Daily Horoscopes: 11/05/2013

Daily Horoscopes: 11/05/2013


Planning a big social event will be a lot of fun. Although you often do things at the spur of the moment, you can also be quite organised when putting together a party. If you’ve got too much work, delegate responsibility to a calm Aquarius. They will be happy to attend to all those pesky little details that drive you to distraction. Of course, you’ll want to get a special gift for the guest of honour. Don’t make the mistake of getting a highly personal gift.


It’s time to indulge your sensual side. Although you are highly practical, you also have a deep appreciation for luxury. Go ahead and splurge on a gourmet meal, silk robe, or piece of fine jewellery. Depriving yourself of elegance will only make you grouchy. Thankfully, you won’t have to break the bank to treat yourself. If you’re overdue for a raise, take this opportunity to lobby for one. It will be difficult for your boss to turn down your request. After all, your talent is beyond dispute.


Your cheerful manner will open many doors. People love being around you, mostly because you make the atmosphere so light and bubbly. If you get a chance to travel, grab it. You’ll have a wonderful time exploring a beautiful mountain range or glittering metropolis. Any location that affords lofty views will be right up your street. Beware of a colleague who is jealous of your popularity. By working to draw this introvert out of their shell, you’ll convert an enemy into a friend.


Working in a secluded area boosts your energy. Although you love being part of a team, there are also times when you require peace and quiet. You’re entering a tranquil phase right now. Be mindful about using your company’s resources. Stretching supplies as far as possible will win the approval of your boss. You’ll also acquire special privileges as a result. Don’t question your partner’s expertise. You each shine in different areas. Encroaching on their territory is not a good idea.


A friend will make a generous offer at this time. Be sure to accept it. You’re always so generous with others. This is just the Universe’s way of repaying you. Your partner could get a well paid position and you’ll benefit indirectly. There will be a little more money for luxuries, but try not to break the bank. By putting away a good portion of these earnings into a savings account, you’ll build some long term security. This will strengthen your relationship and deepen your appreciation for each other.


The secret to your success is a winning attitude. When others get discouraged, you look for alternatives. It helps that you have so many friends to provide valuable advice. Don’t hesitate to call on these experts when you encounter a brick wall. If you’re out of work, you could find a great job involving research, broadcasting, or air travel. Be willing to accept a low level position. You’ll quickly rise through the ranks, on the strength of your energy and enthusiasm.


You’re hungry for knowledge and can get some with the help of a talented teacher. If you’ve always wanted to get an advanced degree, now is the time to try. Don’t bother studying a dry subject that holds no interest. You need to immerse yourself in a field that fills you with excitement. Critics will be quick to question your choice, but don’t pay any attention to them. It’s your life and you need to do what is best for you. Conventional wisdom doesn’t enter into the equation.


Be as giving to your partner as you possibly can. Your best friend, lover, or business contact is undergoing tremendous personal strain. By relieving them of dreaded chores, you’ll give them the courage to move forward. Take care of when you speak. There will be times when your friend needs a pep talk and others when all they want is a sympathetic ear. Fortunately, you have very good instincts and will know when to stay silent. Resist the urge to say I told you so.’


This is a great time to negotiate a deal that allows you a greater measure of freedom. If you’ve always wanted to work from home, broach the subject with your boss. You may not be able to do this full time, but getting to stay put once or twice a week will be a real victory. Alternatively, you can talk your way out of a rent increase, which will give you more money to travel, shop and have fun.


Be scrupulously honest at work, even if it means losing a client temporarily. If you simply can’t finish a job by a certain job, say so or you’ll put a good customer in a very bad position. Your sincerity will pay off when this same person comes back to you with another project. It’s rare to meet somebody who is willing to sacrifice a quick profit for the sake of integrity. You will have an excess of energy that needs to be burned off with brisk exercise.


You love learning new ways to develop your creative side. This is a great time to take a painting or writing class. Be willing to follow your teacher’s instructions, even if they seem silly or strange at first. Part of being a beginner is yielding to another person’s expertise. You can always develop your own techniques later, when you get the basics down. Taking a gamble will pay off. Buy a single lottery ticket, ask someone on a date, or audition for a big part.


This is a great time to spend time with your family. Your relatives give you a warm sense of belongings. At times, you feel isolated by the outside world, fearing you will never fit in. When you’re with kin, all this anxiety vanishes into thin air. That’s because your family not only accepts your eccentricities, but celebrates them. If you’re estranged from blood relatives, reach out to friends and neighbours who have always supported you. They’ll be happy to give you a little tender loving care.

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