteer organisation for emergency help. Providing relief to an overworked staff will be rewarding. Not only will your contributions be appreciated, but you’ll meet some very nice people.


A sudden change of leadership will result in a job promotion. Stepping into their shoes will be challenging but rewarding. You’ve always understood how to motivate people. When you take charge, morale will improve. Best of all, productivity will double. Make a friendly overture to a newcomer. At first, this shy individual will resist your overtures. Eventually, they’ll come to you for help. Be as supportive and encouraging as possible. It’s not easy being plunged into unfamiliar surroundings, but you can soften the blow.


Reforming an outmoded institution will take up the lion’s share of your attention. You’re tired of dealing with inefficient systems and unfair rules. The sooner this organisation is brought up to date, the better. Don’t be afraid to cause a commotion when you meet with resistance. A startling announcement will prompt you to change your career plans. Take advantage of a tuition reimbursement programme. Getting paid to earn a degree is a smart way to get ahead. Use the system to your advantage.


A legal matter will be decided in your favour. This is cause for celebration. Gather with people who have provided financial, practical and emotional support during this difficult time. Thanks to their help, you’ve prevailed in circumstances that would have broken many other people. You’re ready to turn your back on painful memories and make a fresh start. Taking a long-distance trip is strongly advised. A spiritual pilgrimage will inspire you to forgive someone who betrayed you. Your health will thrive as a result.


A passionate encounter is in the cards. Stop suppressing your sensual side. Spending the day in the arms of your amour will bring tremendous happiness. As much as you hate to admit it, you crave physical touch. If you’re single, get a massage. You’re confident you can find additional resources for an expensive project. Launching a fundraiser, applying for a grant or asking for a loan will be successful. Emphasise the unusual aspects of your work; they’ll win support from a fellow innovator.


Encourage your best friend or romantic partner to strike out on their own. They shouldn’t need you to accompany them on a trip. Stop treating them like a child. By demonstrating faith in their ability to look after themselves, your bond will grow stronger. A desire for justice will cause you to challenge an unfair rule. Someone in authority will try to silence you. Don’t be intimidated by their threats. After drawing attention to their outrageous behaviour, this publicity conscious official will change their tune.


Starting a new job will involve lots of surprises. It’s possible this position will be quite different than the one that was advertised. This is a blessing in disguise. Getting paid to work with beautiful materials will stimulate your imagination. An unexpected job offer sounds intriguing. Before accepting this position, do some research to the person who is running the company. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you discover. Working for a socially responsible entrepreneur will be rewarding.


Are you yearning for a break? Take an impromptu trip. If you’re single, you’ll meet someone special while touring a place that’s famous for its natural beauty. You’ll be drawn to their velvet voice and they’ll be captivated by your bone structure. Your charisma is very strong. Admirers are drawn to you like moths to a flame. Take this opportunity to show off your creative work. Your distinctive style will attract a loyal following. Commissions for work will keep you busy.


A home improvement project will force you to change your living habits. Don’t worry; it’s only temporary. You’ll be so happy once the plumbing or electricity has been fixed. Best of all, the value of your home will greatly increase because of this work. Stop worrying about your family’s opinion about a financial matter. If you’re supporting yourself, nobody has the right to complain about how you spend money. Do you want to become self-sufficient? Accept an unusual job offer that fills you with excitement.


Getting involved with a community organisation will be intellectually stimulating. Several members of the group are experts in a subject that has always fascinated you. Ask them for cooking, gardening or sewing lessons. You’ll discover a hidden talent for making beautiful things with your hands. People admire how outspoken you are. Instead of looking the other way at injustice, you confront it. Being labelled as a conscientious whistle blower doesn’t bother you. You’d rather protect the underdog than side with bullies.

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