Daily Horoscopes: 12/01/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 12/01/2019


You’re determined to make more time for areas and activities that bring emotional and spiritual fulfilment. Work and earning money has been a big concern but it is also important to connect with your spirit. Being too focused on finances can have a negative impact your relationships.


Money from a legal settlement or inheritance will arrive shortly. Take this opportunity to spruce up your home or put a deposit on a house. Don’t worry about what others say about your sudden wealth but if it might make things easier if you kept your actions a secret.


Be kind and gentle if you are trying to get your message across to people who can’t seem to understand a word you say. They will only hear what they want to hear and this is because they’re anxious about plans that could bring a big change to their life.


An irritating health problem is getting you down. Adopt some relaxation techniques and this might help ease your tension. Read books and watch movies that foster a feeling of positivity and seek out optimistic friends who always make you laugh. Be careful about what you eat until you start feeling better.


An offer to travel may come unexpectedly but this is too good an opportunity to turn down. The Universe is urging you forward and going on a fun trip will be lift your spirits. You have been looking for a chance to break out of a dull routine and this is it.


Rearranging your home will also provide a welcome opportunity to have a clear out. Your family will support your plans to get your household in shape. Are you looking for a new place to live? Be prepared to commit to a new lease very quickly or a rival tenant will get in before you.


A talented friend needs your help to advance to the next level of success. With your support, they might overcome their fears and rise to a creative challenge. Encourage them to experiment with new techniques and ideas and this too will help them grow and flourish. Favours you do for others will benefit you.


Whether you are looking for work or romance, the important thing is to project your personality with full force. Apply for as many jobs as possible. Take on a freelance assignment. Take the initiative in relationships. Someone you fancy is too shy to make the first move. It can sometimes pay to take risks.


Your charm and charisma make you a big hit with everyone. Friends feel like anything is possible when you are around. Are you single? An electric attraction is too powerful to resist. You are about to embark on a passionate affair that will send shock waves through your circle.


This would be a good time to launch an extensive renovation project. If you have any electrical work or plumbing that needs to be done, hire a professional. Once it is finished you will be glad you didn’t attempt to do this job yourself. Upgrading appliances will be a good investment.


Taking up a new hobby will be a lot of fun. Try something you have always wanted to do but never got around to. Learn to speak a foreign language, paint for pleasure or play the piano. If you don’t want to commit to a formal course, teach yourself.


A community project will put you in touch with several interesting people. It will feel good to get to know your neighbours. You will be asked to put your creative skills to work in an event or fundraiser to help the more vulnerable members of society. Onlookers will be impressed with your talents.

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