Daily Horoscopes: 11/08/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 11/08/2018


You’re drowning in bills. It’s time to take control of the situation. Consolidating these debts into one monthly payment will make your financial situation more manageable. If you play your cards right, you can even eliminate the interest rate. Creditors will be willing to negotiate. News of a surprise engagement, marriage or impending birth will set off a string of parties. Splash out on an attractive outfit; these gatherings will be even more fun when you’re looking your best. Take advantage of a flash sale.


Relationships are about give and take. If you’re waiting hand and foot on someone and getting nothing in return, there’s a problem. Be more assertive. Stop dropping everything to come to their aid. You deserve to be petted and pampered, too. Finding a new place to live is a distinct possibility. Even if you weren’t planning to move, that could change when you stumble across a gorgeous property. Be willing to spend a little more than usual to secure this place.


Beware of burning the candle at both ends. Going out every night will take a toll on your health. It’s important to establish a regular bedtime routine. Eating healthy meals will also help stave off nervous exhaustion. Give your body the best fuel available. Exciting news about an educational project will reach your ears. You’ll be asked to teach a class, give a lecture or record a podcast. Don’t be surprised if you become something of a celebrity because of this job.


This isn’t a good time to take an emotional or financial risk. You’ve worked hard to achieve security. Instead of putting everything you have on the line, continue to strengthen a friendship and save money. You can take a leap of faith later. A moneymaking opportunity is worth pursuing. Getting paid to exercise your creative talent will be the answer to a prayer. People are willing to pay good money for your distinctive style. Selling your handiwork on a crafting website is a strong possibility.


Beware of making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s possible you’ll take a teasing remark the wrong way. Give yourself a full day before responding to a comment that makes you angry. After having some time to reflect, you’ll realise you were being hypersensitive. An exciting opportunity to get a makeover will fall into your lap. Accept a stylist’s offer to change your look or get some outfits together for you. The results will delight you. Embrace your rightful status as a superstar.


It’s better to listen more than you speak. If someone asks you some probing questions, give them a noncommittal smile in response. You shouldn’t feel pressured into revealing confidential information. If push comes to shove, simply tell this pest to mind their own business. Sneaking off to a relaxing hideaway is strongly advised. You’ll benefit from getting some peace and quiet in glamorous surroundings. If someone offers the use of their holiday home, take it. You’re overdue for a break.


Retail therapy won’t solve your problems. If you’re angered by the way a relative or neighbour is treating you, confront the source of the problem. It’s better to have an argument than let your resentment build. Being polite doesn’t mean being a doormat. An act of courage will work to your advantage. Don’t be surprised when you’re asked to represent a prestigious organisation after a public demand for respect. You have the right blend of diplomacy and strength to succeed in this role.


Don’t overestimate your influence. No matter how much you urge your boss to do things your way, they’ll stick to the old formula. Try not to take their resistance personally. Remember that you’re dealing with someone who is afraid of change. An extraordinary job offer is on the way. Taking the helm of a high-profile company will be a welcome challenge. Although you’re not a fan of the spotlight, you will enjoy representing this company to powerful clients and customers.


After a period of struggle, all you want is to stay in bed with the sheets pulled over your head. Resist the temptation to cut yourself off from the world. Put the past behind you and make a fresh start. You have many supporters. An unexpected travel opportunity will appear on the horizon. Visiting a glamorous country will be a welcome change of pace. Learning a few foreign phrases is strongly advised. Locals will appreciate your going to the effort to communicate with them.


Friends are urging you to take an undesirable path. You’d rather save to buy luxuries than go into debt. Turn a deaf ear to anyone who insists on adopting an expensive lifestyle that doesn’t even appeal to you. Set your own priorities instead. A passionate romance makes your creativity soar. When you’re with your amour, you are uplifted and inspired. You’ll find all sorts of ways to bring beauty into the world. Any one of the creative arts will have a special appeal for you.


Don’t throw your weight around at work. You can strong arm people to do your will, but they’ll resent this approach. You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Promise to reward those who go above and beyond the call of duty. A meeting of the minds fills you with excitement. If you’re single, you could meet someone special at a party. You’ll share an interest in the same artists, musicians and writers. Are you in a relationship? Your amour has wonderful news that benefits you both.


You don’t have the knowledge to land an advanced position. If you’re going to improve your job prospects, you must get more education. Do whatever you can to get a degree, license or certificate. Put leisurely activities on hold while you immerse yourself in studies. A medical consultation will result in a breakthrough. Listen to your doctor’s advice about your diet, exercise and sleep routines. Putting yourself on a strict regime will make your productivity soar. At long last, you can finish that long list of chores.

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