Daily Horoscopes: 11/10/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 11/10/2018


Beware of falling victim to jealousy. Instead of condemning a loved one’s outside friendships and interests, encourage them. Having private pursuits will strengthen your bond, not weaken it. Are you single? Don’t strive for a union that involves being joined at the hip. Friends are being pushy. They want you to follow their lead. Being part of the herd doesn’t appeal to an independent person like you. Keep marching to the beat of your own drum and make no apologies.


Don’t get too caught up in superficial considerations. Just because your romantic life doesn’t look like anyone else’s does not mean you should be embarrassed. The sooner you bless your current circumstances, the better they will become. Leading a conventional life is boring, anyway. Pouring all your energy into work is a mistake. If you’re going to be successful in your career, you must have a rewarding personal life. Take time to meet friends, enjoy sensual pleasures and commune with nature.


Instead of criticising your colleagues, offer encouragement. Generating positive energy will make you a valued player by both your peers and superiors. Are you looking for work? Don’t be quick to turn down a job that sounds intense. You might love it. Forcing your opinions on others is a mistake. If you want to discuss religion, politics or other controversial subjects, seek out people who share your ideas. That way, you won’t offend anyone who sees life differently.


A tendency to be preoccupied with personal concerns will drive love from your door. Whether you’re going to a party or politely chatting to someone on the bus, show an interest in what they have to say. It could be that this will launch a friendship that brings out your playful side. The urge to get revenge will have disastrous effects. Instead of dwelling on a betrayal, seize the power of the present moment. By deciding to forge a happier and healthier life, this terrible situation will soon become a distant memory.


Clinging tightly to familiar situations is limiting. If you’re going to realise your potential, you must try something new. This could be anything from adopting another belief system to creating a blended family. Changing pace will cultivate profound emotional satisfaction. Resist the temptation to push a loved one into a decision. If your amour or best friend is conflicted, give them time and space to make up their own mind. Your patience will be greatly appreciated. Don’t interfere with fate.


You’re not ready to make a commitment. This makes someone close to you rather nervous. They want to have your exclusive attention. Instead of caving into pressure, hold your ground. It won’t help to leap into a serious arrangement before you’re ready for it. Working around the clock will take a toll on your health. Force yourself to take a break, even if you don’t feel like resting. Getting away to a tranquil hideaway will help you slow down and appreciate the simpler pleasures in life.


Putting too much emphasis on money is a recipe for misery. Instead of pursuing a lucrative job you don’t want, devote more time to your favourite pursuits. Working on art projects, socialising with friends and communing with nature are lots more rewarding than drudgery. Although you’re very creative, it’s always possible to refine your techniques. Listen to someone’s constructive criticism. By adjusting your technique in small but significant ways, your work will improve by leaps and bounds.


Obsessing over your appearance will stop you from advancing. You’re much better off developing your talent than dressing to impress. While there’s nothing wrong with cultivating a fashionable look, people care more about your contributions. Concentrate on becoming the best person in your field. A relative makes you defensive. It feels like they’re always judging your choices and finding them lacking. Rather than justifying your behaviour, cultivate contentment. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.


Someone will approach you with a sob story. Take this tale of woe with a large dose of salt. If you’re asked for a loan, be ready to refuse. You have better things to do than fund an irresponsible person’s bad habits. You need an outlet for your restless energy. Exercise is always therapeutic, but you must practice moderation. In your zeal to burn off stress, you could strain a ligament or pull a muscle. Opt for gentle stretching and swimming rather than rigorous aerobic activity.


Friends aren’t sure of your loyalty. That’s because you keep your emotions close to your chest. Push yourself to be a little more affectionate. Everyone needs to feel appreciated. Offer compliments and give thanks. Your social life will dramatically improve. You may be moving too slowly to suit someone’s style. Pick up the pace and be willing to make some mistakes. Nobody can blame you for falling short of perfection when you are dealing with such tight deadlines.


Taking advantage of your professional position will cause resentment. Rather than demanding special treatment, play by the rules. The simple act of waiting until it’s your turn will earn the respect of your colleagues. While you’re passing the time, strike up a conversation with a new employee. If you’re having difficulty controlling your temper, think about taking an anger management course. Learning relaxation techniques will remove you from the path of danger. It isn’t healthy to be seething with rage all the time.


There are more important things to a relationship than constant excitement. While it’s perfectly fine to want romance, you shouldn’t be so quick to turn your back on a loyal partner. Are you single? It may be because your expectations are unrealistic. You’re having difficulty knowing what you want. Instead of looking to social media and entertainment for guidance, listen to your heart. You may prefer tranquillity to adventure. If you’re single, embrace your independence. Love will come when you’re ready for it.

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