Daily Horoscopes: 11/02/2020

Daily Horoscopes: 11/02/2020


You’ll be extremely busy, so budget your time wisely. If you must travel a long distance to reach a shop, call ahead to confirm they are open. This could save lots of aggravation. Keep your mobile charged so you don’t miss messages. A legal matter will be decided against you. Instead of throwing a tantrum, take a few deep breaths. Give yourself time to recover from this loss. After recovering your equilibrium, you can embark on a much more rewarding path.


A romantic relationship causes your creative juices to flow like a mighty river. In between passionate encounters, you should be working on an elaborate art project. Strive for precision. Working at a slow but steady pace will yield the results you want. Learning about another culture will be inspiring. You’ll integrate some of its styles and sensibilities into your own work. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing ideas from others. Artists have been doing it for generations. It just means you’re in good company.


Listen to your heart. It is telling you to ignore conventional wisdom and try something new. You’re destined to make mistakes while venturing into unfamiliar territory, so relax. By allowing yourself to be a beginner and look foolish, you’ll have marvellous breakthroughs. Your best friend or romantic partner has been pushing you to take a path that has little appeal. It’s time to set a healthy boundary. Tell your tormentor you’re unwilling to hear anything else they have to say about this issue.


Taking a short trip for pleasure is strongly advised. Solving problems is easy when you get distance from them. After visiting a nearby town known for its beauty, you’ll be inspired to spend more time on your appearance. Always strive to look your best. A professional partnership is working to your advantage. Thanks to your business associate, you’re making more money than ever. Take this opportunity to buy some beautiful status symbols. These purchases will give you years of pleasure.


Increasing your income is your priority. If your current employer won’t give you a raise, start looking elsewhere for a job. Opportunities involving publishing, education or travel will be especially profitable for you. Look for work that brings lots of intellectual stimulation. The object of your affection does not share your feelings. Rather than trying to convince them of your worth, you should look elsewhere for love. Someone with your charm, creativity and warmth should have no problem finding a partner who loves you unconditionally.


You’re determined to get your way. The secret to realising your goal is to project confidence wherever you go. Don’t let anyone question your judgment or undermine your willpower. By staying focused, you’ll get a job, loan or date with little effort. Fun, romance and creativity are flowing into your life. Even a hard worker like you deserves some time off. Go on a lavish holiday. You’ll have so much fun visiting the restaurants, shops and places of historic interest.


Dedicating yourself to spiritual pursuits will be soothing. Even a social butterfly like you should retreat from public view from time to time. Head for a beauty spot where you can hear yourself think. You’ll have a powerful revelation when you can be beside water, be it ocean, lake or river. Domestic life demands your attention. Planning a big party for a beloved relative will be lots of fun. You’ll enjoy assembling a guest list, menu and decoration scheme that will delight the guest of honour.


Do you feel isolated? Reach out to a fun-loving friend. Enjoying a leisurely lunch together will lift your spirits. If your social life is a little lacklustre, join a club devoted to your favourite subject. You’ll soon meet people who understand and appreciate you. You have a gift with words so why not share your innermost thoughts and feelings with those closest to you? It will be increasingly important for you to let others know your feelings for them. For their part they will feel pleased and privileged to have you confiding in them.


Sharing your expertise with others will be an enjoyable experience. People are receptive to you, probably because you don’t drone on for hours. By keeping your remarks short, sweet and to the point, you’ll pave the way to future speaking engagements. It won’t be necessary to push people to give you what you want. A well-timed hint will be more effective than a crass demand. Subtlety has never been your strong suit. Pattern your behaviour after a diplomatic Libra.


Going on a long trip fills you with excitement. Although you enjoy comforting routines, they can start to feel like prisons. Head for a country that is rich in history. You’ll love going on tours known for their scholarly merit. Your charisma is very strong. Use it to promote your agenda. Whether you are seeking love, money or creative opportunity, people will yield to your demands. It’s hard to resist someone who is so attractive and humorous.


Your love life is heating up. Rather than plunging into a dull routine, abandon yourself to pleasure. Take your loving partner to a romantic and secluded hideaway. It will feel so good turning your attention to sensual pleasures. Release your inhibitions. This isn’t a good time to undergo retail therapy. You’ll make purchases that later fill you with regret. Keep your hard-earned cash in the bank. A big sale next month will make you glad you postponed this excursion.


A close partnership takes work from your shoulders. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re drowning in errands. Your other half will be happy to assist you. If you’re on your own, think about hiring a cleaning service. Maximise your leisure time. Before making a choice about your appearance, take time out and go somewhere you can hear yourself think. Do you really want to make this change or are you responding to pressure? Instead of trying to get public approval, love yourself completely.

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