Daily Horoscopes: 11/08/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 11/08/2017


You’re highly attuned to your loved ones needs. Take this opportunity to do something kind for someone who is struggling. A simple gesture like bringing a home cooked meal to an ailing relative or performing a dreaded chore for your romantic partner. You’ve been accused of selfishness in the past. By taking time out of your busy schedule to help someone close to your heart, you’ll pave the way for a closer relationship. This is one of those moments when it’s definitely better to give than receive.


People gravitate to you like moths to a flame. That’s because you manage to connect with individuals in a profound, meaningful way without making them uncomfortable. When you express interest in somebody, you’re being sincere. As a result, friends seek your company when they want to feel valued and affirmed. It gives you great pleasure to boost the morale of your nearest and dearest. When social demands become too heavy, don’t feel guilty. Simply slip away and recharge your batteries.


Your reputation for having a sharp intellect serves as a protective shield. Master manipulators steer clear of you, sensing you will automatically discern their true motives. As a result, you spend most of your time solving problems and devising more efficient ways of working. When you do encounter someone who is trying to milk the system, you find ways of exposing their behaviour. You’re not being vindictive; you simply have no tolerance for con artists. Take this opportunity to drive a crook from your midst.


You long for travel, adventure and excitement. Although you’re a homebody, being with your relatives all the time can wear on your nerves. Take this opportunity to explore unfamiliar horizons. Book a trip to an exotic country, take up a sport or pursue a new creative medium. It’s never easy being a fish out of water, but the only way to fulfil your potential is to try different things. The more you experiment, the easier it will become to accept fresh challenges.


You become very emotional during debates. It’s hard to take a logical stance towards an issue that affects you personally. If you’re going to change anyone’s mind, it will be through reasoned arguments. Are you convinced you are dealing with someone who ignores the facts? Then tell them exactly what you think of their offensive views. It isn’t healthy to bottle up your feelings. Putting your anger on display will make ignorant people think twice about sharing their offensive ideas.


You feel warm hearted and sentimental towards your favourite person. Doing something special on their behalf will make their day. Arrange a special outing that is catered to their taste. Take them out for a surprise dinner. Give them a token of your esteem. Think about how your friend likes to be valued. Some people like words of affirmation, while others prefer acts of service. Certain types enjoy receiving gifts, but others would rather spend quality time together; other people enjoy more physical displays of affection.


Don’t be shy about wanting attention. You’ve been blessed with many gifts that should be celebrated. When it feels like you’re working with no reward, you become anxious and sad. Telling colleagues you feel unappreciated may fall on deaf ears. To satisfy your desire for affirmation join a volunteer organisation. You’ll feel much more valued serving meals to the homeless, cleaning the cages at an animal shelter or assembling together care packages for veterans.


Spending quality time with your squad will lift your spirits. When life is difficult, you have a tendency to turn inward. Resist this impulse now. By pushing yourself to socialise, you’ll quickly see your problems in a different light. A challenge that once seemed daunting will become insignificant. You’re much stronger than you realise. This will quickly become apparent after friends remind you how many times you’ve conquered adversity in the past. If you can overcome those difficulties, you can withstand these setbacks.


You’re eager to put an idea in motion. Colleagues are content to sit around and brainstorm for hours, but this makes you restless. Putting a concept to the test will be informative. You’ll notice things that work and aspects that fail, allowing you to develop an even better answer. Ignore those who say it is too soon to experiment. Some people are terrified of having their proposals mocked. You’re more interested to find effective solutions to stubborn problems.


If you’re going to convince people to do things a certain way, you cannot use force. Using your powers of persuasion may feel hypocritical. You’d rather be blunt than cajole others. If you continue to strong arm your audience, you will fail. Take a few moments to survey the terrain. Some people will be moved by flattery. Others will be convinced by appeals to logic. Adjust your approach to fit each situation. By the time you declare victory, you will have learned a valuable lesson about human psychology.


A refusal to compromise will get you in a lot of trouble. You are determined to row the boat in a certain direction. When people point out the problems involved with this destination, you become defensive. Instead of dumbing down on your assertions, open your mind. There is a good chance your critics are right about their concerns. By working with them to forge a better plan, you’ll make life a lot easier for the entire group. Your reputation as a valued team player will also improve.


If there’s anything you hate, it’s when someone questions your motives. You always try to do the best for the entire group. Many times, you have put your own needs aside for the sake of your relatives, colleagues and friends. Perhaps it’s time you did behave selfishly. If you think you are the perfect candidate for a job, apply for it. Don’t encourage a less experienced friend to pursue this position. You work hard and should be rewarded for your diligence. Promote your own interests for a change.

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